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Tresbu: Accelerating and Adding Value to Digital Transformation Initiatives

Rich Wilson,CEO

Global IT spending led by digital transformation is on high velocity. According to a new projection from Gartner,worldwide IT spending will reach USD 3.8 trillion in 2019, a 3.2 percent increase from the present record in 2018. Tech spending is on the rise exceeding - USD 3 trillion globally, and USD 1.5 trillion in the US alone. Emerging technologies are starting to yield real value and in order to get the most out of them, organizations need to ensure they have the right foot in. Based out of California, with an Indian office at Bangalore, Tresbu Technologies, is a Digital Business Transformation Provider that harnesses the disruptive potential of information technology solutions in product engineering, mobile, cloud, and on premise application development IoT apps & solution design, and analytics & data visualization. Tresbu focuses on helping companies prioritize their digital spend in ways that can be immediately booked as enterprise value on their balance sheet.

Having worked in a few of the industry’s most high-profile DX projects Tresbu, as an organization, discovered that time itself might be the most precious resource. Incremental delivery for demos, mvps, trials, or code releases, must be aligned not only with projects, but also with end Customer needs and finance. Tresbu understands the perspective and therefore has stood tall in their clients’ views. The CEO, Rich Wilson explains,“While our role may not always be defining customer-led design, we believe that having that understanding baked into our delivery

culture helps us minimize frustration and risk,while creating more long term value”.

"Tresbu focuses on helping companies prioritize their digital spend in ways that can be immediately booked as enterprise value on their balance sheet"

A Case of End-to-End Deliverance
Amidst all the fuss about staying relevant in the rapidly changing climate of technology driven industries, companies struggle to find high-performing technical resources that can sufficiently meet the needs of enterprise leaders while maintaining high delivery standards that are priced well enough to make the ROI a clear-cut advantage. When Skyhigh Networks, a front runner in enterprise cloud security(acquired by McAfee in 2018), required a solution for on-demand, best-in-class product development and support expertise, the company approached Tresbu Technologies in order to mitigate this challenge. The issue at hand was troubleshot via two methods a TIGER Team and a Support team. Given the rise of borderless networks and serverless computing, information security threats are evolving as we breathe. Therefore, Skyhigh Networks’ Research & Development Lab deployed an agile ‘Tiger Team’ of experts with an objective to ideate, prototype, and present cutting edge proof-of-concepts and tailor made digital solutions, many of which have become commercial product offerings. Tresbu filled in their requisite for development expertise on their Labs tiger team by selecting small team of developers from amongst Tresbu’s cultivated group that would be directly embedded into Skyhigh’s R&D Teams. So far, Tresbu Technologies has helped Skyhigh to develop twelve proof-of-concept prototypes, three of which have become commercial product offerings. Moreover, Skyhigh also needed a broad range of junior to mid-level support competencies to help achieve scale and accelerate the release schedule without absorbing an out of plan budgetary impact. Tresbu developed a resource plan that included a Smalleable team that could quickly expand and contract depending on project need with low impact to the

existing team and low friction management requirements from Skyhigh leadership.

Being a development partner of McAfee Skyhigh solution, Tresbu also brings Skyhigh solutions as a reselling partner of McAfee to their own customers. McAfee MVISION Cloud is part of the McAfee MVISION portfolio, which is a new cloud native family of products. MVISION integrates seamlessly with cloud service providers, giving the visibility & control organizations need to embrace the cloud to accelerate their business. Tresbu offers Visibility, Data Security, Compliance and Threat Protection across, SaaS and IaaS /PaaS. Tresbu offers the platform that supports not just the most popular services but is extensive through CASB Connect to a plethora of cloud services. For IaaS and PaaS, Tresbu is capable of bringing all the protection possible for canned services like AWS & Azure. The company can bring that functionality into home grown and custom apps as well. Not only does Tresbu enjoy extensibility inside the McAfee ecosystem but also outside to their clients’ 3rd party security tools already in place through DXL (data exchange layer).

Security requisites have evolved exponentially over the years and a glance in the past will leave us stupefied to see how far we have come. “I can remember a time in 2010 while working with prospective client JDS,when our team shared a vision of an end-to end connected enterprise where any device could securely access all systems and data from any location and take any action necessary to work effectively”, recalls Rich. Adding he says, “Now, the excitement for ubiquitous intelligence and automation has vastly opened the enterprise and its data to immeasurable security treats, towards which we bring a unique perspective for resolving”. As for Tresbu Technologies, the company is passionate about the use of cloud platforms combined with ever-evolving technologies to continuously optimize and humanize the enterprise experience.

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