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Palash IVF: For an Entirely Integrated Infertility Clinic Management

Nilesh Ingale,,Director

There has been lucrative growth in the invitro fertilization(IVF)market globally. The increasing number of the unfortunate condition called infertility,as a consequence of sedentary lifestyle, has led to rise in demand for IVF treatment. The factors such as affordability, access, inadequate awareness and assurance are some of the barriers that result in low penetration of infertility treatment. “This makes it mandatory for infertility treatment clinics and hospitals to invest in a proper, proven IVF management system to record their patient data with complete treatment protocols and results”, explains Nilesh Ingale, Director, Palash IVF. Based out of Pune, Palash IVF Solutions Private Limited has designed comprehensive IVF IT solutions to simplify IVF treatment processes for IVF doctors, nurses, embryologist, administrator and receptionist. Palash IVF understands that the ever-evolving need for infertility treatment clinics and hospitals and the need for continuous research in the field to achieve a higher success rate for IVF and related treatments. Therefore, the organization brings in tools that enable customers and facilitators to derive predictions for IVF cycle success.

With its core expertise in the tech-empowered infertility treatment domain, Palash has owns a rich history in ART clinic management solution that ensures quality and accuracy of the treatment which are compatible to desktop, laptop and tablets. The solution primarily increases operational efficiency and improves coordination between various departments, doctors and patients. The tailor made IVF Management solution assures seamless automated workflow of ART clinics while facilitating smooth integration with laboratory, radiology and other modalities. The platform

offers accurate data assignment, capture, analysis and trending of IVF operations. The ART management solution generates output of objective data for better treatment and patient safety at multiple level of patient care. “This is made possible by developing and perfecting advanced IVF treatment data management techsystems, tools and enabling infertility domain specific research for achieving better outcome”, exclaims Nilesh. Besides to bridge the gap between patient and service providers, Palash IVF educates customers about the existing affordable ART (Assisted Reproduction Techniques) treatments.

Leveraging UHID based integration, Palash IVF empowers providers and patients to work together in order to improve the success rate of the IVF treatment

All Inclusive Patient Care
The organization renders a cloud based mobile app for patients that empowers them with real-time incident reporting and to connect with doctors from various regions. The app provides access to health records thereby providing information on all diagnostic and therapeutic services available. The company’s mobile app solution for hospitals has a palette of functionalities that include admission, discharge, patient management, insurance, prescriptions, OT management, patient appointments, doctor schedule, pharmacy, inventory, quality control and CSSD. The organization aids businesses to develop a structured set of rules comprising technology training & education and auditing that are compliant with protocols. More so, to simplify claim management processing, Palash introduces interoperability within the insurance management system.

Seamless Collaboration is the Key to Excellent Health Outcome
Palash’s solution indulges in heavy practices of predictive analysis to provide meaningful assistance in clinical areas by analyzing the data to get meaningful clinical outcomes on treatment process. This kind of

analysis is majorly helpful for medicinal protocols with results, pathology and radiology gaining for early detection and control of diseases.

Moreover, Palash IVF has built patient portal incorporating customized dashboard to manage appointments and follow-up. In every advancement Palash makes, the objective remains to take care of the important aspects of patient care including minute details like investigations, prescriptions financial information, payment alerts and payment facility in the platform. Leveraging UHID based integration, Palash IVF empowers providers and patients to work together in order to improve the success rate of the IVF treatment. With its facilities management solutions, the organization brings to the table real-time incident reporting, work order execution & management and project planning in a single app that are accessible across phones and wearable. All this leads to a marvel of a coordinated healthcare system.

After having managed 50000+ patient cycles till date, Palash IVF is still managing 1 million+ patients worldwide with 105+ global installations and 200+ preconfigured work flows of Infertility clinic management. The company’s client base spreads across 5 countries with one of the clients being hosted in more than 10 locations by Palash IVF’s cloud service. Palash IVF’s team domain experience has built the company’s capabilities year on year to manage over 6+ global fertility clinic chains alone. The efforts made by the company clearly paid off in more than one way over the years. In the years to come, Palash IVF intends to design and innovate vigorously to keep up with the changing human fertility health requirements.

For Physicians to Prescribe the Personalized Treatment Plans, Palash:
• Eases time crunches and boosts productivity through effective management
• Allows studying the outcome for different treatment patterns and choosing the most successful protocol via EMR Analytics
• Enables physician to study the disease trends for early diagnosis and treatment of the patient
• Shares EHR for expert advice/Epidemiological/Statistical study
• Fastens and facilitates Claim Management process. CI

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