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Snapper Future Tech Helping Enterprises Comprehend the Potential of Blockchain

Prashant Surana Jain, Naresh Jain and Avnish Gupta,Co-Founders

Snapper Future Tech is a Pune based Blockchain solution provider that is primarily focused on helping enterprise realize the potential of Blockchain and at the same time delivering training programs to educate them. The Co-founders give a detailed account of how Snapper does it.

In conversation with Prashant Surana Jain and Naresh Jain, Co-founders, Snapper Future Tech

Blockchain has gone one full circle with the digital transformation and it looks like technologies have just started to enter the domain. As a blockchain technology domain player, how has Snapper Technologies grown and adapted to the changes?
Snapper is a Blockchain technology and innovation company pioneering Blockchain since 2016. When we started out in 2016, we were met with several challenges. The most significant of them was the lack of awareness regarding the Blockchain technology. A lot of confusion existed related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency. So, as an organization, our responsibility was to first address the confusion and educate the consumers about the difference between Blockchain, and Bitcoin. Snapper is promoting Blockchain adoption though its initiatives and products ‘Indian Blockchain Institute’, ‘Snapperbuzz’ and ‘SnapCert -A Trust Protocol for Certificates’. Creating the much needed awareness, Snapperbuzz regularly features news articles, use cases and success stories around enterprise and public blockchain space. For educating the masses, Indian Blockchain Institute was established as a consortium of

academia and corporates focused on building a skilled blockchain workforce. Corporates are driven by the enthusiasm to adopt new technologies. Blockchain too has made heads turn in corporate. However, having such a technology in place is just as important as to have the right resources and right talent. Enterprises need to have handson experience with the blockchain technology and therefore, we offer a lot of certification and custom tailored program helping enterprises build their own capabilities. Snapperbuzz has already served 100,000 users worldwide. Our third vertical involves enterprise blockchain practice. We began our journey working for the Government of Andhra Pradesh, where we built a successful PoC for Blockchain enabled land records. We have also been involved in consulting for blockchain practices for startups. Our products like certification authentication platform have been instrumental in addressing government’s interest in enabling individual certificates to solve verification problems. This is a unique enterprise grade product that will connect corporates, verifiers, universities, colleges, employees on the same ecosystem.

Snapper is promoting Blockchain adoption though its initiatives and products ‘Indian Blockchain Institute’, ‘Snapperbuzz’ and ‘SnapCert -A Trust Protocol for Certificates’

Blockchain travelled a rough road in previous years but is still hotly tipped as a technology with huge potential for transforming business and day-today life. How is Snapper Technologies setting difference of grounds in the blockchain technology domain?
We are a 360 degree enterprise blockchain company. When I say 360 degree, it means we offer blockchain based products & services as well as consulting & training. However, our main USP lies in the fact that we have learned, failed and re-learned our

technology. The expertise we have built is via sheer hardwork of deep research and development. The quality of our deliverables mirrors the collective experience of our team. The team has a very diversified and immersive experience working several Fortune 500 companies. Training and quality control also plays a very important role in building Snapper’s reputation. Therefore, various factors like deep research, innovations, unique way of trainings and quality delivery have been the factors that have led Snapper’s growth in the market.

Implementing permissioned blockchain solutions is both equally fascinating and really challenging. What are the painpoints that your customers come up to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?
The biggest pain point of our customers is obviously security and efficiency. Protecting the data is their major concern and process automation is the biggest need. Blockchain technology helps in overcoming these. However, change is a tough decision. Moving from a legacy system to a blockchain environment is therefore surrounded with a lot of confused decisions. We as a 360 degree blockchain company, understand these concerns and having worked with several customers, in India & overseas alike, know what’s best to do in such situations. We therefore, try and integrate blockchain solutions within the firm’s existing processes & systems with minimum disruption to their business in a phased manner. In order to address their concerns, we educate the customers about the potential of Blockchain, its impact and the risks. This helps us to assure them that they are moving in the right direction.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your blockchain technology offerings?
We are soon launching our Blockchain platform ‘Snap- Cert - A Trust Protocol for Certificates’. Through this platform, we are building an ecosystem where stakeholders do not have to worry about trust with each other. This is our unique proposition to our customers to not only verify the certificates at source, but automatically generate, authenticate and distribute certificates. SnapCert is a trust protocol for corporates, academia, regulators, auditors, verifiers, students, employees, citizens. CI

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