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  • Deepak Badhani  Director & Co founder,    Niraj Kumar  Co founder & CTO

    Deepak Badhani Director & Co founder, Niraj Kumar Co founder & CTO

  • USD 3 billion insurance company from Ohio, sought to move away from company’s legacy solution. The insurance company operates in 33 states providing insurance products to various domains including auto, home, and business, through independent insurance agents. At this juncture, reducing operating costs and improving platform performance were top priorities. Administrators also wanted to eliminate problematic data siloing to optimize network efficiency. BigQuery is the primary data lake solution for this insurance company, offering substantially faster query times for employees compared to its previous data lake solution within Netezza. For instance, an 800GB query that previously took three hours on the company's legacy solution can now be executed in seven minutes. By moving to Google Cloud Platform, the insurance giant benefited from simpler platform management resources, reduced costs, and improved data security for high-value customer information. Having its platform hosted on a single location eliminates data siloing, simplifying its IT architecture and allowing the company to explore machine learning applications to further advance its analytics abilities. The Google Cloud Premier Services Partner Datametica played an imminent role in the data warehouse migration process to BigQuery, helping to seamlessly implement the new processes and technologies without disruption. Datametica continues to support the client in its endeavors and its move to the cloud for data management and analytics capabilities.

  • Datametica: Smooth Data Ware House Migrations using  Scientifically Designed Automation Frameworks

We got New Players in Data Analytics!

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Demand for smart analytical applications will redefine enterprise data practices:

Predictive Analytics for Intelligent and Impactful Equipment Monitoring

By: Ashish Khushu, Chief Technology Officer, L&T Technology Services

Proactive equipment monitoring is crucial for asset heavy manufacturers to negate the uncertainty around the reliability on machines.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2019

Driving Adoption Of Analytics In Organizations

By: Moumita Sarker, Vice President- Analytical Consulting at Cartesian Consulting

The organization also needs to nurture the setups and give it room for playing its part in driving value


Dark Data In A Digital Revolution ERA!

By: Benazir Miller, Sr. General Manager - Technology at Shoppers Stop

Today, we live in a digital society and our distinct imprints are in every


Predictive Analytics: How IT's Impacting Different Businesses?

By: Amit Bhandari, Vice President - Data & Analytics, NIIT Technologies

Predictive analytics has been around for many years. Highly competitive environment


Dark Data Is The Holy Grail Of Healthcare

By: Srinivas Iyengar, Vice President at EVRY

EVRY delivers business- critical solutions to companies and public sector


Prediction Is Better Than Cure: Re-Tooling Cybersecurity Through Predictive Analytics

By: Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and CTO, Quick Heal Technologies Limited

Though the famous British socialist Audrey Farrell said these words


Big Data Analytics: Exploring A Strategic Asset In Building Cyber Analytics

By: Vishal Sinha, President and CIO, Tranzlease Holdings (I) Pvt. Ltd

In past more than two decades, the landscape of technology has changed


How Does Big Data Transform and Benefit a Smart City?

By: Barry Lerner, South Pacific Regional CIO, Huawei Technologies

We hear a lot these days about Smart Cities and how they will enhance our lives, both socially and economically.


Security Should Be On Your Mind When Online!

By: Pawan Chawla, Partner & CIO, Lucideus

No technology has been adopted as quickly as the internet in human history. It took more than

  • 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2019

    The overall importance of data and information within organizations has continued to grow. We’ve also seen the continued rise of mega trends like IoT, big data – even too much data – and of course, machine learning. That’s along with the ongoing maturation of other, perhaps less known, but equally important data initiatives such as governance and integration in the cloud. Adding fuel to this ever-expanding fire is the ongoing growth of digital twins, which are digital replicas of physical objects, people, places and systems powered by real-time data collected by sensors. By some estimates there will be more than 20 billion connected sensors by 2020, powering potentially billions of digital twins. To capture the value of all that data, it needs to be integrated into on a modern data platform using an automated data integration solution that engages in data cleaning, de-duplication and unification of disparate and unstructured sources. Data analytics becomes even more cardinal and très essentiel when companies are battling for a competitive advantage. The companies end up paying more price and time when businesses are unaware of missed revenue opportunities, potential cost savings andperformances. The data analytics providers need to blend self-service software, make use of data to keep IT services running smoothly and use behavioral analytics technology. Sorting through many products classified as big data analytics software can make buying decision even more difficult. Simplifying this process, CIO Insider along with expert’s views has come up with a list of “10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Providers 2019”. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts has closely scrutinized these companies addressing the above features. We believe these vendors will bring in a better clarity thereby enabling your businesses to take decisions that will sustain the test of time.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Alqimi Group India Alqimi Group India Nitin Kalra , Country Manager India Offers IT services including data center design, installation and operations, data warehousing, BI, software development and systems integration.
Business Brio Business Brio Gautam Banerjee, Founder & MD Enables solutions for Analytics, Big Data, operational excellence, market research and social development research across industry verticals.
Datametica: Smooth Data Warehouse Migrations using Scientifically Designed Automation Frameworks Datametica Deepak Badhani Director & Co-founder, Niraj Kumar Co-founder & CTO Facilitates custom AI and Analytics solutions for text analytics, voice analytics, video analytics and image analytics.
DataVal Analytics DataVal Analytics Dr Sam Pitroda, Founder & Chairman Builds capabilities around Big Data technologies, Machine Learning, Decision Science, and Analytics.
Kanerika: Serving Data Analytics Business Transformations with Utmost Precision Kanerika Bhupendra Chopra, Founder & CEO Assists businesses to build technology ecosystems spanning across Big Data, Data Services, and Data Analytics.
Smarten Smarten Kartik Patel , Founder & CEO Offers a suite of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics tools with Self-Serve Data Preparation, Smart Visualization and Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis.
SSPL: Effective and Efficient Big Data Analytics Solutions and Services SSPL Nishith Seth, Managing Director Core expertise revolves around Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Robotics Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Predictive Analytics.
Takvaviya Analytics: Powering Decisions through Comprehensive Digital Data and Metrics Takvaviya Analytics Bhaskar Raghunathan , Founder & CEO Renders data analytics solutions across Mining, Solar PV, Power, Oil &Gas, Infrastructure & Agriculture industries.
Unifylabs Systems Unifylabs Systems Srikiran Pallam , Founder & MD Offers Data Analytics portfolio that enables Marketing analytics, Risk & Fraud Analytics and CRM Analytics.
ZiMetrics ZiMetrics Vikas Verma , Founder Interdisciplinary approach blends IoT, BigData, Statistical analytics and Machine Learning providing integrated decision support ecosystem of platforms, services and industry expertise.

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