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TheHouseMonk : Complete Technology Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Balaji Varadharajan ,Founder & MD

TheHouseMonk is a property management platform that helps customers to better manage their real estate assets. Set up in Bangalore, the company offers services to real estate developers, property management companies, homeowners associations, and property owners. With such exceptional services, the company has over 50,000 users across 10+ countries with more than 10Mn+ sq ft of real estate managed through its solutions. The founder of the company will throw some light on how the company has built complete technology solutions for customers.
In conversation with Balaji Varadharajan, Founder & MD, and Ajay Kumar, Founder & CEO, TheHouseMonk.

We cannot stay reluctant about the fact that both buyers and sellers in the property business are at the receiving end of the real estate technology. As a technology solution provider, what made TheHouseMonk formulate an all in one system for the real estate domain players?
When it comes to housing, the primary issues we face are in terms of management. That is the reason we came up with TheHouseMonk in the first place. Our software is for property owners, managers, as well as those who live in the property themselves. We have the awareness that the end result is to enable consumers, in our case both property owners and tenants, to have the most comfortable and seamless experience possible.

As you said, both owners and tenants are a part of these interactions. Hence, it is important to have the same clean and smooth experience for everyone involved. We want to equip owners with more ability to manage and monitor their assets because that ensures they perform their responsibilities better.
Since we have also been tenants, we know what it is like to have to call over and over to get a leaky faucet fixed, or get minor repairs done. This experience was certainly the starting point for what we want to achieve with TheHouseMonk, however, we know that ease and transparency must flow on all levels of communication for it to be successful at any one place.

Please enlighten us on the various features and products accommodated in the platform for the effective organization of the property.
Effective organization of property requires several things, and we have broken down the processes to arrive at exactly what services must be accommodated in the product to make it as efficient as it can be. We offer automated billing and invoice generating service; it is very well designed and brings utter ease to the process of generating invoices. Invoices are generated automatically and sent to clients as per the settings. The dues and extras are also reconciled within the invoicing structure, and everything from clearance to reminders to late fees is all taken care of by the system itself. Other than that, the helpdesk and ticketing service is another strong feature, as is the community building, and the facility booking feature.

The new platform and services are giving property managers an edge to improve workflow and drive efficiency. Could you please elaborate on the Rental Property Management services that TheHouseMonk provides?
Our Rental Property Management module is very comprehensive; it includes data collection and storage of properties and the tenants occupying them, has an integrated feedback system within helpdesk and ticketing

features. Collecting rent is a breeze because invoices are generated in bulk, and tenants can pay through their preferred means. The feature definitely takes out a lot of the work that would otherwise take up a lot of time.

Please provide an example of one of your successful implementations of the technology which has bestowed considerable benefit on the client.
We’re providing excellent service to our clients, and in turn to their clients; one of India’s largest co-living service providers relies entirely on our service. They are using the full range of our services, from property booking to facility and rental management, serving over five thousand tenants. They have been working with us for more than a year and they have saved up immensely on man-hours and optimized the tenancy experience for their clients.

We offer automated billing and invoice generating service; it is very well designed and brings utter ease to the process of generating invoices

Tell us about the future roadmap of the company.
TheHouseMonk is already serving clients in over 7 countries, and we are excitedly expanding. This is only due to our prioritized customer experience, which is going to be the driving force behind our innovations in the future as well. We are looking to expand our services to 15 countries by the end of the year, and then continue to expand globally. We are also incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities within the software. Since, we are constantly upgrading the user experience, and thereby improve the services and experience we provide to our clients.

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