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SoftTech Engineers : Rolling out Innovative Software in AEC Industry

Vijay Gupta ,Founder & Chairman

Vijay Gupta

Founder & Chairman

With a focus on reducing costs and increase productivity for customers, SoftTech Engineers Limited, with its 20 years of experience, has been empowering businesses through innovative software solutions in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The company believes that today’s competitive AEC market has to be decision-driven so that decision-makers could access accurate project information in time to effectively respond to business demands. Vijay Gupta, Founder & Chairman, asserts that faster construction permits followed by project performance monitoring are essential for the sustainability and growth of today’s construction enterprise. Here, Vijay shares how the company engineers its operations in the AEC industry.

In conversation with Vijay Gupta, Founder & Chairman, SoftTech Engineers Limited.

The AEC industry in the last few years has started leveraging modern tech and embarking on giant leaps towards digitization. Explain to us how SoftTech enables the transformation of businesses via the software products offered?
SoftTech has been innovating reliable and world-class software products for the niche vertical of AEC. Our products enable customers to reduce costs, increase productivity, have effective control and improve resource utilization in terms of people, infrastructure and customer service. Designed to back the government initiatives in smart cities and digitization, AutoDCR, our flagship product, makes the building plan scrutiny and approval process simpler, seamless and a lot faster. By reading CAD drawings for building plans and mapping them to the development

control regulations, AutoDCR brings greater efficiency and effectiveness in the approval process. Today, SoftTech offers solutions and services that encompass the entire project lifecycle from building plan approval to facility management.

While the AEC sector is in full gear for rapid development, those working in the same space also need to keep up with the trends. Brief us how your services and products are going in line with the customer expectations of changing times.
We have been designing and developing our products keeping the challenges and opportunities of the AEC domain in mind. Our products such as AutoDCR, BIMDCR, and PWIMS, have gathered strong momentum in the public sector while OPTICON and RuleBuddy are attracting attention from the private sector. By aligning ourselves with the vision and mission of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) and Digital India, the aforementioned offerings are designed to drive the future of digital revolution in AEC, urban and public infrastructure domains. Today the customer expects real-time information access and quick results. Such expectations are met through the web and mobile appbased solutions offered through our products.

What are some of the challenges the company faces while delivering its software services in the AEC Industrial sector? How does the company mitigate such challenges?
We have to deal with people of a traditional mindset who are reluctant on the adoption of new systems. Since there is a complete transition from manual processes to automated systems, the learning curve is steep and requires a change in mindset.

On the other hand, we have to deal with the conventional approach of project management. Here, there are two major hurdles – inadequate industry standardization and data management.

SoftTech has been working proactively to overcome the first challenge by conducting workshops & training for our products. Moreover, we plan phase-wise implementation to make the entire process of migration simpler and effective. To overcome the second challenge, we offer highly flexible software that could be configured easily, along with point specific customization.

We also take care of data migration and data management through specialized tools.

While you look back, what case do you find has been significant in raising the reputation of SoftTech?
We have been working with numerous government bodies and private customers, both in India and abroad. One of our prestigious clients is the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). MCGM was facing numerous challenges regarding the building plan approval system.
We implemented our AutoDCR system in MCGM for the Building Plan Department and the system was rolled out successfully in all zonal and wards offices across Mumbai. Currently, more than 48 officials and 2000+ architects are using the system. Through our system, MCGM was able to streamline proposal submission, drawing scrutiny, proposal tracking, and proposal approval. This process efficiency and speed enabled MCGM to contribute to India’s rankings in Ease of Doing Business 2019 Index.

SoftTech offers solutions and services that encompass the entire project life cycle from building plan approval to facility management.

What has SoftTech envisioned for its future? Is there any innovation or up-gradation happening in the company that might be reflected in the future?
Since our inception, we have been constantly innovating ourselves, and this journey will go on. Our partnership with RIB Software gives us an opportunity to concentrate our efforts in driving 21st-century state-of-the-art innovation for construction and building permit approvals. In the coming years, BIM and GIS are going to change the landscape of the AEC domain, and we are mapping all our products to be in sync with this change. True to our tagline, SoftTech will constantly keep working towards empowering transformation in the AEC industry.

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