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Quicsolv Technologies: Offering Advanced Solutions for Businesses to Improve Operational Productivity

Riyaz,Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

Amidst the pandemic, organizations around the world are forced to revisit the need for digitalization and reconsider their IT infrastructure and IT strategies. Automation is the best solution that promotes disruption, overcomes the disadvantages of scale and increases overall market velocity & efficiency. In this highly competitive environment, digital transformation is the only way to survive in the market. QuicSolv Technologies is one of the leading companies that offer high-end modern IT consulting solutions and technologies to businesses to improve their operational productivity.

In conversation with Riyaz the Founder and CEO of QuicSolv Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Where is QuicSolv positioned in the current software market in India?
QuicSolv Technologies has completed more than 180 successful projects using its high level of architectural planning, standard development processes, and thorough testing. Our company is automating and modernizing business processes to gain maximum operational productivity. Using best practices, coupled with the latest intelligent process mapping, and WiART (Wireless Asynchronous Receive Transmit) technology, BLE Based asset Tracking and Computer Vision technology, we are helping organizations achieve their digitization goals. To solve business problems using IoT (Internet of Things), we embarked upon the IoT journey in 2017, and now, just four years later, we have solutions for ‘Manpower Tracking’, ‘Asset Tracking’, Computer Vision for Quality Control and a few more in the works. Manpower tracking is equipped with features like efficiency tracking, mandown alerts and SOS action, which could help organizations improve

efficiency, health and safety and ensures high satisfaction among work forces. The asset tracking solution helps with tracing and tracking all kinds of assets, whether stationary or in transit. Our ‘Computer Vision’ technology, helps with real time quality control for various manufacturing processes like high speed conveyor belts and robotics.

Our smart IoT based emergency equipment inspection system aims for fast digital inspection, improving the maintenance activities in terms of workload, quality, health and safety

Which are the targeted industry verticals of the company?
We are offering customized IT solutions across several industries to promote efficiency and achieve greater productivity. Our targeted industries include healthcare, wellness, insurance, automobile manufacturing, aviation, security services and logistics.

What is the company’s portfolio of services and solutions? What is the technology framework built into these offerings?
QuicSolv being a tech consulting and implementation organization, we have developed and implemented several solutions to cater to the unique needs across industries as well as within the same industries. Some of our core product mix includes Bluetooth based indoor Real time Location Systems (RTLS), Bluetooth Low Energy, IoT integration with sensors using WiART (Wireless Asynchronous Receive Transmit), proximity marketing, computer vision-based inspection and quality management solutions for the automobile industry. For the insurance organizations, we are offering image interpretation (ie, digitization using AI). And finally, for software organizations,we are offering ERP solutions and different web applications and mobile applications.

What are the technology trends that the company has been adopting lately

and why?
We have a strong focus on BLE based IoT solutions in partnership with Nordic Semiconductors Germany. Our IoT framework is branded under the name of ISAE (Intelligent Systems Around Everything). ISAE designs innovative IoT and edge computing devices that use the power of Bluetooth for real time communication in industrial as well as consumer applications. Now, we intend to further harness the power of Edge computing and make IoT communication as well as decision making faster and in realtime.

Acquaint us with a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of your intervention.
A manual approach to pre-flight safety audit does take time, effectively reducing the airtime of an aircraft which is a crucial parameter in the volatile aviation sector. Our smart IoT based emergency equipment inspection system aims for fast digital inspection, improving the maintenance activities in terms of workload, quality, health and safety. With the help of this technology, we were able to bring down the whole inspection process taking an average of 120 minutes to five minutes improving Flight turnaround.

Another example is we helped one of our clients to evaluate the efficiency of the employed security guards on his campus. We deployed our Bluetooth ID cards and the Bluetooth mesh network inside the client’s campus to solve the issue.

Where is Quicsolv headed towards in the future? What are its plans and how does it wish to take them forward?
We are looking forward to helping more organizations across the country and world wide, through our innovation, IoT and AI technologies that when blended together can help solve problems in real time and increase productivity and safety along with creating a joyous environment for the people to work.

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