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Pingala Software: For The Rapidly Changing Digital World

Vinay Krishna,Founder

Bengaluru based Pingala Software provides built-in quality development solutions in the field of Automation, IoT, and Blockchain, in collaboration with Customer. The firm believes in bridging the gap between technology and society through its product services. Pingala also plays a crucial role in helping organizations in their DevOps and Agile transformation journey. Pingala’s specialized technical consulting and corporate training is served Pan India. The founder, Vinay Krishna gives us a walkthrough of Pingala’s competencies and expertise.

In conversation with Vinay Krishna, Founder, Pingala Software

Blockchain is the emerging technology of the present and a large number of companies would start working on blockchain adoption in the near future. How is Pingala Software positioned in this emerging market?

If you look at Blockchain as a technology, it’s quite new. Normally, when Blockchain comes into our mind, we think about Cryptocurrency. There are very few groups who have tried different use cases of blockchain. I have observed that many governments, organizations and countries as well are still trying to figure out whether blockchain based solutions are feasible, reliable and deployable. We at Pingala Software, view this as a great opportunity. The market is new and we being a fairly new entrant in this domain, seek such use cases as a challenge to build a solution for the same. Pingala Software is known for providing cutting-edge futuristic technology solutions to businesses worldwide. The most sought after Blockchain technology has no exception to this focus. Knowing the potential and addressing the demand of our customers, we have built in-house competency to realize the full capacity of this revolutionary new technology. The team at Pingala are extensively experienced in the Blockchain domain and carry great potential to convert use cases into great blockchain solutions. We have already built a number POCs and have delivered overseas as well. We also provide limited & specialized technical consulting and training pan India along with product development. We see the market is huge but the players in traces. Therefore, we think we can play a bigger role in this domain.

Though blockchain technology has a lot of perks, it still draws technical flaws in many ways. The inability to accommodate largescale users at once, slow and cumbersome operations, and high energy consumption by POW etc. are few amongst them. In what ways Pingala Software address the issues and challenges pertaining in the blockchain technology?

We address different domains’ diverse problems. We are open to any type of challenge that comes our way. At enterprise level, decentralization becomes a challenge, and thus implementing a blockchain solution. Yet, we continue to put our expertise in place to resolve such challenges as well. Since blockchain came into existence, there are lots of advancements in technology such as protocols and backbone of blockchain, the consensus algorithm. We worked with latest and most secured protocols like PoS and BFD to come over some of the challenges of Blockchain mentioned in your question. One of our products called Ledgermail, is a blockchain based on unique implementation of email communication redesigned, which avoids any flaws in existing email protocols by looking at email communication from a very different perspective. Ledgermail is built considering email needs to be fast and secured. Ledgermail is implemented with the help of intensive research done on existing security flaws in email protocols and how can a most secure email service be built to benefit organizations and governments. It is highly secured. There are multiple organizations looking into blockchain solution but not many have been able to actually make it up and running. Our software too will take time to enter the Indian market.

Pingala Software has also come up with a blockchain driven land registry solution that is primarily being explored for its potential to enable almost instant transfer of property securely. With smart contracts enabling self-execution when certain conditions are met, transactions could be completed faster. For example, a rule could be put in place to facilitate the title of a property being automatically transferred to the new owner when they deposit funds to the respective account.

At pingala software, we don’t just build solution on particular technology rather we build solutions which work in symphony with existing infrastructure and blockchain

In the coming years new trends will be introduced into blockchain technology. Companies which look forward to adopt blockchain into their IT infrastructure often seek for an innovative add-on which benefits them a little more. How do you bring innovation into your blockchain solutions?
At Pingala Software, we don’t just build solution on particular technology rather we build solutions which work in symphony with existing infrastructure and blockchain, for an example we are building FinTech solution which is a hybrid of existing technologies and blockchain. We offer end to end Enterprise Solutions starting from ideation to design and coding to finally launch, we handle completed App development process covered from start to finish. We have some of the best blockchain app developers in the industry in our team, who knows blockchain technology in & out. We love blockchain and our team is here to provide you with ongoing development support for all our blockchain products.

We have built our blockchain solutions from scratch completely based on our own platform. We have not used hyperledger etc. for this. It is completely unique and industryfirst in the market.

Share a success story which has earned good reputation for the company.
We have worked with a UAE client and presented them with a POC and is currently in discussion. Moreover, for a Qatar based client we are building cWallet. The Alpha version has already been launched in the market, and we’re getting great response from the early adopters. We are making significant developments in the Middle East market like Kuwait and Oman. We are looking towards payment related integration with some of the banks in Qatar. The solution is made seamless, secure and reliable. With all that put in place, our solutions are not compromised with the performance. Eliminating any taboo that is associated with a new technology like this- which says it might affect the performance, Pingala has made sure the performance is untouched. Being a technology partner, we are developing the entire product end-to-end. It’s really something extraordinary from our perspective.

It has become essential to stay updated and innovative in the blockchain market. Tell us about the future goals for the company in the years ahead?
We are mostly working on cutting edge technologies, the first being the Blockchain. We are also working on IoT and automation space. AI and ML fall in our radar of development and focus. We are interested in identifying ways in which all these revolutionary technologies can be integrated & collaborated to build more reliable, and user friendly solutions that will make business processes easier. Organizations are looking into leveraging their data to make sense of it and drive decisions. The data on the other hand needs to be secured and that’s where we come in with our blockchain technology. In sorts, we too are contributing to the AI and ML space. So we’re knitting all these technologies together and we expect this will be a world class effort in the future. We have the right people, and right expertise to make a difference in the blockchain market.

“Pingala software has also come up with a blockchain driven land registry solution that is primarily being explored for its potential to enable almost instant transfer of property securely”

Pingala Software Blockchain Application Development Service Offerings
• Identification of Blockchain potentials within organizations
• Design, development, deployment and management of distributed & decentralized applications with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric
• Blockchain protocols/frameworks for specific use case
• Private Blockchain Development with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric
• Smart Contract Development for business
• Financial and Banking applications with Stellar, Quorum
• Smart Contract audit
• Blockchain based Wallet App Development (desktop wallet, web wallet, mobile wallet)
• ICO, DAICO, STO Development
• Blockchain Proof of Concept(POC) Development Services

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Pingala Software: For the Rapidly Changing Digital World