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M76 Analytics: Working out Business Strategy through Cognitive Decision Support Systems

Jai Mrug,CEO

It is a well-established fact that the globe is turning Digital and organizations have an outburst of Diverse Data that is omnipresent. Earlier, Big Data was primarily deployed by giant enterprises, but now with the proliferation of Data transformation and modeling capabilities, the scope of Big Data has changed and both big & small rely on it for actionable business insights.

As Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an unbelievable pace, M76 Analytics, headquartered in Mumbai, has developed an intervention of Enterprise Strategy Tools and Business Investigation Systems that have laid a robust foundation of scalable artificial Intelligence Solutions.

“Decades of investment into Data Analytics have created a knowledge pool of Data Analysts and – point solutions that help enterprises take short term or tactical market facing decisions, but no more. Genuine Cognitive Tools that can learn from data and provide decisive actionable insights or triggers like enterprise solutions, seemed like a dream, at least until now”, says Jai Mrug, CEO, M76 Analytics. Now, the time has come to help visionary Business Leadership achieve Strategic Excellence through Decision Support, he added.

Business Strategy Toolkits as User friendly Products
Business Leaders need a work-space where they can play with Big Data, in their business contexts, and use cues from processed Business Data to plan a strategy. M76 Analytics has a Business Decision Support system specially designed for Business Leaders called Mego. It is a Sense&Response system for the organization and effectively strategy assistant for the Business

Leader. It interacts with business in a lexicon that Business users understand, relieving them from the burden of having to know about coding, and in formats that connect to Business. Mego helps Business Leaders run all kinds of business Diagnostics that can simulate future scenarios. Mego also mimics a Business User’s Investigative thought process to get to a root cause analysis. Mego develops Early Warning Signals, and alerts usersin advance and provides prescriptions required to change the business to an optimal state, given the journey it has covered so far.

Mego is a complete strategy toolkit with trademarked Business Investigation tools like Thought Chain, and Thought Grid. The specialty of our tools is that they process data the way a Business Leader plans his business. When they are contextualized to his business, they form a Business Utility.

"Mego is a complete strategy toolkit with trademarked Business Investigation tools"

Each Business Utility builds on a bed of predictive algorithms, which means, no more post-mortem analysis of business health. The system informs of possible pitfalls before hand. The system facilitates a Root Cause Analysis in much the same way, that most businesses absorb data and reflect upon their thought processes.

This root cause analysis along with a predictive bed makes it possible to decide the path to be chosen for success, in an informed and quantified manner. Users can re-imagine the insights and they can think beyond bar charts & pie charts.

As the software simulates, it creates an Informed Opinion for the Business User and changes the way Business Leaders’ mind conjectures the future. Mego’s purpose is to find the right strategy and let strategists make informed decisions that are in line with the long term strategy.

Mego is dynamically configurable which can be trained quickly with users’ Thought Process & Business, and is highly flexible & adaptable into any organizational structure.

For the Right Data Driven Decision Support
Key hypothesis and assumptions of the solutions are socialized into the

software by the Business Leader, and then Mego imitates his thinking. In the Implementation phase, the Mego solution integrates the data from different Big Data tools as well as from the ERP of the organization. It transforms the data into context focused Data Marts. A complete on-premise implementation gives the clients the greatest comfort with their respect to their Data Security. M76 Analytics calls it the right data driven decision support.

Additionally, Mego is very flexible and can easily adapt to changes inside the organization. Most importantly, it can be trained by Data within an organization. It creates a work space for new business solutions that can make much more value for the organizations.

Last year, M76 Analytics provided its expertise to one of the leaders of the Indian Cash Logistic Industry. The client was facing problem in digital transformation and Re-Imagining what their Business Processes should be like in the midst of Big Data. Their Decision Support process was dependent on information channels that were people centric, consumed a lot of processing time and were subject to monthly taxonomic /nomenclature changes. Even when the summary sheet was generated, it took 15 days to reach the CEO and it took a couple of months to assess the actual cost of the Operations therefore also to assess the impact on parameters such as profitability.

M76 implemented its Mego Thought Tool, where in the Thought Grid - The Excel of Business, emulated the CEO’s mental calculation template of profitability. Another Mego Thought Tool, the Thought Pin was used to configure and guide the user to the root causes of Expenditure Dynamics in a couple of clicks. This was a rare algorithm driven root cause not provided by any of the current solution providers or off the shelf BI products.

From Cost Optimization to Business Strategy, M76 Analytics believes in a Deeper Engagement with Business Leaders helping them execute day-to-day Decisions from an AI bed. The company also intends to integrate NLP (Natural Language Programming) into the bouquet to form the most complete sense & response system for an organization.

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