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Tecture: The Expansion of Neoteric, Customized, and Automated ERP Solutions

Abhishek Damodar Tiwari,MD

Most businesses that have moved beyond the initial phase of development are likely to acquire Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Whether one is trying to get a grip on how their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts are impacting their bottom line, or how to track their revenue, ERP has become an asset to every company. Although ERP is one of the older segments of the business software landscape, ERP vendors are consistently evolving to become powerful, more affordable, and less complex. ERP industry has thrived and evolved rapidly over the past few years. The industry rides on several crests and troughs owing to new innovations, advancements, and hence, is continuously evolving. Mega vendors have a major share of the ERP market, but newer companies are nudging their way into the space with automated and customized options that are changing the game. In this segment, Nagpur based customized and automated ERP solution company, Tecture Business Solutions, provides an intuitive platform catering to every business model. Tecture also delivers Business Intelligence Reports, HR Management, Business Acceleration Program, Enquiry Compilation, and Sales Modules to its clients that are basically operating in the pharmaceutical industry across the Indian subcontinent.

Breaking the prevailing trend of the companies providing ERP software rather than solutions to their customers,

Tecture follows very different approach to configure the needs of their clients. The systematic approach of Tecture includes analyzing the needs of the client, identifying the methods of operations, and understanding the tools to be implemented for the concerned issue. Post these actions, Tecture, with its Business Intelligence Report for the managers and the owners of the client company helps them to identify the apt solution with the help of data generated within the company itself. The analysis report eventually, sorts out the issues either in the UI or UX of the company that leads to the development of the solutions.

"Tecture restructures the face of the companies with its Business Acceleration Program, both nationally and internationally"

Outperforming the General Caprice of the ERP Market
Tecture restructures the face of the companies with its Business Acceleration Program, both nationally and internationally. Companies which are active in the export market or IPO release, Tecture provides them Web Designing, SEO, Social media Marketing, registration over B2B channels, distributional analysis, customer analysis, and conferences for further outputs. Tecture with the gamut of such solutions ensures that the quality of the result reaches the finest level prevailing in the market. Tecture out performs the general caprice of the ERP market by providing ERP solutions wherein, each ERP solution consists of basic mass per data management, inventory management, sales management, and the enquiry compilation. The Enquiry Compilation empowers the companies to compare and finalize rates which are followed by authentication and security.

A way Ahead with Data Security and Innovation
Security reserves a crucial spot in Tecture’s solutions which takes the help of One Time Password (OTP) in automatic attendance management, loan management, advance salary management and other such

functionalities. Features like the Maker and Checker option, where employees can make a purchase order, only through the approval from the manager before sending to another party or another company, takes the management and security to an automated and flexible level. Additionally, Tecture ensures seamless data management to facilitate all these state-of-the-art security features. The Master Data Collection, where client company can keep record of every detail of customer and supplier, strengthens the Data Compilation in one place. With the help of the conjured and analyzed data siphoned from Master Data Collection, the Purchase Module simplifies the purchase of orders from the system, purchase invoice of the company, add material to the stock, and manage several types of inventories like raw material, finished goods inventory and stationary inventory. The management of the diverse group of inventories creates a vacuum in the management module of the client company, which is filled by Tecture’s Sales Module. Under the Sales Module, client companies can keep record of sales and the amount of order received. The pain points like misplacing and mismanagement of inventory get addressed and the older inventories are reminded to be released before the purchase of any further inventories. Here in, to keep a proper track of the inventories and timely release of the stock, manager or an authorized person uses OTP, without which the entire stock release line gets interrupted.

All these features included in a streamlined fashion without undermining the worth of innovation, the uninterrupted operations guaranteed by Tecture solutions bring in a bellow of features that are innovative. These innovative solutions of Tecture are restructuring the silos of the management scenario of the client companies. In the automated ERP segment, this three-years-old company is all set to expand its geographic print and increase the market share of the client companies with its neoteric solutions.

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