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  • Elias Mouchantaf,  General Manager

    Elias Mouchantaf, General Manager

  • India is the 5th largest economy and 2nd largest country in terms of population. This reality produces an exponentially growing pool of data by the minute. Converting all this data into meaningful information requires a comprehensive approach that starts with an understanding of the use cases, language, and infrastructure currently in place. It’s also important to understand the legal and regulatory environment, and the technological resources available to collect and analyse this data. The biggest challenge is how to effectively collect data and provide insights to meet the requirements of today and the future.

  • Kodakalaris: A Pioneer In Offering Information Capturing Solutions That Simplify Business Processes

Organizations Must 'Tech' Charge of their Future

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

In the aftermath of the hybrid work culture and the dynamically grown technology landscape, corporate organizations have their hands full. Traditional business strategies have become a risky affair, to say the least.

CIEM: The New Age Security Solution for Cloud Computing

By: Arun Kumar, Senior Architect, CES, Brillio

Currently, many enterprises are on a journey to adopt a multicloud environment in their IT landscape. To ensure robust cyber security during this transition, organizations are taking different cloud security approaches.

Spotlight Edition - 2023

Will the 5G Journey be a Game Changer for India Inc.?

By: Harnath Babu, CIO & Partner, KPMG, India

Digital transformation is bringing about a profound revolution reshaping and revamping human lives. The convergence of technology and telecom is altering how we live and work, and this change will continue rapidly going forward.


Tata Communications IoT Lighting up Smart Cities & More in India

By: Praveen Arora, VP - IoT, Tata Communications

From connected streetlights to traffic control and parking meters, the Internet of Things (IoT) powers smart cities, promising safer, greener, and more efficient urban living and working


Intelligent Automation

By: Sudhir Kanvinde, Chief Information Officer, The Supreme Industries

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are established technologies. They have individually proven to be revolutionizing, finding application in almost every business domain. Robotic Process Automation has


Pharma Companies: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property?

By: Filip Cotfas, Channel Manager, CoSoSys

Intellectual property (IP) is a crown jewel asset class of pharmaceutical companies. Threat actors prize pharma IP for its high perceived


Digital Ecosystem Build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces. Usually business with

  • Spotlight Edition - 2023

    While turning the pages of History to understand the evolution of mankind, we get to realize that how the modern human has nourished their path of progress holding the hands of the magic pill called Technology. That man who was hunting and gathering or scavenging animals to meethishunger, that very human is flying airplane, operating gigantic machineries and driving large scale industries today. With each passing day, the edge of the inventions is growing sharper and hoisting the flag of success all over the world. Not only the discoveries and inventions are benefiting and creating the scopes for calm, cozy and comfort for human, but also advancing the countries by earning lucrative amount of profit from industries. However, the biggest challenge is how effectively human can use technology to meet the requirements of today and the future in a sustainable manner.

    Let’s find out some revolutionary service and solutions that are constantly injecting ease in human life.

    Information Capturing Solutions: With Information Capturing Solutions, manual and error-prone data entry methods become a thing of the past. ICS revolutionize the way organizations collect, store, and manage crucial data to aid businesses in this competitive era. ICS encompasses a range of advanced technologies and strategies designed to streamline the data capture process, ensuring the timely and accurate collection of critical information Cutting-edge technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent document recognition (IDR), and natural language processing (NLP) empower organizations to extract valuable insights from physical documents, digital content, and even unstructured data sources.

    "Technological trends lies not only in their ability to shape the future, but also in their capacity to reshape our perception of what's possible"

    Information Technology (IT) Solutions & Services: In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on solutions and service provider companies in the field of Information Technology (IT). These companies play a crucial role in offering innovative and comprehensive services to address the diverse technological needs of organizations across various industries. From small startups to multinational corporations, these IT solution providers cater to a wide range of requirements, including software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data management, and much more. By leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technologies, these companies empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in the digital era.

    Industrial Automation: This refers to the integration of advanced technologies and systems in various industries to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety. It involves the use of computerized control systems, robotics, sensors, and artificial intelligence to automate manufacturing processes, tasks, and operations. By minimizing human intervention and maximizing machine capabilities, industrial automation revolutionizes the way products are manufactured, assembled, and delivered.

    Product Development: These companies play a pivotal role in bringing innovative ideas and concepts to life. These companies specialize in the process of transforming a concept or a vision into a tangible, market-ready product. By leveraging their expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and project management, product development companies help businesses navigate the complex journey from ideation to commercialization. With a deep understanding of market trends, consumer needs, and emerging technologies, they provide end-to-end solutions that encompass concept development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and even post-launch support.

    Cloud Consultancy: It is a specialized service that assists businesses in harnessing the power of cloud computing technology to optimize their operations, enhance scalability, and achieve their strategic objectives. As organizations increasingly recognize the advantages of moving their infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, the role of a cloud consultant becomes vital in guiding them through this transformational journey. Cloud consultants are experts who possess in-depth knowledge of various cloud platforms, services, and best practices. Their expertise spans across different aspects of cloud adoption, such as cloud strategy development, cloud migration planning, cloud infrastructure design, and cloud security.

    Acknowledging their dexterity in business across significant sectors, in this issue of CIO Insider magazine brings you 'Spotlight Edition -2023', featuring a few companies which were selected by comprehensive examination by industry CEOs, VCs, CXOs and CIO Insider editorial board. We truly expect these organizations to meet your needs and we assure you that these organisations are added, as we recognize the valuable contributions of the industries in the ever- expanding and competitive market.

Spotlight Edition - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Kodakalaris:  A Pioneer In Offering Information Capturing Solutions That Simplify Business Processes Kodak Alaris Elias Mouchantaf, General Manager Kodak Alaris is committed to making our customers successful by helping them grow and enrich their digital transformation journey to serve their business goals
Network Techlab: Driven to Boost Business Agility with Top-Notch Solutions Network Techlab Haresh Gada, Founding Director Top IT Service Provider and IT Solution Provider while serving a 7500+ happy & satisfied clientele base
Servilink Systems: Changing the World through Industrial Automation Servilink Systems Limited Ashvin Trivedi, Director Our solutions help our customers in so many ways that not only save time but even extra cost. Firstly, we assist in increasing both productivity & quality
Siam Computing: Simplifying the Digital Transformation & Problem-to-Product Journey for Businesses Siam Computing Khuzema Siam, Founder & CEO We have created a product community named ProdWrks with the prime motto of cultivating a network of nextgen innovative product leaders who can reimagine the product development cycle and strengthen India’s position in the global product development space.
Stackgenie: Empowering Enterprises with Cloud-Native Solutions Stackgenie Sanjeev Sinha, Sales Director Our global delivery model allows us to offer cost-efficiency to our clients since we deploy services (like updates, monitoring, reporting, and program management) from India.

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