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Kanerika: Serving Data Analytics Business Transformations with Utmost Precision

Bhupendra Chopra,  Founder & CEO

Bhupendra Chopra

Founder & CEO

Big data & analytics, together promise to transform the way companies do business, delivering the kind of performance gains last seen in the 1990s, when organizations redesigned their core processes. With a wide variety of analytics software and other platforms available now, that make information easily measurable and quantifiable, there’s no shortage of data for today’s businesses. However, companies are falling short in leveraging the benefits of data in their business transformations. Such organizations are stuck in multiyear efforts to build systems that have yet to see the light of day. Lack of talent availability, incompetent technology assessment and not choosing the right business case are some of the reasons why many such projects are unable to reap maximum benefits from their data. Carrying over twenty two years of experience in software product development and management, the Founder & CEO of Kanerika Software, Bhupendra Chopra explains, “A good data management solution will not be build in one go. It will be built over series of sprints with clear goals. We believe that there is no short cut to build a high-quality data solutions”. Based out of Hyderabad, Kanerika’s data scientists start with analyzing the data as the first step. Identifying high value ROI opportunities is a must before there is any investment in the system.

Given that big data is unstructured and comes from multiple sources, the Kanerika team follows the integrated technologies approach to data modeling. While defining the architecture of the systems, Kanerika focuses on achieving cost effectiveness

and scalability. Kanerika’s robust data architecture enables the users to get real time business insights and gives customers a definite differentiation edge over their competitive landscape. With their talent pool, exposure to a variety of technology platforms and a good choice of technology partners make Kanerika a thought leader when it comes to anything ‘data’.

"While defining the architecture of the systems Kanerika focuses on achieving costeffectiveness and scalability"

Top Notch Products
To begin with, the most important step for Kanerika is to define the end goal. Once end goal is established, the team’s methodology is to identify the analytical methods across all the datasources. Based on these outcomes, Kanerika chooses the best technology stack, whether it’s big data, data preparation, real time access, data lakes, data classification, and bucketing etc. appropriately. These are then connected to some of the many visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, and QuickSite through custom visualization. Kanerika always chooses the right product that is agile, efficient and cost-effective while also adhering to new compliance requirements. Their new technology partners like Trifacta, Incorta, StreamSets, CitusData etc. empower the user with agility and speed. The Co-founder and COO, Samidha Garud, quotes two exmples as follows. SAS Analytics is very widely used powerful tool for data analytics. Many existing customers have written millions of lines of code just for data preparation to feed the system. With the advent of a product like Trifacta, data preparation solution is built to streamline the process of getting analysis-ready data to stake holders enabling companies of all sizes to in a cost-effective way, gain competitive advantage from their data.

Moreover, designed to work in harmony with SAS, as well as other legacy and modern analytics tools, Trifacta balances self-service for analysts and business users with powerful data exploration and extraction tools. Or for that matter consider Oracle Apps analytical solutions. A typical change requires spending a lot of time and money for implementation. For such use cases Kanerika simplifies the change implementation using Incorta

which enables agility and brings down the implementation time from months to weeks thus resulting in dollar savings.

The leadership has 75 years of collective experience in the product development domain. Product development is a specialized field, different from typical application support and maintenance. Following the agile methodology, Kanerika remains focused on timely delivery, managing proper product release cycles and processes, expertise in designing a future looking architecture and using test automation for scaling. Driving ownership in every member of the team and giving importance to team learnings, Kanerika has established a trust worthy relationship with all its customers. “It’s our mission to transform our customer’s enterprising ideas into market-ready products”, adds Samidha.

360 Degree Transformation
Trax Technologies, a logistics spend analytics company based in USA was using a traditional Java/ Oracle technology stack to process about 8 tera bytes of data leading them to invest large sums of money, while most of their analytics was done using batch processes that took anywhere between 48- 72 hours to give the business insights. Kanerika’s solution included creating a data integration hub to monitor all incoming data, new set of products to manage events, streams, real-time collaboration, exception management, auditing and new custom BI solutions for dedicated dashboards, visibility, and predictive analysis. The customer now provides real-time Insight across all data (12 TB) to its clients. Kanerika is proud of their association with Trax.

Around this month, Kanerika’s near shore development centre will be launching in Europe. After being part of Nasscom 10000 Startup Warehouse at Hyderabad, the company is now a member of NASSCOM and an active member of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence(DSAI)centre of excellence being setup in Telangana. In the years to come, Kanerika will continue to evaluate new tools introduced in the ‘Data’ market for partnerships that benefit its customers.

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