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Plutek Technologies: Tailor Made Smart Offerings for a Truly Intelligent City

Chandan Maitra, Executive Director

Chandan Maitra

Executive Director

As cities grow, the challenges they pose environmental, economic, and social grow with them. Nevertheless, cities are hubs of diversity and innovation; they can also become the source of solutions. Smart sensors and embedded devices—from street lights to power meters to traffic signals and beyond work together with an open, connected infrastructure to create a distributed layer of intelligence that can save energy, streamline operations, and make citizens feel happier and safer. Amidst these tides of change within the Smart City domain influenced by information and communication technologies(ICTs),enters Plutek Technologies inclined to design solutions to improve operations, services, and quality of life. Headquartered in Noida, Plutek Technologies LLP was established by an experienced team with more than 25 years of holistic Industry experienced in the IT field encompassing various domains such as Communication, Energy & utilities, BFSI, Heath care, Retail and Manufacturing. Maintaining extensive innovation in their products and services, Plutek is best positioned to support the concept of Smart City by means of providing innovation in the field of information and Communication, Road and infrastructure management, Energy and Utilities. Plutek commits to provide robust and cost effective solutions to manage the city assets that include transportation systems, smart energy saving solutions, pavement management, roads and bridges with real time monitoring systems to tackle inefficiency. Plutek

Technologies is focused towards Smart city solution like Smart Light, Smart grid and metering etc to deliver a 360 degree view to customers while developing world class smart cities which are more energy efficient and user friendly backed by solid information technology innovations.

Plutek commits to provide robust and cost effective solutions to manage the city assets

Plutek Technologies believes that partnership is the key of a business. Partnership in terms of product companies, multinational clients and the first growing company has built their business roadmap and expecting 20 percent YOY growth. Plutek’s target Revenue streams is 55 percent SmartCity Solutions. The company’s products and services like Smart Light-Plutek is having the best products in the world as Wire, LoRAWAN, 6 Low PAN, Zigbee Solutions, and Smart Parking. Plutek is distributing their focus on Robotics Smart Parking, Smart Waste Management, Smart Pole, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Water Management, and RAMS (Road And Asset Management). Plutek also proposes equally good Hardware range like LED, Surveillance Camera, WiFi, Sensors, Gateways, and Controler etc. Plutek’s another target revenue stream lies 25 percent in Energy & Utilities like Smart Meter, Smart Green Energy and while 20 percent in Telecom. In telecom, Plutek is working on CTM (Cell Tower Monitoring), Niche Telecom domain products, Cloud, Managed Service, convergent billing and cloud billing systems. Plutek is having robust IoT platform supporting digital smart city, and has IoT enabled influences across the business like home automation, smart infrastructure, security and surveillance, healthcare, retail, and transportation etc. Plutek’s well connected IoT ecosystems include, Remote with Analysis, Command/RFI with Internet network, Analytics data storage, BI, and IoT devices.

Smart cities today are more a vision than a strategic end-to-end approach. It’s no holy grail of understanding that in order to have a smart city in the true sense there is a lot of work across the various activities, assets and infrastructure, which can be turned into smart versions. Plutek’s one such advancement, Road Asset Management Solution, simplifies forecasting and resource allocation by providing multiple analysis scenario capabilities. Efficient management summaries and easy-to-understand graphic reports allow managers to compare proposed work programs based on agency specific criteria. Plutek's partnership with one of world's leading OEMs, RAMS, coupled with an experienced team, brings a unique experience in the field of Road and Infrastructure management. Besides, Plutek’s consultants have extensive experience bringing global insight and local expertise to Oil & gas companies, Water and Power producers and investors around the world. So to say, these expert consultants have a robust and mature capability in Energy and Utility Utilities. Plutek has IoT enabled asset tracking, gas and oil pipeline tracking, IoT powered offerings for logistics and fleet tracking, storage & place tracking and quality shipment. Moreover, Plutek is also enabling smart tools in agriculture for soil moisture and other associated feature determinations.

“Smart city is one area where enormous impact is taking place where renewable energy is one branch, green energy is another”, adds Chandan Maitra, CEO, Plutek Technologies LLP. Energy impact in smart city is important; from employment generation point of view, jobs are visibly booming. For instance, smart parking is not only saving energy, but its convenient and saves time. Plutek is primarily understanding and donning these advancements and the essence of a smart lifestyle in its solutions and products. In the years to come, Plutek Technologies LLP is destined to hold an essential foothold contributing to the Smart India rising.

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