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Innovius Global Consultants: Forging Cutting-Edge AI Solutions through a Consultative Approach

Prasad Velpula,CEO & Director

Prasad Velpula

CEO & Director

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to drive the business world to the next level of operational & business efficiency, where there’s less human intervention and even lesser time consumption. It also reduces the risk of human intervention across hazardous environments. Innovius Global Consultants Private Limited a one–stop-shop for all everything next-gen tech, leverages futuristic technologies, including, but not limited to, Data Science, AI, and IoT to produce accurate solutions through smart, simple and effective innovations. Founded in 2014, Innovius has come a long way and today stands as one of the most reliable tech companies out there. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive chat session with the company’s management team.

In conversation with Prasad Velpula, Director & CEO, Innovius Global Consultants

AI is continuing its penetration with disruptive force across sectors worldwide. As an AI expert, where is Innovius positioned in the digital transformations & automation industry? How has been the market response towards your AI solutions in particular?
We are proud to say that our company is one of the leading AI Software developers today and most of the recognized and successful brands have trust in us, which is the sole reason why Innovius is the most opted company for customer engagement and operational excellence. A lot of brands rely on our AI powered software to optimize their

customer interaction on any channel. It is our quality of keeping the trust and delivering our promises that has made numerous brands to lay their trust in us. Currently, we are particularly developing healthcare products for our beloved customers. We are focusing on the healthcare sector and market response is very good.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best by paying close attention to dynamically evolving segments like artificial intelligence, big data, and mobile application development

What is the change that you want to bring in the technology industry? Tell us about your USP.
We are changing the diagnosis strategies and cost cutting procedures in healthcare. We believe influencing people is the sole purpose of marketing and everyone possesses that ability. Personal integrity and legal compliance are essential to our operation as a global collective. We assure trust through our words and actions, along with which we foster an ethical culture that allows each individual to thrive. Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. We also stick to the core values through individual behavior, which serves as the foundation for how we act and make decisions.

How would you describe the technology framework, capabilities and in-house talent behind your solutions?
We are dedicated to giving our customers the best by paying close attention to dynamically evolving segments like artificial intelligence, big data, and mobile application development. Our featured solutions create safer communities, secure transactions and great customer experiences. Organizations can achieve

quick wins as we help them implement smart, simple and effective techniques, and as a result, we take the business case further for larger structural initiatives. We have a skilled and experienced AI Team and they deploy their exceptional skills across our deliverables. We have deployed our AI products in healthcare as of now.

Lay down the core vision of your product and its objectives.
Our product vision spans holistically around Diagnosis, Planning, Therapy and Follow-up. Our goals for the AI-powered tool product suite lies in helping to enable automatic patient specific mapping along the clinical pathway assisted by evidence-based guidelines. We also want to facilitate objective decision making by multidisciplinary experts on correlated patient data and preferences. Additionally, our objectives also include offering transparent insights that would help diagnosis and treatment on a timely basis and we also want to provide process improvement insights through cohort analysis of performance indicators. Our goals are defined to bring out the betterment regarding each and every individual’s health and wellness.

Tell us about your journey so far and mention the ethics and values that you follow.
It’s been a great journey. At first, our team started with a passion for forging best information technology services and products, wherein today we possess a line of qualified professionals who understand exactly what a client is looking for and assist them throughout the process until the client is satisfied. We are now a bespoke AI applications company. We combine AI with data analytics to engender intelligent automation with a strategic vision to scale and transform businesses across every function and process. Personal integrity and legal compliance have always been our top most priorities as a global collective and that has molded the character of the company. We have strong corporate governance policies in place and we are committed to every detail of the government policies.

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