ISS TECHNOLOGIES: The Quintessential Cloud Infrastructure to Safeguard Business Frameworks

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The environment conducive for business in India is on the rise with 'Make in India' and 'Digital India'. Yet, running a business is still a risky affair. This scenario took a turn when data ‘filtered through Business Intelligence’ started to renovate the business environment. Diverse business solutions like Cloud Services, Business Solutions and Consulting CRM,ERP and Advance Security Solutions started to empower people to take business decisions with innovative approach. For over 16 years, Hyderabad headquartered Information Technology reseller company, ISS Technologies has been consistently working with small and fortune 500 companies to give them the right fit, and cost effective cloud and security services at the forefront amongst its offerings. ISS Technologies is also a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider(CSP)and Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Competency Partner in multiple domains such as MS Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365,and Power BI suite of business analytics tools.

Additionally, the increased investment by the business world in cloud technologies and other solutions has spurred the need of security and compliance. ISS Technologies with its tools and other Power BI tools minimizes the net investment after proper and channelized client consultation. Clients’ existing infrastructure and the systems are evaluated for understanding the security requirements and cloud infrastructure. The attempt to scale up the clients’ business with solutions and tools is trodden carefully with smaller necessary investments.

Maximizing Cloud and Security Competencies

ISS Technologies holds extreme high level of expertise in deploying Cloud services. Being a CSP of Microsoft, CRM is offered as part of its service. The company helps customers in building their CRM with the mobility applications to address the potential bigger market share. ISS Technologies has built its own competency around the cloud infrastructure. The company’s flexible and hybrid platform allows clients’ customization to span across ‘on premise’ private data in several platforms. The company strategically refrains from customizing its solutions and services. The notion driving this strategy is to minimize the need of redesign and recustomization. The need to customize proves futile since each function and backend application will undergo updates at one point of time making the earlier customizations futile. This notion reduces the cost of application and cost of maintenance. On the customization front, the Microsoft Azure specifically offers development tools, DevOps, Backup Archival and Digital Media which is increasingly being considered as biggest potential holder in the market. Under the integration head, ISS Technologies has enabled ‘employee on-boarding’ as a prepaid management that integrates CRM, Share Points and Powered BI. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout business frameworks. Its powerful connection to hundreds of data sources drives adhoc analysis thereby producing reports. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique,360-degree view of their business and scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in.

ISS Technologies with its tools and other Power BI tools minimizes the net investment after properand channelized client consultation

Mean while the security aspect is basically offered under a complete suite of IT security of an organization saved on cloud. The data is controlled

by encryption and other network security turnkey solutions of ISS Technologies. The Disaster Recovery scope widens under the security measures. As IT applications continue to power businesses more, it becomes vital to ensure a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery(BCDR)to preserve the share-holders’ confidence. Addressing these concerns, ISS Technologies has integrated another aspect of BCDR under Cloud Backup Service and Recovery. It essentially protects data migration losses and pilferages through easy configurations of backup policies.

But, the company takes the security aspect a notch higher with its IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure proffered by ISS Technologies is distributed under Storage and Backup, Server, Network and Telecom. ISS Technologies is signed up with Telecom ISP -Tata Teleservices Ltd as their Life Cycle Management(LCM)Partners. This includes integrated fixed line, wireless, mobile products and Enterprise Network solutions with applications on World Class Technology Platforms. These offerings intelligently create a hybrid environment of cloud infrastructure, security and networking.

The Hybrid of Cloud and Security
Majorly focusing on Cloud and Security, aided with global support team of Microsoft, ISS Technologies aspires to manage applications through integrated cloud services. The company with this collaboration ensures the required freedom to build and deploy wherever the client demands, using the tools, applications and frameworks of their choice. Stating that, the scope of customization minimizes since the required tools to customize are already integrated in the IT infrastructure. Hence, the time and the cost taken to deploy are reduced.

These notable features are driving the need of conjugating Cloud services and Security frameworks. With these, ISS Technologies is all set to extend its global outreach in Micro service apps, Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Block chain and gaming domains in the near future.

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