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Srishti Software Applications: Patient Centric Comprehensive & Integrated Healthcare Delivery

Sundaram K.R. ,VP Technology

Sundaram K.R.

VP Technology

The proliferation of emerging technology in healthcare has significantly changed the industry’s approach towards enabling enhanced patient care and satisfaction. A state-of-the-art digital transformation solution that can fully integrate healthcare IT systems and a comprehensive platform with offerings along the entire spectrum of patient engagement is the need of the hour. Established in the year 2005, Bangalore headquartered Srishti Software Applications Private Limited has been addressing the entire gamut of IT and computing needs of a hospital or chain of hospitals. Through a combination of best in class administrative and clinical practices, Srishti Software facilitates healthcare providers to deliver appropriate services to care recipients.

Digital healthcare is dramatically boosting an organization’s productivity and,in turn, improves both patient outcomes and the bottom line needs. Srishti’s flagship, PARAS, is patient-centric, fully integrated and a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform built on open source technologies for multiple topologies such as, on premise, hosted on private and managed cloud environments as well. By integrating seamlessly with the various devices, PARAS ensures that data is entered only once and is instantly propagated and made available in all other relevant systems in real time. This integration mitigates manual repeated data entry and consequent integrity issues.

Integration Done End-to-End
The modules of PARAS entirely address every Clinical module requisite such as EMR, Computerized Physician Order Entry, Radiology Information System,

and Blood Bank etc. It also includes the
ERPS modules such as multiple locations, schedule and duty roster management, billing, insurance, appointments, stores, inventory and even all ancillary services. Full fledged HR system including payroll, full fledged accounting system up to P&L statements are also integrated with the Clinical systems. Without failing to mention, the paraclinical modules such as fullfledged Pharmacy, management of pharmacy items stock, Wards management, OT and therapy scheduling and management,- are integrated both to the Clinical as well as Non Clinical modules.

The modules of PARAS entirely address every Clinical module requisite such as EMR, Computerized Physician Order Entry, Radiology Information System, and Blood Bank etc

Today the healthcare sector faces a daunting new digital challenge of unleashing the power of technology to fundamentally reinvent how health-care is delivered. Besides their existing technology needs and priorities, health providers need to address the digital requirements too, demanded by health policy or by consumers and other stakeholders. PARAS’ clinical modules enable healthcare providers to achieve HIMMS Analytics stage 6 compliance in delivering Clinical Excellence. On the ERPS side, exceptionally mature systems are available to capture and automate all transactions in digital mode- including for instance, attendance punch readers, smart cards, barcode printers and readers etc. These modules are tightly integrated by design. Orders initiated by clinicians reflect in Pharmacy, Labs, Billing, and Blood bank etc. Payments made at Billing are immediately reflected at Sample Collection or Order Fulfillment departments. Once orders are fulfilled, the inbuilt checks and balances prevent Revenue Leakage at all levels, thereby ensuring healthy bottom lines for

adopting Hospitals. Healthy Revenue Cycle Management is the first and primary set of modules and objectives that are addressed in the first phase of PARAS implementations.

Compatibility Game on Point
All the 7000 screens of PARAS, comprising medical diagrams and their annotation, are accessible on any standard compliant browser, irrespective of the presence of plugins or addons. This makes it suitable for all categories of healthcare outfits such as Hospitals, Labs, Home care centers, and chains of clinics to name few. The implementation also mitigates cumbersome updates for software such as operating systems, databases, development environments, middleware and tools. “PARAS guarantees the lowest TCO amongst other existing healthcare platforms in the market”, informs Sundaram, VP - Technology, Srishti Software

With its industry standard API based robust device integration capabilities, PARAS allows hospitals to centrally manage entities such as patients, doctors, nurses, lab facilities, and pharmacies in an efficient and integrated manner. More so, Statutory, MIS, Audit and all other reports are available instantly across the organization without manual consolidation thus reducing data prepare time by weeks.

PARAS is witnessing high value benefits corresponding to the exponentially growing OECD markets, particularly in UK and Europe. Srishti’s strategic association with Zebra Technologies has enriched their product portfolio with Zebra’s award winning devices for computing and barcoding. This has strengthened digital data capture capabilities to tenfold, while providing 100 percent clinical accuracy and patient safety. “This strategic partnership has created a huge global opportunity for innovation around our base product, to address huge pent-up needs in the healthcare system”, adds Sundaram . Having won Health Interoperability Award 2016organized by Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI), Srishti Software is all set to acquire key position in health care industry while delivering customer satisfied services.

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