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Simplibot: Leveraging Advanced Conversational Platform for Intuitive User Experience

Himanshu Saxena,Co-Founder

Himanshu Saxena


As artificial intelligence gets more ingrained in every business process, Conversational platforms are providing interactive voicebased services to develop a better relationship with the customer offering the possibility to have two-way real-time communications. SimpliBot is a chatbot delivery platform looking for opportunities to move beyond the organization's comfort zones while identifying the opportunity areas to confidently invest valuable resources, time, people, and funds to their most optimal gains. CIO Insider conducted an exclusive interaction with Himanshu Saxena, Co-founder, and Shraddha Singh Head, Sales and Growth at SimpliBot.

In conversation with Himanshu Saxena and Shraddha Singh- SimpliBot

Engendering multifarious use-cases, AI is continuing its penetration with disruptive force across sectors worldwide. Where is SimpliBot positioned as an AI solutions provider? What are the industry verticals that you focus on?
At SimpliBot we want to integrate digital technology, particularly AI into all customer interaction touch points (text and voice) from being a simple automated chatbot to help users log, raise, and get an update on their issues to be more interactive like they do with a customer service representative, it can be a full spectrum, fundamentally changing how companies operate and deliver value to their customers.

SimpliBot is sector agnostic and crafts custom bots across a wide horizontal market across India, Nepal, and United States. It enables to store cognitive response repository for the users. It delivers voice and text conversational technology to your business. In the wake of the pandemic, an organization's ability to adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and respond to rapidly changing customer expectations has become critical.

What is the change that you want to bring to the digital solutions industry? Tell us about your products.
There is a need for cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo. Hyperlocal business setups to consciously adapt the latest-in-technology and scale. In India, there are many reasons why businesses go for digital transformation. But by far, the most pivotal reason is that- It's a survival issue. Our prime focus is the adoption of technology. Existing business setups that are adamant on the in-house development of technology sometimes miss out on scaling, as challenger brands (almost with every business) start pivoting with technology use-cases.

SimpliBot is sector agnostic and crafts custom bots across a wide horizontal market across India, Nepal, and United States

SimpliBot is powered by Sodium Na which is an effort towards creating an Artificial Generic Intelligence (AGI).
Sodium Na consumes text to identify Natural Language Understanding (NLU) around specific context and intent theme and binds cognition around its knowledge. Sodium Na deals with a large amount of data using rapidly evolving machine-learned models on top for customers and seeks to make rapid, most accurate course corrections compared with their peers. Sodium NA models are highly intelligent, responsive, supervised, and end-to-end encrypted so our clients' users, employees, and customers can get back to what matters most. We help businesses reduce their operational costs, resources cost procedural inefficiencies, revenue gaps and improve their user experience.

While SimpliBot is a chatbot delivery platform, Sodium Na also enables other products by Suzami Tech Pvt. Ltd.

SimpliTalk is Artificial Intelligence on Telephony. It enables a single cellular number to redirect, manage, classify, and operate customer support services for a business. SimpliTalk is a programmable contact center, custom made for the users. SimpliTalk due launch is in the second half of 2021 to serve its waitlist of clients. Sodium Na will enable to leverage of artificial intelligence in all possible fields like Education & academia, Retail, E-

commerce, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), agriculture, healthcare, transport, space & exploration, and technology.

Tell us a success story about your implementation that has earned an exceptional reputation for the company.
SimpliBot featured covid-19bot on the 15th March 2020 (first in India by date) to spread awareness about the deadly virus and guide its users' behavior towards a safer and protective life during the pandemic. The bot hit 100k users in its first week of surfacing across 12 countries. SimpliBot also developed a covid-19 resource partnering with the University of Southern California, LA, and collaborated research with Private Kit at MIT Media Labs, Stanford.

Shradha Singh, Head of Sales & Growth

SimpliBot is an active contributing member at AGI, received advisory word from Geoffrey Hinton (father of neural networks), and is incubated by an angel investor. This is the 3rd year in a row when SimpliBot features in the top 10 AI innovations in the country.

What future have you conceived for SimpliBot in the years to come? What are the areas that you are going to invest in?
At SimpliBot, we have manifested its user interactions with voice and in vernacular languages. In the years to come, I would see it is capable of empathizing with user emotions and become associative to cognition. There is no doubt about AI's potential in coming times and the bright future of SimpliBot.

We want to focus and invest in having the right strategy, observe diligent management and deliver to partners we choose to invest time with. Various companies in India have invested heavily in AI over the past couple of years, and they have witnessed the power of technology to sustain both increase scale and hacking growth. We wish to blitz-scale hyperlocal business growth and encourage innovation at Suzami Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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