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Srimoney: Empowering Financial Inclusion through Technology

 Manish Kumar,    Founder/CEO

Manish Kumar


Can you provide a concise overview of SRIMONEY's progress in the financial services industry
SRIMONEY, owned and operated by SR Tech N Serve, has been active in the financial services industry since its incorporation on March 3, 2016. Our journey in this sector has been a mix of successes and challenges. During this time, we have expanded our network to over 10 states in India, with plans to cover the entire country in the near future. Our dedicated team is diligently working towards this goal, ensuring the provision of high-quality services, which is our hallmark. Our experienced core team has designed our financial services with a focus on transparency, essential for all financial transactions. This commitment to transparency has fostered long-term partnerships with our channel partners. Along the way, we have established collaborations with various companies and banks, with additional agreements currently in progress. Our objective is to offer a wide range of financial services and utility bill payment options to citizens through our Customer Service Points, which are retail outlets.

Could you please share details about your flagship services and explain why customers find you trustworthy?
Our primary focus is to offer banking and financial services in areas where traditional banking infrastructure is limited. By extending financial services to such locations, we aim to provide relief to the local population and generate employment opportunities for residents. As a renowned Fintech company, we are dedicated to providing accessible and secure financial services to the general public through user-friendly technology. Our services include Aadhaar-linked account withdrawals and deposits, as well as

convenient options such as bill payments, mobile recharge, and booking air, bus, and train tickets, all available through Srimoney's Customer Service Points. We constantly strive to enhance our services to ensure the utmost convenience for our channel partners, who are well aware of our exceptional support.

As a renowned Fintech company, we are dedicated to providing accessible & secure financial services to the general public through userfriendly technology

In line with our commitment to improving accessibility, we have recently taken the decision to establish GST Facilitation Centers in rural areas and Tier III and Tier IV cities. Recognizing the lack of awareness about GST in these regions, we aim to provide affordable GST-related services through Srimoney. This initiative will enable local traders to access the benefits of GST that they rightfully deserve.

Describe the customer's experience that the company promises.
At our organization, delivering high-quality services is our primary focus, and we never compromise on the quality of our offerings. We constantly strive to ensure that our customers receive the best experience possible. To achieve this, Srimoney's management team regularly engages with retailers, actively seeking their feedback. Based on their valuable input, we make necessary improvements to our system, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our customers.

How does the team composition and approach enable the company to stay abreast of current trends and market fluctuations?
Our team primarily consists of individuals with extensive experience in the Fintech industry. When building our team, we prioritize hiring professionals who possess relevant expertise in this field. To ensure effective communication and prompt dissemination of information, each team has its dedicated WhatsApp

group. Through these channels, the latest updates regarding market activities and competitor offerings are promptly shared with all team members. This approach enables our management team to closely monitor market dynamics, stay informed about industry trends, and make informed decisions accordingly.

What is the envisioned future roadmap for SRIMONEY? What are the company's aspirations for the next five years?
In the next five years, our goal is to extend the reach of Srimoney's services to every pincode in India. Although this task presents its challenges, our dedicated team is determined to achieve this objective. We have set our sights on expanding our presence across the country, ensuring that our services are accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, our team size is expected to grow significantly, with a projection of over 1000+ members working towards the realization of our ambitious vision.

Manish Kumar, Founder /CEO, SRIMONEY
The fintech startup culture in India has experienced significant growth and dynamism in recent years. The country's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, coupled with advancements in technology and digital infrastructure, has provided fertile ground for fintech startups to thrive. Marking a spot in this budding domain is SRIMONEY. By leveraging technology, SRIMONEY aims to bridge the gap and offer a range of financial services to the general public. Under the leadership of Manish Kumar, Founder/CEO, SRIMONEY is well-positioned to realize its vision and contribute to the financial inclusion and convenience of the Indian population. CIO Insider recently engaged in a one on one interaction with Manish Kumar, Founder /CEO, SRIMONEY, let’s read to know more about the insights he shared.

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SRIMONEY: Empowering Financial Inclusion through Technology