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Inspur: Strategically Inducing the Evolution of Server Virtualization in India

M C Reddy ,National Partner Manager

M C Reddy

National Partner Manager

The deep penetration of the cyber-physical systems, 5G and data analytics in the smart city development has raised the need for comprehensive big data analytics and real-time video/information sharing solutions. For seamless city operations ensuring public safety and transportation, organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to networking and communications that provide support for a range of requisites. Headquartered in Jinan, Shandong Province with an Indian office in Gurgaon, Inspur Technologies is working as the spur here. With its footprints in 104 countries, the organization is uniquely positioned in delivering effective cloud data center, cloud services and big data, smart city and smart enterprise solutions in IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. With high-end servers, mass storage, cloud operating system and information security technology, Inspur has been assisting customers to build leading platforms underpinned by cloud computing infrastructure. The company’s information software for governments, enterprises, and industries, terminal products, and solutions, enables Inspur to entirely support governments, enterprises, and industries in cloud construction.

As one of the oldest IT brands in China, Inspur was formerly known as

Shandong Electronics Device Plant. As the name suggests, the organization started with producing computer peripheral devices and low frequency high power transistors in 1960s. After one of its transistors made its way into China’s first man made satellite in 1970, Inspur entered the IT domain.

GurAsthe foundation of virtualization of cloud data centre, In Cloud Sphere shows promises to become the most stable and secure virtualization platform

Committing Their Experiences to India
Inspur embarked on its operations in India in the year 2015 with a team of 13 professionals, primarily focusing on large customers from Telecom, Ecommerce and IDC/CDC verticals. Inspur has become one of the fastest growing Server/Enterprise brands in India. Within a year of its establishment in Indian market,the company completed statutory works such as VAT registration, and obtaining the IEC code etc. while appointing network distributors and service providers. Having nearly 3200+ Servers shipped and achieving revenue more than USD 33+ ML with an Average Selling Price(ASP)of USD 10000+, Inspur has surfaced its strong presence among IDC/CDC service providers across India. Committing to render state of the art services, the company has set up its global call center (Toll Free) services in Gurgaon and has tied up with one of the known service providers with defined SLAs for extending field service support to its customers.

Cloud computing has a significant influence on the development of smart cities in order to derive benefits of

improved city transportation, water and waste management, energy usage, and a host of other infrastructure solutions. As a matter of fact,M C Reddy, National Partner Manager, Inspur India, explains that the Cloud computing concept requires multiple technical supports from hardware to software, common goal of hardware reconstruction and software definition. Inspur’s Server Virtualization system namely InCloud Sphere,is developed for private cloud and industrial cloud. As the foundation of virtualization of cloud data centre, In Cloud Sphere shows promises to become the most stable and secure virtualization platform in this industry. While leveraging its core expertise, Inspur also facilitates management software and operating systems for cloud management - InCloud Manager, Inspur Big Data Solution, Inspur iDesktop Cloud and Software Defined machines for cloud solutions.

To serve the price sensitive Indian market, Inspur has proposed a ‘Dual Approach’ with limited possible resources to keep their overheads as low as possible and with high productivity. For this, the company has planned to address top 20 large customers directly while remaining through its ND and selected channel across the major cities. More so, the organization envisages capturing major market share in Internet Data centre space by exploiting OCP & Smart Rack technology. With such efforts in place, Inspur is motivated to be a dominant player in providing Cloud Solutions, HPC (AI and Deep Learning) and Smart City solutions in India in the years
to come.

Milestones Accomplished:

• 26,200+ employees worldwide
• USD 10.7 Billion revenue in 2016
• Top 1 Server vendor in China
• Top 5 Server vendors in the world
• Top 1 Cloud Solution Provider in China
• Top 1 Software Brand in China

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