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Plexonics Technologies: A Turnkey Networking & Surveillance Solutions Provider

Avneet Bansal, CEO & Managing Director

Avneet Bansal

CEO & Managing Director

The video surveillance industry has come a long way, especially over the past decade. Today, surveillance is not just about capturing objective visuals to enhance physical security, but also about creating subjective data and making priceless business sense out of it. It’s no wonder the global video surveillance market is expected to reach $69.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10 percent during the forecast period (according to Research And Alongside the developing hardware capabilities of cameras,maturing technology, exponentially increasing features, and customized systems, the burgeoning use of software analytics and AI are becoming the main drivers for the market. Chandigarh based Plexonics Technologies Ltd is shining as a benchmark of foreseeing and conceiving all the aforementioned trends, and thanks to this dynamic approach, the company today is one of the leading networking & surveillance OEMs in the country. A one stop shop surveillance solutions company, Plexonics provides world class solutions, ranging from Cameras to Artificial Intelligence based video analytics software. CEO Insights recently got in touch with Avneet Bansal, the CEO & Managing Director of the company. In an exclusive interview, Avneet walks us through the latest endeavors of the company.

In conversation with Avneet Bansal, CEO & Managing Director, Plexonics Technologies Ltd

Networking and Surveillance is a populous industry,where are you positioned in the industry at the moment?
We are positioned as one of the topfive leading networking and surveillance OEMs in the Indian Market, especially when it comes to large government projects. We are well recognized by major system inte grators in India for bidding on all turnkey government projects. Being an end to-end solutions provider with a dynamic and extremely

tech-savvy approach, we majorly focus on government projects, especially smart/safe cities projects and other turnkey IT/CCTV projects.

What are the SOPs in place to understand client’s pain areas and build requirement centric solutions? Also, what’s your USP?
We directly connect with the end-user and start our relationship by understanding their requirements clearly to the last detail. We visit the customer’s site directly to understand the pain areas they have and requirements in detail. Once we comprehend their pain areas, our solution team will propose better, automated solutions which save cost as well as manpower for clients. We also demonstrate the solutions to make them understand the benefits. Moreover, we focus mainly on the network backbone and the network security of any IT/Surveillance project, which is appreciated by most of the clients when we make them understand how important is the network backbone and network security even compared to physical surveillance.

We offer core Artificial Intelligence based video analytics on the camera at the edge, where it does not need any additional software and server

Our USPs are multifarious. We are a one stop shop for surveillance and networking products giving better compatibility, interpret ability and single point of support to clients. Also, we develop tailor made solutions for each project to the tune of customizing the hardware and firmware for the product to address customers’ sophisticated pain areas. Something that’s equally beneficial to our clients is our high-end tech savvy approach. We offer core Artificial Intelligence based video analytics on the camera at the edge, where it does not need any additional software and servers.

Further more our industrial networking solution became one of the major products for larger government projects. We are almost a part of most of the top government smart/safe cities projects and turnkey projects for Industrial switches. Our industrial switches are customizable based on site requirements. We have edge ports starting form 2~48 and uplink form 1G/10G Fiber is also very unique with us.

What are the latest challenges that Plexonics Technologies solves for its clients? Tell us about your portfolio of solutions.
One of the major challenges we recently faced was in a health department project. The client has multiple hospitals and there will be HIMS software implemented on a central data center over a Government swan network. We provided them with a WiFi solution wherein all the software they connected through WiFi were enabled to access the IP/OP data from HIMS software. We provided a very unique solution having a centralized controller in the datacenter which provides roaming between hospitals as well. We also have high avail ability implemented between hospital and data center for WiFi controllers over an SWAN network. The most interesting part is that we did this without static IP and used a customized NAT Device to save multiple static IPs in the network. The pilot rollout has been completed for four hospitals already.

In another interesting project, we have also deployed 5000 IP Cameras for a single client for the Chennai smart city project and various courts across Tamil Nadu.

What are the opportunities that you fore see and what’s the future roadmap set for Plexonics? What are the areas that you are going to invest in?
We are planning to setup Retail/Channels market for Plexonics products in India. We plan to introduce special models for the Retail segment and are focused on investing more towards developing and Manufacturing unique industrial AI based cameras, switches and IOT based products in India.

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