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Knowledge Lens: Automating and Simplifying the Discovery of Hidden Insights

Sudheesh Narayanan,CEO

We are entering an era where Machine Economy is the new norm for running businesses. The extensive use of the Internet of Things(IoT) and advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI)in enabling sensors, devices and networked smart machines to operate autonomously and communicate with each other, has led to the generation of huge amounts of data. In a study by IDC titled Data Age 2025, it is predicted that worldwide data creation will grow to an enormous 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. To say that we create new data every second, wouldn’t be over stating. The very large volumes of data that is being generated with great velocity in multi structured formats (images, videos, weblogs, sensor data) from disparate sources, is required to be efficiently stored, processed and analyzed, so businesses can discover hidden insights.

KnowledgeLens has been building innovative solutions on AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and Blockchain, to help enterprises on their journey from being traditional companies to Smart Enterprises. Their implementation story spans next-generation Enterprise Data Lakes with Serverless Architecture, AI-powered Intelligent Apps and Industry 4.0 solutions, both on-premise and on the cloud. Headquartered in the United States, Knowledge Lens has been building intelligent 'Lenses' to accelerate the discovery of business insights, enabling enterprises to create differentiated business value.

Their extensive product portfolio consists of GLens-Real - time Data Acquisition Monitoring and Analysis Suite built for Environmental Pollution Control and Monitoring, iLens-an Industrial IoT Platform to perform Edge Analytics, AiLens to accelerate feature

engineering, apply ML& DL algorithms to build models and intelligent apps, MLens - High-speed Big Data Backup & Recovery Suite, and a Provenance Platform for modeling Blockchain-based business process solutions.

"Knowledge Lens has been building intelligent 'Lenses' to accelerate the discovery of business insights, enabling enterprises to create differentiated business value"

GLens - For A Greener Tomorrow
What are the role data solutions can play to achieve a greener environment?

On November 8 this year, Delhi earned the dubious distinction of being named the world's most polluted city. If that wasn't bad enough, Delhi was only one of the nine Indian cities that ranked among the world's 20 most polluted cities. Several cities around the world are adopting initiatives to reducetheir power usage and carbon emissions, and increase the use of sustainable energy, and recycling practices.These include combining Big Data Analytics along with IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

With this humongous taskon hand, Knowledge Lens pioneered to design, develop and build a Real-Time Environmental Pollution Control suite to help the Indian Regulator take giant steps in enforcing regulations on various industries and violators. GLens, aptly named as Green Lens performs data acquisition, monitoring and advanced analytics for industrial emissions, effluent discharges and Ambient Air Monitoring. As part of the reporting, it enables pre-configured reports as per regulatory requirements, adhoc reporting and analytics on all captured data, with interactive dashboards.

Today, they handle the pollution analysis and control for the Government of India with 50 percent of industries(i.e.approx. 1500 industries), using their inbuilt software, and have secured a truly premiere position in the country’s environment space.

Connected Enterprise with over the Edge capabilities
WithIndustries turning to IoT to transform their machines to smart connected Enterprises, iLens from Knowledge Lens is an Industrial IoT Platform for smart integration with

various devices, sensors in large enterprises, industries, and homes. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to correlate events arriving from various sources to find patterns in the data, and provide intelligent insights. What’s more, it simplifies the management of IoT devices by providing automated device discovery, over the air updates, live device monitoring, data logging and security.

Glens and iLens have indeed been the flag bearer for Knowledge Lens. The company has exhibited unconventional ingenuity in building enterprise data lakes, Industry 4.0 solutions and tools for large enterprises. With their data science expertise, they use data to optimize, build models and discover insights. “We established the company, because we are experts at working with data. We decided to build intelligent lenses to analyse, organize and make sense of the data, so that customers don’t have to go through the journey of arranging their data or build solutions from scratch”, says Sudheesh Narayanan, CEO, Knowledge Lens.

Unique Customer Base
Knowledge Lens has a diverse clientele which includes Fortune 500 companies as well as several Indian government agencies. Working with big brands is just as fulfilling for them, as empowering smaller businesses to become Smart Enterprises, using their Lenses.

Sky is the Limit
The company culture is defined by a spirit of learning and sharing. They believe that everybody, from interns to CXOs,has some thing meaningful to contribute. One of their initiatives in this regard, is a company blog where all employees can contribute their views and opinions on the latest trends in AI, IoT and Big Data. Employees are n’t limited to their individual work roles, but can actively contribute to other areas of their interest. As the company grows, so do their opportunities.

Knowledge Lens now intends to grow organically on scale and expand their operations in US, Middle East,India, and other parts of the globe. Therefore, it is only expected that they emerge as a key player in the Big Data domain in the very near future.

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