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Power Electronics: Synoptic Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions

Vinay Jain, Managing Partner

Vinay Jain

Managing Partner

In the smart city hype, the need of the hour is to reshape the transportation networks taking into account the rise in motorized vehicles as well as the aging and sub-optimal infrastructure available in Indian cities. Moreover, these measures need to be carried out with sustainable urban development plans that balance the need to protect the environment with the desire to provide the best possible living conditions and faster commuting times for the citizens. Making comprehensive changes to our transportation system will be one of the most important aspects of this plan. Headquartered in Pune, Power Electronics leverages an experience of 26 years in developing, manufacturing, and supporting products for the transportation industry. Power Electronics, with their intelligent transport solutions, aims to change the face of public transport services thus giving passengers a world class experience. Evidently, Power Electronics has played a very crucial role in pioneering the introduction of LED Destination Display Signs for Buses in India through a tie up with Europe’s leading manufacturer, M/s Hanover Displays Limited, UK.

Technology Equipped Transportation via MassTrans
Increasing citizen demand for better lives and environments is one of the factors driving the surging trend towards smarter city research, solutions and investment. With the growing demand for better lives and environment, Power Electronics felt the responsibility to step into not only the smart city sector but also the traffic

management domain. The organization’s traffic management solutions aim to curb traffic congestion. Adaptive traffic control system by 'MassTrans', reduces congestion and fuel consumption, and improves travel time reliability by adapting to real time traffic demand. Besides, Power Electronics offers speed control signs and red light violation cameras to make sure the violators of law are appropriately dealt with. Digging deeper into the transport management domain, Power Electronics took a step forward and entered a partnership with one of the companies of the Daimler group. The company is the proprietor of an application that provides seamless usage of various transport entities (bus, metro, cab, and feeder bus etc) allowing one to make payment through the same. To optimize transport, especially buses, PE has a planning and scheduling software which optimizes the number of buses on a particular route and also the frequency at which they should be running on any particular time of the day, thus helping the transport operator to save expenses by running their buses efficiently. Power Electronics’ ARAI certified range of products,focus in improving efficiency of fleet operation and enhancing an everlasting passenger travelling experience.

Power Electronics, with their intelligent transport solutions, aims to change the face of public transport services

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) cameras are two of the recent developments in Intelligent Traffic Systems. These high resolution intelligent cameras installed at traffic points, and at major squares throughout the city to help detect number plates of cars, average speed and red light violations. These help in sending radar based information back to the control centre that issues an automatic challan, in case of traffic rules violation

and blacklisting of cars. These ANPR/RLVD cameras are offered by MassTrans too, to offer quick and easy integration with maximum reliability.

Parking Woes Sorted
The smart parking industry continues to evolve as an increasing number of cities struggle with traffic congestion and inadequate parking availability. Power Electronics, therefore, offers a user friendly parking app called 'MassPark'. Power Electronics’s technology optimizes parking space usage, improves efficiency in parking, and enables a free traffic flow. MassPark, is one of the simplest and easiest ways to pay the parking charges. This is an innovative approach to parking management aimed to improve the economic, social, and environmental quality of any city. “MassPark app was developed with this vision. If new and improved transit opportunities are put to effective use, there will be less need to consider building more parking infrastructure”, explains Vinay Jain, Managing Partner, Power Electronics.

Power Electronics’ Hanover Displays product range installed in over 18,000 buses over the last 13 years has made PE, the vendor of choice for a majority of OEMs, Government bodies and Transportation Consultants. The company has also earned smart city contracts for supply to Nagpur, Vizag and Kakinada for few of their solutions. Power Electronics’ entire portfolio of solutions primarily focuses on safety and an enhanced life for citizens with a cleaner and more hygienic environment, envisaging what Vinay calls- 'a complete smart city solution'.

• Parking Guidance, Management & Enforcement Solutions - on & off street
• LED Road Signs - Shelter/Toll/Speed/Lane/VMS/Solar powered/portable
• PIS & ITS for the Bus Transportation Industry
• Smart City Products - Adaptive Traffic Control Solutions(ATCS) or Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS),VMS/VMD,Speed & Red Light Enforcement Cameras ANPR/RLVD,Intelligent Transportation Solutions etc.

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