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SenRa: The Flag Bearer for India's LoRaWAN Revolution

Dhananjay Sharma,COO

The value of the smart cities industry will touch the USD 400 billion mark by the end of this decade, driven by steadily increasing mass adaptation of IoT practices. One of the emerging practices, LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Networks) networks is currently in operation in 50+ countries - with the number going up every quarter. There are many examples where LoRaWAN can be used in a Smart City environment improving existing services or enabling new services to be offered to the citizens. For example, Smart Waste Management, Smart Metering and Air Quality sensors can all be monitored and fed back via the LoRaWAN network to the relevant application, database and/or dashboard. The network can be configured to forward the sensor data to multiple destinations, ensuring high availability of the services. LoRaWAN is suited for the many Smart IoT applications at which business and governments are looking today and where it offers a more cost effective and efficient connectivity solution than WiFi or mobile connections (4G/5G).

Hailing from New Delhi, NCR, SenRa is the only PAN India focused LoRaWAN operator and one of the key contributing members of LoRa Alliance from India. Apart from an experienced team,SenRa is also into several partnerships with leading LoRa Alliance Ecosystem players. The company provides long distance communication for LoRa enabled devices at fractional costs of competing technologies such as cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite networks.

SenRa is uniquely positioned in offering PAN City Solutions on a uniform network layer covering a gamut of use cases (Smart Water Meters,Smart Gas Meters, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Environmental Sensors, Smart Agriculture Sensors, Smart Bins, Smart Trackers, Smart Building). We have enabled major Cloud based IoT Platforms such as AWS, Azure, Thinxworks, Yodiwo as well as popular protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, TCP on our network platform. This provides a much-desired flexibility to the planning and implementing agencies on delivering the complete solution architecture without worrying about the cumbersome integration efforts.

SenRa is working with partners in all domains of Smart device ecosystem and making solution cases on specific requirements

Automation in Metering
Water loss management is becoming increasingly important due to population growth and water scarcity. Smart water meters are the leading business cases to be served on LoRa primarily because of Long Range, High Device Utilization per gateway, and High Battery Life on the water meters (10 years plus).SenRa is working with utility service providers and private players in this vertical and foresee a huge demand in the near quarters. The End to End implementation offering of Automated Metering Infrastructure by SenRa along with its partners enables the Utilities to better control and manage their water supply as well decrease the Non-Revenue Losses. “We are working on cases in Smart Water Metering, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Agriculture Sensors and Smart Trackers; as these all our ongoing pilots”, affirms Dhananjay Sharma, COO, SenRa. In a matter of 3 months after startingthe operations in India,the company has been able to generate required transaction, and is successfully building up on the same on daily basis.

SenRa, in a venture with one the biggest names in lighting in India, was required to integrate the devices. Remarkably, for a fact, the devices started to communicate with the network in less than 30 seconds. This was purely a plug and play moment. It highlights that if the devices are made as per the guidelines of LoRa alliance, they will uniquely join the network once their credentials are updated.

Data Management Needs for Agricultural Models
Agricultural system models have become important tools to provide predictive and assessment capability to a growing array of decision-makers in the private and public sectors.SenRa is complementing Agricultural sensors and data analytics players by offering the SenRa network to in the remotest parts. Owing to the inherent capacities of ranges up to 20km in rural area it proves to be an attractive proposition for such players compared to the traditional telco offering and huge capex requirements.

SenRa is working with partners in all domains of Smart device ecosystem and making solution cases on specific requirements. We are forging partnerships on these with Companies who have implemented these solutions and bring them to serve the Indian customers and in an extremely competitive manner. SenRa is looking down the barrel of an expansion to more than 24 cities and having a substantial number of devices on the network in next 18-24 months. This is intended to be done with the objective to provide world class connectivity solution to the partners.

LPWAN(LoRaWAN, NB-IoT),LAN (Wi-Fi, ZigBee) and Wireless(3G,4G,2G); each one of these are complementing technologies and has to come in tandem to solve the unique problems the cities and corporations face today. SenRa believes in true collaboration and looks forward to working with the Industry peers.

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