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Takvaviya Analytics: Powering Decisions through Comprehensive Digital Data and Metrics

Bhaskar Raghunathan ,    Founder & CEO

Over the past decade, Data Analytics has helped to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and insights which may be otherwise overlooked or not even identified by businesses. The data collected is then categorized, stored and analyzed in order to make sense of it and derive valuable insights out of it.

With custom-built UAVs having increased flight times and a fully autonomous data integrated solution platform, Takvaviya Analytics, headquartered in Chennai, offers data analytics solutions through intelligent data acquisition, processing and deliverance: A one stop diagnostic tool for health monitoring of assets through non-invasive data acquisition, RPA driven data processing and AI driven analytics.

“We are an Image analytics company focused on acquiring the right quality of data that is needed to deliver the right solution. The key in delivering metrics is to know how to convert relevant unstructured data to meaningful, actionable insights that enable decision making. We are at the initial stages of data culmination and collection wherein any data might look useful. To organize, disseminate and create customer centric intrinsic value to end clients we use tools such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. We are currently focusing on agriculture and renewable energy particularly solar”, says Bhaskar Raghunathan, CEO, Takvaviya Analytics. Evidently, Takvaviya’s underlying theme is to travel alongside these industries by constantly delivering data driven decision making through intelligent algorithms and processes.

The Construction Conundrum and Drones as the life-savers
Horizontal Construction sites such as thermal power plants, utility scale solar plants, etc. are facing a constant need to improve process efficiency and increase productivity on sites. With ever increasing moving parts that fall under the process engine of operations, digital data can help not only to safely maneuver operations but also to glide through swiftly without causing delays and discrepancies.

"Takvaviya plans to foray into other sectors such as Mining, Large Scale Infrastructure – Highways, Roadways, City and Town Planning"

Bhaskar adds, “India’s impetus towards Renewable Energy is increasing everyday and India is looking at developing 225GW instead of the stated 175GW by end of 2022. Developers and Asset owners are under a constant threat to increase productivity to meet the growing demands. It is imperative that developers, asset owners and other involved stakeholders take necessary steps towards monitoring these assets right from PPA till the plant ceases to exist. Drones and the analytics from these flying robots go a long way in delivering key inputs and values to end-users”.

One of Takvaviya's projects executed for a Solar Plant developer focusses on monitoring progress of construction. Intelligent data acquisition using carefully planned algorithms that automate flights coupled with a simple UI enabled them to collect high-fidelity unstructured data. Data decipherability was driven by a series of Machine Learning algorithms built on a strong big data platform thereby enabling faster turn around times for picturisation and decision making. The entire process of data dissemination was driven using RPA techniques to achieve super quick timelines of delivery. Form and Factor to the structured data was achieved by crafting a niche UI to appeal to the end clients.

A key advantage of having a whole some skillset is that it enables flexibility to build customer centric solutions. Takvaviya is currently working on executing real time processing as and

when a drone flies over a site there by providing solution paradigms that are unprecedented in this industry.

Bread and Butter: Agriculture – How Images can facilitate better productivity?
Drones in Agriculture are a very interesting topic of discussion that ignites every mind but how does one achieve scalability and sustenance? Takvaviya has built its roots to answer this question. In the agri market space, the numbers of variables for effective productivity at a farm level are very large - sunlight, irrigation levels, soil health, moisture, etc. But there are certain key factors which can help give direction towards a farm’s growth.

At Takvaviya, various CMOS sensor payloads are used to assess sunlight’s reflectivity and absorptivity, irrigation levels, leaf growth indices, nitrogen and phosphorus content, etc. “In an unstructured and skill driven sector such as agriculture, metrics add key inputs which are essential in assessing farm productivity. Image Processing and deep learning algorithms enable us to predict yield by delivering crop demographics and health", says Bhaskar. Takvaviya harnesses the usage of different bands of white light and beyond the visible spectrum to understand how crops behave to different stimulants. This key understanding when translated into metrics benefit industries significantly. Some of Takvaviya’s solutions have enabled industries to decipher crop protection techniques, products that suit certain seeds and how can seed companies scale up their production.

2020 and Beyond:
Looking ahead, Takvaviya plans to foray into other sectors such as Mining, Large Scale Infrastructure – Highways, Roadways, City and Town Planning. As the CEO adds,“Takvaviya is currently at that data phase where the company focuses on data richness along side data collection and accumulation. It is only common sense for us to scale across sectors since the platform and pedestal is well set. We are being cautious in taking the next steps but would like to run this race like a marathon.”

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