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SAMADHAN: Industry Specific ERP Solutions to address Control, Margin and Growth

Manoj Tiwari , CEO

Businesses do need an integrated business information system(ERP)and Microsoft provides for an excellent, user friendly and international standard framework through its ERP suite of products Microsoft Dynamics. However, the need today is to get a quick and successful implementation done for businesses. The chances of a successful and quick implementation are very high if the ERP solution is tailored to the specific needs of an industry. For example, you do not need an ERP to be implemented in a garment company, you need a Garment ERP to be implemented in a garment company. If this Garment ERP is created on international ERP frame work like Microsoft Dynamics and has past record of successful implementation of the Garment ERP,it brings a lot of value to the customer. Samadhan with several such solutions for packaging, printing, leather tannery, leather goods, leather shoes, real estate, schools, pharmaceutical manufacturing etc. does precisely this. The result is a sure shot and fast implementation of ERP solutions for our customers. That is why we will like to call ourselves ERP Solution Boutique Organization.” Manoj Tiwari, CEO of Samadhan.

The accelerating deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV across SMBs has significantly stimulated business growth globally. With emergence of new and flexible deployment models,cloud infrastructure and digital services, traditional ERP functionality of NAV has reached a new level of maturity with experienced partners like Samadhan engineering huge industry specific features into the already rich solution. This has consequently enabled businesses with new opportunities to redesign their IT strategies. Based out of Ranchi, Samadhan,a unit of RITC Private limited, is a ERP Solution

Boutique organization providing industry specific customer engagement and business consulting in the ERP space. Bringing in 30 years of deep experience of having consulted over 70 successful implementations, expertise in software license sale, implementation services including training and support on the ERP solutions, Samadhan works with Microsoft Dynamics suite of products and SAP to deliver industry tailored solutions.

Samadhan primarily works with its partners in Microsoft ecosystem and Windows Azure to complement its offering to meet organizational requirements more comprehensively

Integrated, Industry Specific and Simplified Presentation
To succeed in the everchanging market, printing and packing firms often look forward to integrated solutions that can optimize process management and distribution capabilities while keeping a lid on the costs. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Samadhan has designed Print Pack Solution to assist manufacturers to manage the inventory, purchase, sales, costing and subcontracting. The solution not only meets stationery requisites of organizations with multiple branches and locations, but also enhances visibility and controlled process operations across multi departments. Moreover, having indepth understanding of nuances of Tannery, garments, footwear, upholstery and exotic leather sectors, Samadhan renders its leather solution suite. The suite’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated framework efficiently meets businesses’ statutory requirements while effectively managing inventory, purchase, sales, customer relationships and collectable control.

As per the USP of the company, Manoj informs, “The clear easy and graphical views are centre stage to our solution. We use Jet Reports to enhance the dash boards and to a discerning customer we offer Jet Enterprise with

Power BI service for unmatched visualization”. This bestows Samadhan with the freedom to leverage the data presentation to suit the changing needs of customers. More so, to meet the increasing demands of optimized business plan operations and better production management from stockholders, the company has an add-on certified for Microsoft Dynamics from Dassault System. The addon solution called Delmia Ortem Planner One, is an advanced planning and scheduling engine that operates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with GANTT chart view.

Encounters that DefineDeliverance
In the recent past,a renowned multinational Japanese group in Paper and Packaging business with its Indian unit in Rajasthan, approached team Samadhan. They wished to go live before the GST became applicable. Corrugated Samadhan ERP, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, was implemented to completely manage the workflow. Samadhan's team helped the company in case, by designing abidirectional data exchange with their BHS Corrugation Line and Corrugated Samadhan ERP. At the same time, it also assisted the client to go live incorporating all GST features within the time frame.

Samadhan primarily works with its partners in Microsoft ecosystem and Windows Azure to complement its offering to meet organizational requirements more comprehensively. The company leverages its association with SAP as an extended business partner for business by design and SAP A1 solutions.

Leveraging decades of rich experience of successfully managing over 70 odd ERP projects in India, Sri Lanka and Middle East,the organization has envisioned entering into Oceania, Africa, South East Asia, Europe and USA market. In the years to come, Samadhan looks forward to working collaboratively with national and international partners and intends to provide a state-of-the-art solution eco system to cater to customized customer’s requirements. Samadhan already has a number of customers who use its solution on rental(Saas)mode. Samadhan plans to expand the delivery of solution on SaaS to a much larger audience in future.

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