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Secugenius: Cyber Security as a Solution and Service

Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha,Co-Founder

For businesses with online presence, whether it is a database or conducting multi-operations over cloud-based services, Secugenius ventures its services to help in fighting cybercrime, protecting data and mitigating security risks. Being a solely dedicated ethical hacking company in India, the company monitors organizations’ computing infrastructure 24X7 and prevents wrong access at initial stages. Here, Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha, Co-Founder of Secugenius, provides a clear picture on Secugenius’s cyber security solutions.

In conversation with Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha, Co-Founder, Secugenius

Rapid growth of technology has increased the chance of possible threats associated with it. In the cyber security domain where law enforcement agencies are trying hard to tackle the situation, how is Secugenius offering its services?
Our services help businesses of all sizes in fighting cybercrime, protecting data and mitigating security risks. In present day and age, cybercriminals use tactics like CEO fraud, hacking, SQL injections, and phishing. Our team of IT Risk Assessment experts, researchers and ethical hackers follow a proactive approach to identify potential risks and annihilate them in its tracks. We help in protecting our client’s sensitive

information and keep any anomalies at bay. By finding out exactly how a cyber-attack takes place, we deploy measures to prevent them.

Many of the tools related to big data and smart analytics are open source and prone to cyber threats. Give us an insight on the measures that Secugenius takes to tackle the issue associated with big data security?
One reason behind data security issues is the lack of oversight. We tackle these issues by starting with the basics – continuous monitoring. We make sure that we monitor the networks and raise alerts in case of any intrusions. Since there is no single method that can completely eliminate these threats, we need to put forth a combination of technologies, industry best practices, and a certain set of customized solutions. The next smart way to ensure data integrity is by preventing inside threats. Challenging business environments may result in skipping over some security practices due to lack of proper knowledge. Having logs in place to identify any insider threats is a part of the solutions we offer.

We make sure that we monitor the networks and raise alerts in case of any intrusions

Please elaborate on your R&D functions, and how it responds to the growing cyber security threats across various industries?
We have a 24X7 research and development unit that works round the clock to identify and find solutions for the most complex technical issues. At present, we are developing a new decentralized platform called ‘Quick X Platform’ that aims to deliver efficient

solutions for the most critical concerns related to cyber security. Our solutions eliminate cyber security threats one step at a time and in the process. Through our solutions we help organizations improve their business operation with respect to cost, time and scalability whilst making them more secure.

As a company that established in the year 2010, Secugenius has already earned considerable achievements in the cyber security domain. Kindly share one appreciable implementations which you consider has paved the journey so far.
We offered our Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing Services (VAPT) to one of the world’s largest B2B portal in the ecommerce segment. We conducted a complete analysis for the organization and did so with consistency. Our adept team delivered the project within the stipulated timeline and were able to exceed their expectations. We have worked on Security Testing for many clients and patched vulnerabilities which could have cost them few million dollars.

The market growth of India’s cyber security market for products and services is expected to grow exponentially. What plans have you formulated for the company in cyber security domain for the years ahead?
The risks keep on escalating since the world is on the path of digitalization. We have already broken the Moore’s Law and the digital world evolves at a pace that was undreamt over a decade ago. We wish to make this world more secure and appealing to the masses by providing state-of-the-art cyber security protocols. Fostering a secure environment where online transactions and businesses can be conducted securely whilst helping them in proliferating new avenues and industries is what we are focussing on in the near future.

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