Sumeru Enterprise Tiger: Customer Acquisition from Contact to Completion

Rekha Pillay,CEO

In a constantly connected mobile world, customers want things quickly and easily; they also require an experience tailored to their needs. In such situations, any slack in processing orders to obtain a loan or mortgage in front of clients becomes taxing. Making the procedure faster, simpler and more customer-centric is increasingly perceived as critical by many banking players, not only for customer experience, but also to compete with new digital disruptors that are organized to provide a smoother lending process. Financial organizations have a greater opportunity to leverage digital technologies and certain cognitive intelligence as they have access to a huge amount of data. In a win-win situation, even consumers are also willing to share personal insights to get greater value in return. This eventually indicates that digital experience to customers has the potential to impact touch points of the banking system. As such, digital operations manoeuvrability in loan applications and automating procedural and repetitive tasks enhance customer engagement. At Sumeru Enterprise Tiger, a Bangalore headquartered company, these latest capabilities are already running on the mill. With real time data, the company contributes to automation of services like lead management, customer on-boarding, origination and collections. A lot of operations that were earlier manual and repetitive now are easily automated by Enterprise Tiger.

The way the customers expect a bank or any financial institution to service them is changing and so are the customer interfaces. Workflow automations transform the traditional channels and thereby, facilitate digital–transformation for origination and collections of loan and credit card products. Loan and credit application, for instance, usually starts with a credit check of a potential customer and if carried out in real-time at source, mitigate several issues. In the arena of Open Banking and Cloud Data Storage, it can be left to one’s imagination, how an ML algorithm could instantly draw information from multiple sources to make a decision based on a customers’ real-time data.

" ENTiger gives enterprises the much-needed single omnichannel digital platform to get all the leads to flow into their Lead Acquisition Engine Lead"

Mean while, Enterprise Tiger is empowering enterprises with just voice commands like, "process credit score or check today’s sales report, or fetch nearby leads." Though very simple, this feature is very powerful in creating a great customer experience. Being a tech solution provider, the company designs its products that enable software integration in the core systems without any upheavals.

Connecting Customers Ubiquitously
Looking at the current scenario, it is still a nascent stage where banks are getting new leads from Facebook or any social media through bots. Another probable scenario is, even if social media starts to get leads through bots, are banks ready to effectively using these leads? The likely answer is still in negative. Herein, Enterprise Tiger enables the banking institutes to do the entire lead capture through bots. The ENTiger workflow engine then moves the leads for further processing to other digital channels or to the backend credit approval system.

The company ubiquitously connects with customers irrespective of the channel the customers tend to choose. ENTiger gives enterprises the much-needed single omni-channel digital platform to get all the leads to flow into their Lead Acquisition Engine. Moreover, the company also automates the entire information gathering system of the customers with the use of details registered in citizen id (like Aadhar), Credit Bureaus and several other agencies. It all starts from the moment a customer comes into the platform where Enterprise Tiger’s system plugs into all kinds of public database that are present and the completes the e-KYC immediately, while minimizing the typing and doing away with the paper-work, completely.

While doing such documentation, Enterprise Tiger has streamlined, digitized and automated both the information gathering and the back-office credit approval work. Additionally, once the lead originates in Enterprise Tiger, green amber and red colour codes communicate the existing credit worthiness of the customers, thus helping the sales make quick decisions on the field with minimized human intervention. All these get orchestrated with the help of plug and play architecture of ENTiger that is fundamentally integrated with Core Banking System of banks, Insurance System or even a CRM system.

Conforming to Industry-Agnostic Services
A decade ago, Indian BFSI space witnessed hardly a penny spent on digital tech. The Call to Action void brewing up in this field is where Enterprise Tiger aims to strategically enter and master. Having directed their focus on the FinTech space, Sumeru Enterprise Tiger is now consciously venturing to non-banking origination and collections space too. The availability of new e-channels powered by digital technologies is on the go and will eventually lead to the transformation of Customer Acquisition Management in the financial sector.

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Sumeru Enterprise Tiger: Customer Acquisition From Contact To Completion