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Siam Computing: Engineering Possibilities, Finding Solutions and Transforming the Ordinary

Khuzema Siamwala,CEO & Founder

Khuzema Siamwala

CEO & Founder

The product development industry is
ever-changing due to the nature of the
business itself. It’s all about innovation, being different, getting to market first and keeping up with product demand trends. Given such need for speed in accuracy and swift implementations, businesses need to buckle up on their strategies to hunt for the best product development company in the market.

"Over the years, Siam Computing has fine tuned their web and mobile development processes to ensure quality and timely delivery"

Established in 2012, Siam Computing, as a product development company is a strong believer of ‘Good enough is not great’. Chennai headquartered Siam Computing builds applications for the modern web, with expertise lying in product development, business process automation and website design. Siam Computing has a client base in 7 countries with 45 beyond satisfied
clients. Siam Computing consistently works towards absolute perfection in office as well as delivery client relationship. Over the years, Siam Computing has fine tuned their web and mobile development processes to ensure quality and timely delivery.

From Scratch to Finish

More than a provider, the company
becomes a partner in a project’s journey from scratch to finish. Siam team of business analysts works with clients to understand the objective and the expectations of achievement. Bringing in their years of combined experience, Siam Computing helps shape the final product. “We give our inputs not only in terms of IT but also in terms of logical & market inputs and business strategies, where we can pitch in”, adds Khuzema Siamwala, CEO, Siam Computing. Once the requirements are clear, the team creates wireframes using tools like balsamiq to give a clear picture of what the layout will look like and determine the information hierarchy. Building wireframes enables Siam Computing team to revisit the drawing board if needed. To give meaning and purpose to the frontend elements, Siam Computing builds applications on REST API that exposes business logic consumption ready for the frontend elements. Besides, the company’s quality analysis team that writes extensive test cases based on the core business requirements and verifies the same against the data delivered by backend and frontend teams. While working with their clients to launch their product or website, the company prepares extensive documentation on the architecture decisions, the database structure and overall business logic.

Internally, Siam Computing follows exceptional project management techniques and communication protocol. The company does complete tracking of product through slip and stamp, while adhering to a complete agile process within the organization.

Uniting the World through Technology

Siam Computing takes pride on one of their most successful ventures. A group of established entrepreneurs based out of Switzerland came together to unite the world with an intention to give back to the society but through technology intervention. The blueprint brought to Siam Computing was to create an application for the church of Switzerland that enabled people to recite a verse from The Bible at the same time and on the same day of every month. The client expressed their objective to build the app as an objective to initiate faith within every individual on the surface of the earth and gather their prayers for the entire humanity at the same time. A motivated client, a distinguished objective, a skillful team of developers and a leader like Khuzema: all led to the successful implementation of the application. The first week of the application’s release witnessed tremendous popularity amongst the devouts world over. Having successfully executed such a benevolent task at a global scale, Khuzema aptly considers this venture as one of their greatest success story.

Similarly, Siam Computing has worked in several diverse projects and obtained excellent results. At such exponentially growing pace, Siam Computing has gained tremendous visibility in the market. In the years to come, Siam Computing looks forward to expand geographically and emerge as one of the most preferred product development company. And rightly so, with the skills and experience of the company’s team, it’s only a matter of time that the IT market gets new leaders like Siam Computing.

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