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Pentagon System & Services: Offering Innovative IT Solutions to Make Businesses Hassle-Free and Sustainable

Deepali Japadia,Head - Cloud & Data Centre Business

Deepali Japadia

Head - Cloud & Data Centre Business

Headquartered in Mumbai, Pentagon System & Services Private Limited is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to corporate including Manufacturing and Banking. The company uses technology — including hardware, software, and services — to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. The company possesses expertise in enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, storage and resource management, identity management and business continuity; and provides industry-specific software, services, and expertise to the retail and hospitality markets. Moreover, the Head - Cloud & Data Centre Business will explain to us how they add value to clients’ business by making the most of technology.

In conversation with Deepali Japadia, Head - Cloud & Data Centre Business, Pentagon System & Services Private Limited

Businesses utilizing cloud services benefit from reducing the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems. Being an AWS partner, how does Pentagon offer its services for businesses to meet their needs?
PSSPL (Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd) is an AWS Advanced tier Consulting Partner. We are specialized in simplifying the IT infrastructure deployments across platforms. As a leading provider cloud and datacentre enterprise solutions in the SI partner ecosystem, we help organizations to leverage the power of Cloud for running

their business. We offer to design end-to-end solutions and implement enterprise IT strategies on AWS cloud services platform. Additionally, we help organizations in their digital transformation journey across a broad range of industry segments. Pentagon’s constant innovation in serving its customers not only solves technical IT challenges, but yield sustained improvement in business growth with minimal cost and risk.

Pentagon’s constant innovation in serving its customers not only solves technical IT challenges, but yield sustained improvement in business growth with minimal cost and risk

It is certain that AWS can bring considerable developments for large enterprises which carries a humongous amount of data. But at the same time, SMEs and start-ups also face issues with their storage capabilities when they begin to grow. Please explain how does Pentagon help SMEs and start-ups with AWS?
We being an experienced NSI provider across verticals- be it Enterprise, SME or a Start-up- understand the customer profile, and the landscape for business. We also understand their investment plans towards the technology within their organization. As SME’s & Start-up look towards investing in their businesses rather than upfront investment on IT, we approach them with a holistic solution on public cloud offering where their investments towards the technology are balanced with a better ROI as compared to the traditional approach. As the companies grow, the challenges of managing the data also grows with multiple concerns on data security, availability, protection and backup. AWS as a platform provides agility for organizations to scale, store and secure data from both

back-ups as well as hosting point. We along with AWS have also crafted a solution as ‘PSSPL managed Endpoint backup’ where we are helping organizations protect endpoint data. This solution helps customers protect their endpoint data from data loss and ransomware by automatically backing it up to AWS cloud with real-time encryption, monitoring, notification, and governance.

Kindly explain about one of your implementations that speaks for Pentagon’s relentless hardwork?
We recently worked with a Fintech company in streamlining their BCP and expanding digital outreach. The problem they were facing was that the organization was growing in operations and the business needed an IDC to collocate its DC and a DR setup for business continuity with real-time replication failover. As they were growing in terms of customer onboarding and employees, few of the workloads needed to be hosted on a scalable and secure environment. PSSPL, as a solution provider, helped the customer to shift its primary data centre to an IDC with our data centre migration team and created DR setup on cloud considering the TCO and flexibility of DR usage. Direct connect was used for secured and seamless replication from primary site to DR. Few workloads were migrated to cloud as they needed scalability. Moreover, we migrated their backup, archival and mailing solution to the cloud platform.

Thereafter such progress, what kind of future intervention company is heading towards?
Our journey has been spectacular so far from being a service provider to a solution provider, where we have seen various technology adaptions. We work with customers as a consultant in their IT operation and business growth. As the market is getting disrupted with newer technologies, MSPs should also look at upskilling their resources and expanding service portfolios. We are planning to expand our reach globally as a solution provider and are planning to help enterprises with services which will ease their IT operations.

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