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Siam Computing: Simplifying the Digital Transformation & Problem-to-Product Journey for Businesses

 Khuzema Siam,   Founder & CEO

Khuzema Siam

Founder & CEO

With cut throat competition prevailing across all industries globally, businesses constantly strive to innovate and bring their products to market faster. However, digital transformation and product development are complex processes requiring a deep understanding of customer pain points, evolving market demands, and industry trends. To address these challenges, businesses increasingly turn to product development companies for their expertise in building and managing digital products.

Siam Computing, a Chennai-headquartered product development studio, has emerged as a formidable player in this space. Founded in 2012 by Khuzema Siam, who serves as the CEO, Siam Computing is dedicated to assisting both established businesses and startups in their journey towards digital transformation and for end-to-end product development.

In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider, Khuzema shares valuable insights into Siam Computing’s operations and sheds light on the company's mission. Below are excerpts from the interview.

Could you give a brief account of Siam Computing’s role and position in the IT services domain?
Siam Computing offers product strategy and consulting services along with large-scale software development. We've been named among the Top 20 Software Companies in India in Clutch rankings. Our service portfolio spans three major areas Product Strategy & Consulting, MVP Development, and Dedicated Product Teams(DPT). In addition, Mobile & Hybrid App Development, React Native Development, DevOps, Progressive & Enterprise Web App Development, Chatbots, and Web Portal Development are some of our core areas of expertise.

But we are not ‘code pushers’ like typical IT service companies or software companies that put in a bunch of features together to build software and get paid. Instead, at Siam, we dive deep to understand every challenge the end users face and build products by balancing the needs and wants of both our clients and the users.

We strive to make the entire product development process as simple & hasslefree as possible for our customers by handholding them through the complete product cycle

Our extensive research helps us identify problems and inefficiencies the client wouldn't even know existed for their targeted users. This allows us to build an efficient product strategy based on actual requirements and use cases instead of just assumptions. So, we are able to build ‘sticky’ products that guarantee high user adoption and, in turn, result in better revenues for our clients.

Tell us about your expertise in aiding your clients to build product strategies and how you ensure client lifecycle satisfaction at each level.
Our mission statement is ‘To simplify the problem to-product journey of founders.’ We strive to make the entire product development process as simple, quick, and hassle-free as possible for our clients by handholding them through the complete product cycle.

We don’t take more than 12-14 weeks to develop an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) once a client comes to us with an idea. We start by validating the idea, charting a delivery plan to turn it into a product, keeping them updated through daily scrum calls, offering post-release support, and ensuring the client does not have to lift a finger. The goal is to get the MVP in the users’ hands as fast as possible to test and validate key assumptions that clients may have.

Our product development services don’t stop just with MVP development. Clients can hire our dedicated product team to develop and manage their

products throughout the product lifecycle. Our product strategists, designers, engineers, product managers, and quality analysts take full ownership of the product and deliver updates in 2-week sprints. By making the entire process simple, stress-free, and transparent, we ensure client lifecycle satisfaction at every level, and the clients automatically come to rely on our support.

Could you share a case study reflecting how your offerings changed the scenario for the better for one of your clients?
We had built an LMS named ‘I Wanna Learn’ to make e-learning more accessible to thousands of students in government schools across rural Tamil Nadu. For most kids using this platform today, it’s the first ever tech product they interacted with. So, we built it keeping in mind various challenges they face, such as lack of proper internet and electricity.

Our LMS is an outlier as it is both modern in its design and, at the same time, operates smoothly even on $100 Raspberry Pi computers. We are extremely proud to say that the platform is witnessing a week on week student engagement growth of 40 percent and a 62 percent improvement in learning outcomes, thus resulting in a significant decrease in school dropouts.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Siam Computing?
Going forward, we aspire to fulfill our short-term goal of having a 300 people strong workforce. We call this ‘Mission 300’ within our company, and every member across the organization is working collectively towards achieving this goal. Additionally, we have created a product community named ProdWrks with the prime motto of cultivating a network of nextgen innovative product leaders who can reimagine the product development cycle and strengthen India’s position in the global product development space. Thus, our long-term vision and mission is to lead this change from the front and contribute to the product ecosystem in the country.

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