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Stackgenie: Empowering Enterprises with Cloud-Native Solutions

 Sanjeev Sinha,   Sales Director

Sanjeev Sinha

Sales Director

For over a decade, cloud computing has been the heart of IT transformation for businesses. Even though the shift to cloud services has been revolutionary, cloud computing might fall short when it comes to the challenges of the post-pandemic era. This is why cloud native is gaining popularity. Cloud-native applications are resilient, scalable and empower businesses to respond to market trends. Stackgenie, an innovative cloud-native consulting company based in the UK with offices in India and the U.S. is helping businesses adopt cloud-native, differentiate with speed through the rapid deployment & avoiding vendor lock-in to help businesses remain ahead in the software development & engineering framework compared to their peers. Stackgenie helps businesses transform their cloud infrastructure into scalable and agile systems through cost-effective solutions.

In conversation with Vinayak Kumar, Director and Sanjeev Sinha, Sales Director of Stackgenie, shares more about the
firm, let’s read.

Could you give a brief account of Stackgenie's role as a cloud consultancy provider in the IT services domain in India and what is the kind of customer experience delivered through your offerings?
Stackgenie is a cloud-native solution and services provider aiming to become the preferred service provider in three key technology spaces - Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and DevOps. We pursue cloud-native solutions under our umbrellas called stacknxt (Consulting

arm), stackserve (Services arm) & stackengg (Engineering arm) where we deliver Kubernetes as our tech mainstay. When it comes to cloud-native solutions, Kubernetes is used to orchestrate containers for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) where DevSecOps and DevOps are common processes followed for software delivery. We offer all these services including Big Data. All our sustenance activities, monitoring, reporting, and program management are done from India and from places that are nearest to our customers.

Stackgenie helps businesses transform their cloud infrastructure into scalable and agile systems through cost-effective solutions

We are highly tech-driven and follow a flat hierarchy. This culture helps us to work together as a team and serve our top-tier clients with efficient solutions by steadfastly digging right into the problem areas. Thanks to the firm's effective leadership, Stackgenie has been able to deliver beyond clients' expectations.

Could you emphasize the advantages of relying on your cloud offerings? What are the best industry practices adopted and how are they different from other competitors' offerings in the market?
We are a cloud-native solutions provider. What makes cloud-native different from the traditional cloud is the fact that it functions and deploys within the cloud and has a built-in self-healing infrastructure. These attributes offer overall efficiency, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Moreover, the cloud-native infrastructure is always up and thus the maintenance is real-time with zero downtime.

We have a competitive edge in the market since we are one of the early movers in India in the cloud native and Kubernetes space. Our well-trained

workforce in the UK helps us to deliver turnaround solutions in two-thirds of the time compared to our competitors. We are also well in terms of technologies that can aid us to thrive in this landscape. Besides, we are able to bring an indigenous touch to our customers with our presence in India while managing our operations globally. Our global delivery model allows us to offer cost-efficiency to our clients since we deploy services (like updates, monitoring, reporting, and program management) from India.

The cloud-native environment is intuitive and helps us in deep customer engagement which comes in handy, especially with clients from the finance, retail, and telecom sectors. The self-healing and rapid nature of cloud native allow businesses to move forward without any downtime and thereby accelerates innovation in the CI/CD software management lifecycle.

What are the ways you look out for the security of your customers?
Stackgenie embraces DevSecOps and DevOps and thus security is taken into consideration right from the beginning. For this, we use the right tooling to develop the applications and platforms and work closely with the CISOs and in-house security teams to identify possible risks and problems early on. We adopt the CNCF framework so the security aspect is baked in with our solutions.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Stackgenie? Where is it headed for the next five years?
In this digital world, where an exponential rate of data is being generated annually, businesses are moving towards cloud-native solutions. We, as a service provider, are right in the mix to be able to assist these businesses in their digital transformation journey.

Lately, we have been witnessing a lot of demand for consultancy services in the Indian market and have been approached by a lot of tier-one IT service providers, banks, and financial institutions. We look forward to working with them.

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