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Timesworld: Harnessing the Power of Data to Transform Businesses

 Tomy Varghese,   Managing Director

Tomy Varghese

Managing Director

With increased internet penetration & technological advancement across geographies, there has been a massive out burst of data directly impacting the way businesses operate and make decisions. Now more than ever, companies big or small are expecting their business decisions to be based on data led insights. Moreover, journey of data within an organization has a tremendous impact on understanding customer and their behavior, which then derives business strategies and innovative approaches to various business functions. However, the process becomes complex when privacy, compliance and security are equally critical to data derived business intelligence. Therefore, organizations seek to partner with trusted and capable data management firms to effectively handle this and make sense of data.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Times world is now a leading provider of data management, market research, analytics, and business intelligence solutions. The company also helps businesses deploy cognitive solutions onto existing systems to make them smarter and intelligent, making digital transformation a cost effective one. Since inception in 2005, Timesworld has been one of the forerunners in the field, helping enterprises not just under take digital transformations initiatives but also educate them about the effective use of the wealth of data.

Read the snippets from our interview with the Managing Director of Timesworld, Tomy Varghese for CIO Insider.

Could you define Timesworld's position in the Data Compliance and Analytics domain?
Since we started in 2005 Times world pioneered in the domain of Data Management and Analytics. Since businesses then had less awareness about the impact and importance of data, it required a lot of education on our part to help clients understand how to embark on a journey to understand the value of data they hold within the organization.

From 2007 onwards, we started engaging ourselves on data centric projects for enterprise level clients. Our focus was to unify, consolidate and thereby utilize from a single source, allowing them to better understand their clients' needs. Soon, we also started working on cognitive Intelligence

and innovations like face recognition and speech processing, coupled with our already developed data management and analysis tools, which made wonders in our service delivery and value addition.

Eventually, we saw digital transformations take leadership in the last several years in the form of cognitive work ways including Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. By this time, we strengthened our position in Data management and analysis through our proprietary tool which we named HUB360D. The system assists with bringing all enterprise data into one pool CRM, transactions or marketing it does not stop with customer data but extends to even handling brand contents and multimedia.

Tell us why should customers choose your services over other competitors' offerings in the market? What is the kind of technological framework embedded in them?
Our product lines evolved over a period of time, and we had an edge to test it with our client environment, becoming a reference for other players in the market. Our highly enthusiastic team had open eyes with a curious mind, which we coupled with constant research to add vigor to our customer centric techno commercial partnerships. This is the reason for our clients to hold hands with us in their growth and transformation journeys. Most of our clients count us as a strong strategic partner who could propose the right solution at the right time.

An instant success amongst hospitality clients, Dineapple is an example of a product that evolved out of our shelf and became one of the first contact less ordering and managing systems for industry verticals like the food &beverage leisure and lodging.

We assimilated multiple technologies and developed proprietary tools in most cases. On major tailored enterprise projects, were lucky to have the freedom to innovate in the process of making transformations in infrastructure, workflows, technology and approach. We worked on complex tasks to digitize findings from traditional human research in complex environments like airports in their pathway of adopting reformation.

What are the major challenges and pain points solved through your services and solutions?
Simply put our solutions are cost effective, have human touch, and respect its users.

Our premium product Hub360D solves the complexity of looking at a customer journey, persona and making predictive analysis for better planning and decision making. The adaptive data management tool unifies customer journey & assessment to add efficiency in relationship marketing & enhanced business processes. Additionally, our Market Research and reporting services thrive not only on primary and secondary research, but also on

ensuring that the learning is mature enough with full blown functional expertise and intelligence derived from machine learning.

We also excel in strategy building derived from studies. Our consulting offers deep insights into changes needed in organizations from a performance point of view.

How has the team been built? What is the motto they are driven by and how do they ensure to stay aligned with the company's main vision?
We started with a humble beginning in the United Arab Emirates. Even though we registered as a company in 1998, we became operational only in 2005. Later we moved our operational base to Business Bay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In India we have two different development centers located in Kerala, one in Cyber park, Kozhikode and another in Technopark, Trivandrum. Recently, we also opened an office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to handle our operations for the North American market.

As a company, we are continuously improving our research methodologies, technology perspectives and analytics mechanisms, while taking care of the ethical interests of the stakeholders. We are a member of ESOMAR, which gives us the guidance needed to continue our work following best practices in striving for the highest standards in market research through a professional community in a global scale.

Timesworld was awarded ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications the internationally recognized standards that ensures that our products and services meet the global standards. Timesworld's professionals also hold EU-GDPR consulting certification.

From a social responsibility perspective, we have a strong commitment to work for the betterment of humanity. We currently collaborate with initiatives to improve the lives of the differently abled people.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Timesworld? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Today, we have over 70 people working from various locations, on multiple technologies and strategic projects as well as inhouse product development. It's not just about bringing state of the art technologies, but to also develop and work for improving human efficiency.

By next year, we aim to have around 200 talents working with us from our various locations. Our goal to become a breeding place for innovation and firmly retain our position as a reliable partner who delivers cost effective changes for improving our client's businesses. Even in the world of SaaS, self-service and going virtual, while we are working on products to automate and make lives better, the most we value is to respect our clients and constantly add value with a passion.

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