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  • Ritesh Kant, CEO & MD

    Ritesh Kant, CEO & MD

  • Cloud Computing has gone from an obscure service to becoming an integral part of the internet ecosystem. Executives are not looking at the cloud solely as an infrastructure tool anymore, but are now exploring optimal ways to use cloud technology in order to strategize their business goals. Cloud computing has become a de-facto platform for fueling digital transformations. After being an innovator in using cloud technology for its clients in early 2011, Novatium, headquartered in Chennai, stands at the pinnacle of building managed computing solutions tailored towards India’s digital development. Novatium provides cloud based device management, mobility, education and content delivery solutions. Novatium works with a number of State Governments to deploy efficient managed computing solutions on Tablets, Laptops, Desktop PCs and Mobiles. Novatium is the largest deployed such solution in the government sectors in the country.

  • Novatium: Harness the Power of Technology for a Digital India and Education to All

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10 Most Recommended Cloud Technology Solution Providers - 2018

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  • 10 Most Recommended Cloud Technology Solution Providers - 2018

    In this era of Information Technology, Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional ways of conducting businesses to IT resources driven. Cloud computing can deliver computing services in servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more over the Internet (the cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. According to Forrester, Public cloud platforms, business services, and applications will reach USD 236B - growing at a 22 percent CAGR between 2015 and 2020. The cloud application market will grow faster, with the 2020 total being 17 percent higher than the 2014 projection. With cloud computing, you eliminate those headaches that come with storing your own data, because you’re not managing hardware and software. That becomes the responsibility of an experienced vendor. Cloud computing can literally be anything that allows you to achieve development tasks or run software through some other service provider over the internet. Cloud computing can help shorten development times, use less human resources, and provide service and availability guarantees to your clients. However, a major challenge that cloud service providers face today is to prove their security expertise. The industry is still hesitating to move their entire data to cloud. But it seems like in 2018 a good number of enterprises have Virtualized their data centers to make it easier and faster to deliver infrastructure to their developers. These aspirations about safety are cast aside and cloud adoption rises in proportion to its benefits like mobility, greater than before efficiency, cost-effectiveness, simplified collaboration and high speed connectivity. As cloud computing grows in popularity, thousands of companies are simply rebranding their non-cloud products and services as cloud computing. Therefore, we bring to you a list of “10 Most Recommended Cloud Technology Solution Providers”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIO Insider editorial board, we believe that these vendors can provide you adaptable, multitenant, reliable, scalable and secure journey to Cloud.

10 Most Recommended Cloud Technology Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A2Zapps A2Zapps Kantanu Kundu , Founder Expertise revolves around SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Cloud, Education Cloud, CRM Cloud, Enterprise Social Network, Retail Cloud, and Cloud POS,
G7 CR Technologies G7 CR Technologies Deepak Singh , CEO - Cloud Division Avails services for Cloud Migration, Cloud implementation, Cloud Security & Governance, Cloud Management, Cloud Automation, and Cloud Optimization.
Ingram Micro Cloud: Enabling Infinite Possibilities via a Singular Platform Ingram Micro Cloud Harish Laddha, Executive Director- Cloud BU & Sales Builds solutions around technologies such as mobility, cloud, and supply chain for businesses.
Netmagic Solutions Netmagic Solutions Sharad Sanghi , MD & CEO Offers services around Cloud Computing, Managed Security, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Software-Defined Storage.
Novatium: Harness the Power of Technology for a Digital India and Educational to All Novatium Ritesh Kant, CEO & MD Facilitates cloud based enterprise-grade management, security, mobility and content delivery or Management Control as a Service (MCaaS) solutions.
Orion Systems Integrators Orion Systems Integrators Raj Patil, CEO & President Delivers solutions across data, analytics, enterprise collaboration, risk & compliance, knowledge management and cloud.
QualiSpace QualiSpace Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman A website and Cloud Hosting service provider offering solutions like Web Hosting, Cloud Servers, Email, Security, Backup etc.
Seeroo IT Solutions Seeroo IT Solutions Mukthar Mavilatt , Technical Head Focuses on cloud-based services deployed based on the end-user requirements, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.
Sysfore Technologies Sysfore Technologies Ajith Mathew George , Co-founder & Director Specializes in building computing systems for enterprise clients leveraging Cloud, Mobile, and responsive web technologies.
Tresbu: Accelerating and Adding Value to Digital Transformation Initiatives Tresbu Rich Wilson, CEO Core competency lies in product engineering, mobile, cloud, on premise application development, IoT apps & solution design, and analytics.