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  • [L-R]Jagpreet Singh, Saurabh Verma & Prashant Sharma, Technology Head, Head Operation & Director Sales Consulting

    [L-R]Jagpreet Singh, Saurabh Verma & Prashant Sharma, Technology Head, Head Operation & Director Sales Consulting

  • From defining strategic direction to simply serving business consulting services organizations have found extricable importance in the success journey of most large organizations. Things are no different with Gurugram headquartered Ingenious Corporate Solutions(ICS) Private Limited. With Business consulting Practice being its super-strength, ICS assists customer with the complete life-cycle from consulting to actual execution. The company provides customized solutions and services that support enterprise-wide automation initiatives including customer and employee education, vendor-specific software migrations and new product launches. ICS engages its expert, consulting team to bring differentiation to regular solutions demanding high on data and performance using data science techniques. ICS specializes in predictive analytics and machine learning based solutions that address critical issues in the current context such as improving customer engagement and resource management. The company’s methodology relies on the principle of knowledge translating into actions, i.e. harnessing the power of historical as well as real-time data to help capture the trend and sentiment. ICS integrates these tools and techniques with technology, and custom IoT devices to deliver across various industries. “We devise optimum techniques and strategize to minimize infrastructural costs without bothering the scarcity of skilled resources for the organizations facing challenges in data acquisition and ingestion while deploying analytics”, elaborates Saurabh Verma, Lead Solutions Architect, ICS. The expert panel at ICS touches the entire array of nodes in the process, from data to information to insights, and empowers businesses to make faster and better decisions with reduced time to drive valuable insights.

  • Ingenious Corporate Solutions From Consulting to Actual Execution

Don't Look too Far for the Right Mix!

By: Emanuel Christi Das, Editor

ERP and CRM Two of the most important key holes in any business to start out with.

A Competitive view of Robotics Process Automation Market

By: Arup Choudhury, CIO, Eveready Industries India Limited

The RPA market is expected to grow by 30 percent YoY and become as big as USD 2500 million by 2022.

10 Most Recommended Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers - 2018

Data Science has the transformative power

By: Suresh Karanam, Group practice Head - Data & Analytics, TechMahindra

Data Science, as it is today, has evolved several notches up compared to how it was couple of


IT Operational Insights can Contribute Notably to Various Business Metrics

By: Shekhar Joshi, Head ( IT Operations), Idea Cellular Limited

Most well run large organizations are continuously evaluating Implementing stragies


Block Chain & Pharmaceutical Compliances

By: Dalveer Singh, Head of IT AT , Kusum Healthcare

With increase in IT automation of various business processes role of IT is increasing day


CIO - the Man of Digital Futurist

By: Anis Pankhania, Head IT, Vodafone

Technology is going to become an even more integral part of our daily lives and we are already


Right Leadership Leads to Successful Team Building

By: Pooja Chatrath, VP- IT, Cryoviva

Leadership according to me is about taking responsibility and not making excuses.


Smart City – How Technology Will Change the Lives

By: Sunil Sonare, General Manager and Head - IT at Sadbhav engineering

Smart City concept basically deployed electronic system A and computerized system in urban area


Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Will Enable Comeback Of Value Added Services

By: DR. Uttam Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, CNT Global

With AI and big data implementation, telecom companies will know customer much more then


Cost Centre to Profit Centre

By: Mandar Borkar, VP-IT, Finance, SCM, Indoco Remedies Ltd

Information is power. Information is an asset. In this digital world knowledge attracts the

  • 10 Most Recommended Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers - 2018

    Microsoft Dynamics has often come up when discussions surround the proper balance of ERP and CRM systems in an organization. As a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools; Microsoft has come a long way unbeaten. Give the credit to the brand, but the truth is the brand obviously has the trust of users. Microsoft Dynamics has passed by Oracle Cloud to reach the second from the top spot in the ERP market share rankings published by Panorama Consulting. The other three top-tier ERP providers are SAP Hana S/4, Oracle Cloud, and Infor Cloud Suite. SAP has the largest market share, 21 percent, closely followed by Microsoft Dynamics with 19 percent.

    Panorama Consulting in a survey was told by companies: if implementation costs and long-term TCO were essentially the same, they would still prefer cloud ERP (Microsoft Dynamics). Reason one; the productivity enablement for employees who can access ERP capabilities and information from anywhere. And second; the leading cloud service providers’ investments in data protection and application security that would be out of the reach of most companies. This is one arena, traditional ERP vendors are buckling up. ERP and other critical systems in the cloud outperform on-premise technology especially for the more innovative and data-intense operations. If you create new products and services for their customers, the cloud offers easier access and more secure collaboration capabilities.

    We see a great demand for Microsoft Dynamics implementations and are willing to safely bet on its credibility, irrespective of the size of your organization. And therefore we bring to you 10 Most Recommended Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIO Insider editorial board we believe that these solution enablers will help organizations tackle the collaboration woes and better manage the workflow for maximum functionality and productivity of the business.

10 Most Recommended Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BaffleSol Technologies bafflesol-technologies Shuchi Singla, Founder & CEO Expertise lies in agile coaching, agile consultancy, agile implementation, ERP consultation, ERP development, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Crimson Consulting crimson-consulting Prodipto Roy, Founder Offers consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Project Management.
Denova GloSoft denova-glosoft Zafar Faridi, CEO Offers web services, web development, web application development and custom software solution based on technologies like PHP, JAVA and MySQL.
Headstart Global headstart-global Jayram Veliyath, COO Enables business management software, business intelligence & data analytics, omni channel retailing, mobility, E-commerce, cloud and ERP solutions.
Ingenious Corporate Solutions: From Consulting to Actual Execution ingenious corporate solutions Saurabh Verma , Technology Head Focuses on customers' digital journey, sales productivity, customer service automation.
ISS TECHNOLOGIES: The Quintessential Cloud Infrastructure to Safeguard Business Frameworks iss technologies S.V.Rao, Founder Provides end-to-end IT solutions that include networking, clientserver systems, backup & disaster recovery, data centre solutions, virtualization, and software licensing.
 Miri Infotech -miri-infotech Darshan Singh Bhasin, MD Proficient in providing software development, web application development, embedded system development and customized software application development.
SAMADHAN: Industry Specific ERP Solutions to address Control, Margin and Growth samadhan Manoj Tiwari , CEO The service portfolio encompasses software license sale, implementation services with training and support on ERP solutions.
SAN Dynamics Technova san-dynamics-technova Vijender Kumar Nagpal, Director Builds competencies around Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Navision, Dynamics 365, integration, database optimization, 3rd party integration, and support.
VLink Inc vlink-inc Mohit Chhajed, Director Facilitates business services, application development, digital services infrastructure, architecture & cloud migration strategic workforce solutions.