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Radome Technologies and Services: Fuelling Business Growth with Advanced AI and ML Solutions

Nagendra Prasad Kumble,Founder & Director

Nagendra Prasad Kumble

Founder & Director

RadomeTech was founded in the year 2017, in Bengaluru, India (popularly called Startup Hub!) with a desire to empower today's data-driven industries with the advancement in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning while achieving the highest efficiency at a minimal cost. The company specializes in Artificial intelligence applications like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Deep Learning in the field of Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Retail and healthcare industries.

CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with Nagendra Prasad Kumble, founder & director at RadomeTech is a Mechanical Engineer by Passion and Profession. He worked in the Aerospace and Defence industry for around 12 years for major Aerospace Giants like AirBus Germany through Alten India, and Axon-Cable France. From the initial days of his career, he aimed at being an entrepreneur to bring in qualitative changes in the industry, especially manufacturing, through the young minds of the nation.

In conversation with Nagendra Prasad Kumble, Founder & Director, RadomeTech

AI is continuing its penetration with disruptive force across sectors worldwide. As an AI expert with multi-industry expertise, where is Radome positioned in the advanced AI solutions industry? How has been the response of the market?
RadomeTech started as a company with a couple of employees in a small space, now, we have moved to a bigger place with a bunch of young talents, as we believe that young minds if trained can do wonders. We are a team of curious &

creative engineers and designers who believe in the power of technology. RadomeTech is recognized by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India and is supported for one of their challenges "AI for Supply Chain and Logistics" for Defence.

RadomeTech’s AI solution, “ProHM+”, a prognostic health monitoring tool which is successfully deployed at one of the Indian Naval bases, monitors the health of the aircraft engine and does Anomaly detection, Fault Diagnostics, and predicts the remaining useful life of the spare parts/assets. Another AI solution "LogiSmart", a predictive engine which uses machine learning to perform prediction by collecting the historic data to arrive at the useful insights, Beta Version of “LogiSmart” is now ready with 2 modules "Inventory Forecasting" and "Demand Forecasting".

At RadomeTech, we believe that AI is not only for the engineers or technology houses, it is for all

The influence of AI technology can be seen across different sectors, there is hardly any sector or industry that does not rely on AI platform-specific tasks that humans find difficult to complete. Could you brief us about the various markets to which you serve the solution?
AI and ML can be applied to nearly every sector, once the technology advances enough, many fields are either reaping the benefits of AI right now or that soon will be. AI applications do not just have the promise to yield better business results but improve the human experience as a whole. We offer our services to a wide range of sectors which includes retail, manufacturing, health, engineering & construction, oil & gas, travel & hospitality, and consumer electronics. We believe that the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is not limited to only technology houses, corporate houses, or even a manufacturing plant.

It is outspread and at the same time not every company has data scientists to do the coding to perform the predictions. Thus, we have developed a "NO CODE AI TOOL" for all business entities where

they can either perform Prognostics Health Monitoring for Anomaly detection, Fault Diagnostics, and also to know the remaining useful life of the critical asset or even perform the prediction without coding. As everyone is curious to know and understand Machine Learning, we give the power to the user to choose from different Machine Learning algorithms and arrive at the desired output.

Tell us about the portfolio of solutions offered by Radome.
Our holistic thought process and rich subject matter expertise are leading us to create amazing products which can be relied upon for their performance, efficiency, and accuracy. We offer Prognostic Health Monitoring, an AI tool that uses Machine Learning and Data Analytics to perform Prognostic Health Monitoring for Anomaly detection, Fault Diagnostics, and also to predict the remaining useful life of the spare parts/assets.

Prognostics is a difficult task requiring precise, adaptive, and intuitive models to predict future machine health states. Also, we offer LogiSmart, a Best-In-Class AI Tool which quickly understands the varying demand and comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time. LogiSmart provides access to over 10+ Machine learning algorithms, understanding the most dynamic Inventory patterns, and forecasts the future demand more accurately than any other statistical Models. Users can upload the data, choose the Algorithms, and perform the necessary prediction. The tool also enables the user to generate necessary reports for further actions.

What are the challenges that solve for your clients and how would you describe the kind of potential that your company in-taps for them?
AI is the ability to learn and understand, and to apply this knowledge to achieve a goal or complete a task. At RadomeTech, we believe that AI is not only for the engineers or technology houses, it is for all. We are working on developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions responsible for the benefit of corporate houses, Technology houses, and all types of industries. We believe customer loyalty and satisfaction will lead to referrals for more customers. We always try to provide a positive experience for all the customers at every stage of the journey.

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