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  • Abhinav Jajodia,  CEO

    Abhinav Jajodia, CEO

  • Technology has a habit of forcing change in a swift fashion nowadays. It's strange to think that just two decades ago cars needed outstretched antennas to receive a weak FM radio signal (as long as you weren't anywhere near a tunnel). Today, not only are we in the midst of a race for tech companies to release the first competent self-driving cars onto the roads, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently launched a roadster hurtling towards Mars (traveling well above the national speed limit, too, we might add). From automated robots to Smartphone controlled Lighting, technology has affected our household needs from all directions. Our home interior demands are no loners perse. Headquartered in Kolkata, Ingenia Tech is one of the torch bearers for this movement in demands in the eastern part of the country. Ingenia Tech is a Design, Engineering and Project management firm in the arena of extra low voltage systems (ELV). Ingenia Tech takes care of the tech interior needs providing solutions to suit modern day lifestyle requirements. An all-rounder, Ingenia is a distributor, dealer and system integrator for a range of tech giants in the industry. User experience is given the utmost priority while choosing products for the clients. Providing turnkey solutions for the technological needs with all types of customization is Ingenia’s forte.

  • Ingenia Tech: Sci-Fi Intelligent Living Becomes Reality

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  • 10 Most Recommended Big Data Solution Providers - 2019

    Big data is the commodity that fuels digital innovation- this has never been an overstatement. Every year witnesses new dimensions and a new magnitude growth of Big data. More like a symbiotic relationship- more data gives rise to more innovation, which in turn gives rise to more data. However, turning those huge data collections into actionable insight remains a difficult proposition. Organizations that find solutions to formidable data challenges will be better positioned to economically benefit from the fruits of digital innovation. As we go further into 2019, we step into maturity in the enterprise ML transformation as companies advance from proof-of-concepts to production capabilities. Low-latency, high-bandwidth networks mean more connected things, cars and systems – and a boat load of AI, machine learning and compute happening at the edge, because that’s where all the data will be generated. Cities and towns will become more connected than ever, paving the way for smart cities and digital infrastructure that is predicted will be thriving in 2030. Data is everywhere: It is clogging networks, ballooning storage requirements, crossing borders in multicloud and hybrid environments, and generally placing huge demands on infrastructure, networks, and tools. Researchers say the adoption of big data technologies is unlikely to slow anytime soon. IDC predicts that the big data and business analytics market will increase from USD 130.1 billion this year to more than USD 203 billion in 2020. We understand the need to get your hands on to some of the latest and most mission-critical big data solutions in the market. Therefore, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIO Insider editorial board has scrutinized several of these vendors and finalized the list of 10 Most Recommended Big Data Solution Providers 2019. We believe that these companies have the technical skill-sets and business acumen to deliver effective analytics solutions and help enterprises fulfill Big data management and analytics objectives.

10 Most Recommended Big Data Solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Centurysoft Centurysoft Khalid Rizwan , CEO Speciality revolves around technologies such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data.
Flexsin Flexsin Satya Sharma, Founder & CEO Renders custom Big Data analytics solutions,Data science, log analytics for security & trend detection and big data implementation services.
FuGenX Technologies FuGenX Technologies Nanda kumar, VP- Operations Competent in mobile application development, game development, AI, Machine Learning, automation, web development and Big Data analytics.
Hidden Brains InfoTech Hidden Brains InfoTech Vikash Chhawchharia, Chairman & CFO Enables solutions such as Big Data analytics, business intelligence, information management and cloud integration services.
Knowledge Lens: Automating and Simplifying the Discovery of Hidden Insights Knowledge Lens Sudheesh Narayanan, CEO A product technology company focused on enabling actionable insights from enterprise data using AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and Blockchain.
M76 Analytics: Working out Business Strategy through Cognitive Decision Support Systems M76 Analytics Jai Mrug, CEO Specializes in Big Data analytics, Business strategy optimization, Political data analytics, Census data analytics, Decision support system, and stochastic process modelling.
NEWAMPS: Leaving no Stone Unturned in the Big Data Analytics Realm NEWAMPS Amitava Chatterjee , CEO & Co-Founder The comprehensive service portfolio includes Advanced Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Visual Analytics and Business Consulting.
Q3 Technologies Q3 Technologies Anuj Mathur, CEO Avails solutions around Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, AR, MR & VR, Data, BI and Analytics.
Sesame Technologies Sesame Technologies Sheen Chungath , CEO Facilitates Big Data solutions, Data Management, Data Analytics, Data mining, Web & Creative solutions and Consulting.
Sparx IT Solutions Sparx IT Solutions Vikash sharma, CEO Practices data assortment, transformation & modeling and Big Data Analytics.