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TeamViewer: Innovating for Secure and Connected Workplace

Krunal Patel,Head of Business, India and South Asia

Krunal Patel

Head of Business, India and South Asia

Established in 2005, TeamViewer is a Goeppingen (Germany) based Technology Company that offers cloudbased technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. To thrive now and in the coming years, businesses and individuals need remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to be able to connect world wide. The company is at the forefront of that innovation. TeamViewer is now completely an enterprise grade solution with more manageability, scalability, and security. Additionally, with a separate office in Mumbai, the company intends to remain close to all the clients for better understanding of their challenges; propose optimum solutions and collaboration during implementation.

In conversation with Krunal Patel, Head of Business, India and South Asia, TeamViewer

Today’s organizations need software solutions that enable and engage their teams, keeping them connected through the most productive platforms available. How is TeamViewer positioned in the current market?

TeamViewer empowers users to connect anything, anywhere, anytime. Its market leading solutions offer secure remote access, support, and control & collaboration capabilities for online endpoints of any kind. By innovating with cutting edge yet easy-to-deploy Augmented Reality(AR)and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, the company enables businesses of all sizes to tap into their full digital potential. That’s why, we have over 2 billion installations in the world.

TeamViewer is available in almost countries and in more than 30 languages.

What kind of features does TeamViewer offer that can catapult customers’ productivity and increase customer satisfaction?

Offsite meetings, business travels, working from home or supporting customers on their premises means working remotely. Even large organizations have very specific requirements in terms of auditability, scalability, productivity, manageability and security, which all need to be addressed.

TeamViewer offers remote control, asset monitoring and endpoint protection from the same console

TeamViewer Tensor has been designed for this precise purpose. As a true Enterprise SaaS platform, it takes all the aspects of large organizations into account, including Single Sign-On and secure end-to-end encryption with leading edge technology. At the same time, the solution allows employees to get full desktop access to their work computers, right from their mobile devices or laptop computers in the most flexible and efficient manner.

Computer glitches, system crashes, and device failures can bring business to a standstill. What kind of solution do you provide for IT troubleshoots?

TeamViewer has always been a trusted solution to the IT support and helpdesk service providers to do remote support. With TeamViewer enterprise platform and remote management solutions, our customers can now be proactive in the IT endpoint management. TeamViewer offers remote control, asset monitoring and endpoint protection from the same console. Further with our native integration with service management solutions like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, etc., we are in a position to give a 360 solution for IT management.

Even more so, when the desktop or laptop fails completely, we come to

rescue with TeamViewer Pilot on mobile. TeamViewer Pilot is a remote support solution that provides easy, fast, and secure augmented reality-powered visual assistance to identify and solve problems from anywhere in the world.

For regular support and maintenance with our products, TeamViewer has a local support centre with a toll-free number, where our customers can avail the first level technical support.

Such an exceptional and comprehensive suite of products must have fetched a number of accreditations for TeamViewer. Please tell us about them.

We have a variety of customers with various use cases broadly falling under two major categories of IT support and customer support.

One of the large ERP service providers from India uses TeamViewer enterprise Tensor to support their customers worldwide and have integrated TeamViewer to their CRM service module. Besides this, from the IT support use case, we have a large manufacturing client based in Delhi, who has implemented a Team Viewer enterprise solution in its network to support their employees on various devices worldwide. Likewise, one of the largest pharma companies in Mumbai used TeamViewer remote connectivity platform to collaborate with their vendors who support them in the manufacturing plants.

Brief us about the forthcoming vision of your company.

From being a pure remote support application, TeamViewer today has become a full remote connectivity platform, which is used by our customers to connect any device attended or unattended. TeamViewer has always been focusing on new innovative use cases with the remote control and management solution, which is more secure, enterprise ready, scalable and manageable. Moreover, we have developed a dedicated Internet of things (IoT) solution, which makes it possible to start immediately and without high upfront costs with your own IoT project and get quickly a ROI.

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