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Natsoft Corporation: Designed By Clients, Programmed By Employees & Built By Passion

Shyam Mamidi,Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO - AsiaPac

Shyam Mamidi

Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO - AsiaPac

Over the last few years, the IT services industry is getting increasingly driven by the customer experience – a proposition that goes beyond products and services. Natsoft Corporation was born out of the same foresight close to two decades ago. With pure passion to delight clients, Timmy Cheedala (Founder & CEO) set up the initial motion for the company back in 2004 and soon built the organization and its offerings by embedding a mission to help its clients differentiate technologically.

A boutique technology company headquartered in the US with presence in India, Australia, and Singapore, Natsoft today has evolved into a world class technology enterprise and broadly provides its clients with technology offerings under four key verticals: IT Solutions, Services, Products and dedicated Business Process Management services. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive conversation with the man at the helm of Natsoft’s solutions and products, Shyam, who walks us through the latest endeavors of the company.

In conversation with Shyam Mamidi, Chief of Products & Solutions and CEO –AsiaPac., Natsoft Corporation

Where is Natsoft positioned in the current IT map? What are the capabilities that you have in your armory?
Natsoft is positioning itself as the System Integrator amongst the ecosystem of solutions and partners we work with. Natsoft had moved to Cost Optimization and Revenue enhancement solutions – both being the most frequently discussed topics of almost every single company. We also worked to strengthen remote work solutions from the beginning of the pandemic and today leveraging our secured collaboration solutions to bring secured and optimal ways of working from home and anywhere to access clients’ environments – a need of the hour.

Natsoft believes that technology has been immensely helpful to contain what could have been a much larger impact vis-à-vis what the Spanish flu had caused. Natsoft built the IoT based sustainability solutions to work with companies moving to Net Zero Carbon initiatives to optimize their energy consumption while moving to renewables. All these solutions help

mitigate the current business challenges through fast & scalable connectivity solutions, cloud-first capabilities, remote monitoring & manageability, and simple & secure team collaboration.

The Solutions arm of Natsoft offers Technology Solutions encompassing Digital Business Transformation, System Integration and Application Modernization using some of the emerging state-of-the-art and open-source technologies like Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We also help build zero code custom applications for automating diverse functions of a business.

Our philosophy is that when a client communicates their requirements and we don’t have the capability, why not go and build that capability?

Could you tell us an example of how Natsoft works with the industries to address their pain points?
We recently set up a Blockchain R&D lab by joining hands with Curtin University in Australia. This R&D Lab is developing products that help students virtually learn and feel the nuances of crypto currency. Another of our products, HiTrack, which was developed using Blockchain under my aegis, helps farmers, especially in the Hemp industry, to track and monitor the entire sow-to-sell cycle of farming. HiTrack is also helping to seamlessly provide the stringent statutory reporting to the government authorities. These platforms offer a foundation to Managing Traceability across any farm or animal produce from origin to the consumer.

Tell us about your services arm.
Natsoft’s services arm provides Technology Services across Enterprise Management, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Applications Software Support services to around 250 clients including public sector organizations. Our passion to delight our customers with services that go well beyond their expectations has been magnetic in terms of attracting a broad and wide range of clientele comprising small and medium enterprises to large fortune companies.

Our portfolio in fact is complemented by our partner’s portfolio, and hence we can offer a broader spectrum of business automation solutions. Furthermore, our Business Process Management services are designed to help clients augment their helpdesk, billing, accounting, and other administrative processes. Our digital technology arm continues to provide very niche IT-OT integration to connect plant and equipment data with enterprise applications data to bring

state of art analytics. Similarly, a combination of Blockchain, IoT and AI brings much needed information to the business to reduce duplications, increase efficiencies across the ecosystem while deriving new business models to generate additional revenues.

Natsoft has been a part of almost the entire IT boom in the country. How would you describe the transformation of your company over the years?
From PaaS to PaaS, Natsoft over the last 17 years has redefined the P from People to Platform, traversing through SaaS, DaaS and CaaS models. Natsoft has continuously evolved by aligning itself to the constantly changing sophisticated requirements of our clients.

For instance, the engagement with one of our first ever clients, which was started as a staff augmentation service back in 2004, has now transformed into automation services. We have constantly embraced new digital technologies and open source software solutions to bring down the costs of ownership to the clients as well as reduce the cycles of implementation timeframes to our clients.

Our team has been able to constantly innovate & help create state-of-the-art platforms & technologies and keep furthering them continuously. It is the push from the people to push the envelope of technology. Natsoft over the years has deliberately brought onboard some of the best talent in terms of leadership and skills in order to continue our journey to meet & exceed our clients’ requirements and engender delight.

Tell us about your clients. Going forward, what does your pipeline look like?
We cater to a diverse range of industries from Breweries to Technology companies to Agricultural, Retail, Pharma, and Transportation companies, among various other industries. Our philosophy is that when a client communicates their requirements and we don’t have the capability, why not go and build that capability? This philosophy has led us to making investments in some of the next generation open source technologies that could develop applications in just clicks and require no underlying programming or coding. Another of our investments is in tools that compare & benchmark data generated from clinical trials – something that’s a need of the hour in the current pandemic situation.

Furthermore, we are developing a unique platform to help large multinationals sync up their global operations to make it more efficient and help them transform completely. Thanks to the foresight of Natsoft’s managing director Srinivas Cheedella, this platform not only helps companies become far more effective internally, but also saves their costs substantially. We are also investing in our sustainability offerings. We are launching Net Zero Carbon solutions, which the enterprises across the globe are seeking today.

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Natsoft Corporation: Designed By Clients, Programmed By Employees & Built By Passion