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Skybox Security: Shielding Business Data Using Visibility and Context

Rahul Arora,Regional Director – India & SAARC

Rahul Arora

Regional Director – India & SAARC

In the cyber security domain, Skybox’s context-rich intelligence coupled with targeted automation in key areas enables security leaders with the assurance of control over their environment. Skybox established in 2002, operates from Mumbai with its corporate headquarters situated in California. Skybox provides CISOs with simplified cybersecurity management that helps in building a broad cybersecurity platform for comprehensive attack surface visibility and the context needed for informed action. To give a deeper insight about the services and offerings of Skybox, the company’s Regional Director for India and SAARC, Rahul Arora, joins the interview.

In conversation with Rahul Arora, Regional Director – India & SAARC, Skybox Security

Cyber security has become inevitable in a far more technologically-advanced world. Looking at the figures, one cannot afford to ignore the rise of cybercrimes and security breaches. What are the offerings that Skybox put forth in such a crucial market?
Life is not easy for the CISO as there are numerous vulnerabilities reported every year. Their responsibility to identify and deploy remedies is important. Our recent release, Skybox 10, is the latest iteration of our best-in-class cybersecurity management solution. It

includes a new REST API, flexible and customizable risk scoring, intelligent automation for complex multi-vendor environments, and an expanded roster of integrations. All of this sits in harmony with the functions of Skybox that provides total attack surface visibility, improves key operational processes, and context-rich intelligence. With Skybox, businesses gain a central reference point for their entire security program.

Skybox uses visibility and context for enabling organizations to streamline their processes and reduce risk across the-board

To provide cyber security solution, there has to be efficient vulnerability management systems that ensure total visibility and actionable security intelligence. How does Skybox combine different cyber security operations to reduce risk?
The cybersecurity space is mostly crowded with vendors who tackle specific problems. Skybox is not a point solution, but a platform which integrates with 130+ leading networking and security technologies. We synthesize the data collected from these integrations, model it, analyze it to provide insight to major risks and compliance issues. In order to draw the right conclusions, you have to look at the big picture — not just the network, the security controls, the assets or the vulnerabilities, but rather the relationship between these diverse elements and how it impacts security.

As per the trend, enterprises are looking forward at cyber security operations that are integrated with AI that helps to predict possible threats as well as eliminate time consuming research tasks. How efficiently could

Skybox provide its offerings in reducing potential threats?
Automated solutions vary in quality and return on investment. It is important for organizations to not look at automation as a panacea. Without proper visibility and context, automation can have neutral or even negative impacts on security and compliance. That's why Skybox automation is informed by visibility and context. For example, our automated attack simulations can identify if a threat could access a vulnerable asset — it requires a lot of insight to determine this, not just automation.

Share with us the experience of providing valuable services, which has earned notable reputation for Skybox.
We work with some of the world’s largest organizations, including eight of the biggest retail banks. It is always gratifying to see how our solution helps them to improve their business operations. Initially, Skybox gives them visibility over their entire hybrid infrastructure, and then offers insight and intelligence required to reduce the size of their attack surface. This identifies their biggest areas of risk. It improves team alignment, creates better operational processes and systematically reduces risk. Moreover, it enables them to secure their innovation and redefine the role that cybersecurity plays within their business.

Cyber security domain is subjected to challenges every day and a lot of innovations are happening in the same domain. What future roadmap have you planned for Skybox in the succeeding years?
We always listen to our customers and look to them as well as the market for where there's need. Obviously cloud is top-of-mind for the majority of organizations today. We're expanding a lot in terms of supporting cloud networks but also ensuring that Skybox will still be that central place to understand the hybrid environment from a single solution.

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