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MangoApps: A Polestar for All Business Communication Needs

Vishwa Malhotra,CTO & Co-Founder

Vishwa Malhotra

CTO & Co-Founder

Pune based MangoApps is an integrated stack of workplace apps for businesses and enterprises. It brings together apps like Intranet, workspaces, filesharing, messaging, training, recognition and more into one comprehensive portal on web & mobile. This makes it easy for organizations to create a central location for employees to reach for fast and seamless access to all the tools they need. The CTO reveals how MangoApps has been delivering the best to clients over the years.

In conversation with Vishwa Malhotra, CTO & Co-Founder, MangoApps

Businesses are moving towards combining a variety of systems including instant messaging, voice, and video into one comprehensive platform for a collaborated success. How does MangoApps help businesses around the world to realize the benefits of an integrated employee platform for communication?

The average office worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information across siloed applications. By centralizing these applications into a digital hub, MangoApps gives employees communication & collaboration tools they need in one place increasing worker productivity by 20+ percent.

Businesses are beginning to shift away from the traditional phone systems as they welcome IP-based communications with open arms. What kind of integrated tools does MangoApps provide the employees to use throughout the day for all their communication, collaboration, sharing & workflow needs?

MangoApps provides the tools you need to increase engagement, productivity, and collaboration across the entire

client organization. Engagement tools include employee surveys, rewards & recognitions programs, productivity tools include smart reminders, desktop sharing, single sign-on to all enterprise apps and collaboration tools include project workspaces, task workflows and more. More over, all these tools are available on web & mobile to everyone.

Which industry segment has MangoApps been focusing on with regards to their enterprise communication services demands? How has the demand and supply grown over the years for MangoApps?

MangoApps over the last decade has built industry specific solutions for over 12 industries including insurance, financial services, professional services, manufacturing, pharma, retail, healthcare, technology and more. We have tailored the solutions experience for small businesses, medium size companies and large enterprises with hundreds of customer testimonials and case studies as a validation for high adoption of these solutions.

MangoApps is a unified communication, collaboration & engagement solution for mobile workforce, frontline workforce and knowledge workforce

The biggest challenges enterprises today have to deal with employees who work remotely or who are always mobile; a multitude of unsecured devices from smartphones to PCs; and the demand for richer and more powerful communication tools. How do you overcome these challenges?

MangoApps is a unified communication, collaboration & engagement solution for mobile workforce, frontline workforce and knowledge workforce. MangoApps is available on iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, Web, Windows Desktop & MAC platforms. All apps are available on cloud and on-premise, making it a perfect fit for all business & enterprise requirements. MangoApps today is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide as the digital communication, engagement & learning solution for their frontline and

information workforce.

These organizations include a large US based health care company with over 20,000 employees, a leading retail chain in Europe & Asia with over 13,000 employees, a leading US university with over 10,000 employees, a manufacturing company with over 4000 employees and the largest non profit organization in the world to name a few.

For example Team Health a leading US based physician practice company that provides physicians, hospital management and staffing services with over 20,000 clinicians was struggling with email based communication as most of their employees were on the field. They set out great programs, great thoughts and ideas but the penetration of these into the workforce was limited. Team Health wanted a mobile first solution to create a community where it was easier for employees to communicate and collaborate. After looking at over 20+ solutions they zeroed in on MangoApps and couldn't have been more happier with the ease, satisfaction and adoption of the solution. There is just one icon on the mobile screens of the employees that provides an integrated solution to do just about everything they would need in a typical day at work from email, posting updates, video messages, sharing files to accessing their scheduling or payroll systems. There are about 200+ applications that Team Health has been able to integrate with MangoApps and about a million plus files that they have been able to import into MangoApps from Box and do away with that license. This is just one of the success stories from MangoApps, a lot of similar such stories are available on our website as video case studies.

Communication is going to become complex over the years. How is MangoApps prepared for the next wave?

Future is very promising. Our mission is to bring magical & intelligent experiences to employee communication, team collaboration & employee learning. Some projects we are currently working on for the near future include voice enabled assistants, vertical industry specific solutions, intelligent personalizations, realtime co-authoring content etc. By providing a magical employee experience, teams can make faster & innovative decisions which in turn enables companies to provide a delightful experience to their customers.

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