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SASMOS Technologies: Setting New Benchmarks in the Indian Aerospace & Defence Ecosystem

Subramanya Ullal,Chief Executive Officer

Subramanya Ullal

Chief Executive Officer

A journey that narrates 13 long years of success, SASMOS Technologies Ltd. is an innovation driven company backed by people enduring pursuits of technology in the land, air, sea, and space. Today, SASMOS is a leading manufacturer of Electrical Wiring Interconnection System, Electromechanical assemblies & Electronics sub-systems and fiber optic products for the Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Space market, and recognized globally for its best-in-class delivery and quality performances across globe with highest level of reliability.

In an exclusive conversation between CIO Insider Magazine and Subramanya Ullal, CEO, SASMOS Technologies Ltd., the veteran leader gives us a deeper insight into the overall journey and engagements of his company.

In conversation with Subramanya Ullal, CEO, SASMOS HET Technologies Ltd.

Your company has manifested matchless growth over the last decade. What makes SASMOS a unique provider in the industry? Also, while catering to such a quality sensitive industry, how do ensure the intact quality of your deliverables?
SASMOS was founded with a purpose and that is perpetuity. Perpetuity is the company’s DNA, and it defines the purpose of existence. Perpetuity is a state of everlasting existence of principles, values, ethos, culture, faith, and belief systems which is proof of our present world and will be exemplified by future generations to come.

Success does not come easy, it is a combination of thoughts, vision, and actions. Back in 2007, there were several challenges in terms of availability of expertise and talent pool in this sector. We Started with a small capital and few resources, and eventually established a Centre of Excellence within a very short span and emerged as a benchmark in the industry. With a revenue of USD $52 M, growing at a CAGR of 61%, we are handling over 200 projects every year with 800 highly skilled resources, IT enabled process and management of a Global Supply Chain.

SASMOS found the success mantra by joining hands with the right strategic global partners to bring up speed and reliability and have the best of both worlds

Our internal institutional processes are the key success factors in developing the right talents and system which aimed towards long term, reliable, and knowledge-based organization that is at par international quality standards. Delivering technology with precision was the key challenge in the first year of operations. SASMOS found the success mantra by joining hands with the right strategic global partners to bring up speed and reliability and have the best of both worlds.

Tell us about your products. What is the kind of technology and manufacturing capabilities that we are talking about?
Our Business segments range across platforms, from sea to space - with capabilities of designing, qualification, and manufacturing of Electrical interconnections for Fighter, Trainer, Surveillance, Cargo, Commercial and Business Aircrafts, Marine Applications, Weapon control Systems, UAV and Satellites, Defence Aircraft cockpit and crew station Panels, Electromechanical assemblies and system integrations for control systems in addition to Electronic solutions for Armored vehicles and aircrafts.

We are proud to introduce Avirata, SASMOS Defence Systems Division for design, development, qualification and manufacturing of Electronics/Electrical/Electromechanical Systems, Embedded Systems, Mission Critical System with team capability of hardware design, software & firmware development, qualification & prototyping for MIL, Space, and Nuclear standard Customized Product solutions.

Could you share with us a case study of one of your recent deployments? What were the initial challenges faced by the client and how did your solution make a difference?
The Indian Army uses ARVs for recovery and repair of broken down tanks and infantry combat vehicles. Modules and components are of foreign origin and most of them are now obsolete.

Recently, we at SASMOS took the challenge for the design, development, integrations, installation & commissioning and qualifications of the entire electrical system, Electrical Control systems for hydraulics and fire suppressor system. We have successfully refreshed the design for these obsolete parts. Army is benefited in strategic way for not going out of the country for the support and spares.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the post-covid-19 era? What is the future road map that has been envisioned for SASMOS?
The COVID-19 pandemic has tested supply chains like no other event in recent time. It is time to think of segmentation of the supply chain by region. It is always preferable to build a system that is not concentrated and allows us to be agile enough to match the appropriate supply points.

India certainly has an edge to be an alternative manufacturing site of choice. India as a country has all four factors of business in abundance which are human capital, social capital, natural capital and physical capital. In line with this objective, we at SASMOS will explore possible manufacturing opportunities. SASMOS plans to grow to US$200 million by 2026, positioning to offer solutions across products and from various geographies.

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