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TSC Technologies Private Limited: Empowering Students to Build & Launch Nanosatellites

By Nikhil Riyaz ,    Director and CEO

By Nikhil Riyaz

Director and CEO

The world has time and again witnessed college startups making it big in their respective sectors. Bangalore based TSC Technologies also has a similar story to tell. TSC’s journey began when its founding team, a group of students, started working on their idea to develop nanosatellites while they were still students at a university. The company offers its technology to students at the universities to enable them to build smaller and lighter satellites and also sets up a dedicated satellite ground station in the university campus. In an industry where several new age startups are focused on building these complex satellites, the team at TSC takes pride in making such a technology accessible to students, making it possible for them to realize their dreams.

TSC Technologies truly stands out owing to its technological capabilities and the ability to empower students to not only build satellites but also launch them into the space. The company’s Founding Director and CEO, Nikhil Riyaz goes on to talk about the company’s journey so far and the various solutions it brings to the market.

What led to the inception of TSC Technologies?
Our journey started while we were still at the university working on different projects. Our consistent efforts aimed at designing complex systems like satellites better than the regular market standards there after brought us opportunities both at national and international levels. With time, we started multitasking across various disciplines and evolved into a private limited company to make a mark in the Space sector. Ever since, TSC has continuously been working on enabling

students and universities to build satellites and setting up a dedicated satellite ground station in the university campus.

Walk us through the different solutions and services delivered by TSC Technologies?
We offer end-to-end services to enable the universities, colleges, schools, and private companies/institutions to support their students in realizing their dream of not only just building a satellite but also launching it into space. Our team extends complete launch support for clients right from registering frequency until deployment of the satellite in space.

TSC Tech Labs is a leading aerospace start-up in India, working towards innovative and frugal solutions aligned towards space technology advancements. TSC also enables academia and private companies/ institutions to enter NewSpace era through end-to-end support with all their space tech development

Our portfolio includes turnkey solutions from Can Sats to CubeSats that are customizable and scalable as per the requirements. Additionally, we provide a custom learning management system, which allows the students, faculty as well as professionals to learn about satellite systems at any point of time. It also plays a role in enabling the faculties to monitor the progress of each student.

What are the key distinguishing factors that help TSC Technologies stay ahead
of others in this market?

Our innovative approach and the ability to develop scalable and resilient systems are the primary drivers for us. Additionally, we consistently focus on system miniaturization and reliability as the key aspects of our offerings. Currently, we focus on bringing new

innovations to the field of satellite communication technology in order to revolutionize the existing standard methods of operations in this segment. Through the credibility we developed in this market during the R&D we did, and the UNITYsat Missions, we along with Indian Technology Congress Association, have been able to realize our major project. This project has been in the works since 2018 and has now turned into a national mission known as ‘75 Students’ Satellites: Mission 2022’.

Please give us insights into the team and the efforts it makes to collectively work towards strengthening the presence of TSC Technologies in the space sector.
We are a group of seven ambitious engineers, who have an in depth understanding of a variety of subjects across various domains. Our team can design better systems as compared to the regular market standards.

Our teammates’ expertise proves significant for us in delivering turnkey solutions to our clients. They have undergone training in satellite design in various countries like Israel, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, and France, which gives them a good exposure to science, edtech, realtime issues and management across different parts of the globe. Not only that, but our professionals are also mentored by many stalwarts and legendary scientists from ISRO and other national space agencies like Padma Shri R. M. Vasagam, Padma Shri Mylswamy Annadhurai, and many others.

Walk us through TSC Technologies’ plans for the next few years. Which specific areas does the team intend to focus on, going forward?
In the next few years, our focus will be on building larger constellations to fulfil the needs of different customer segments. We also aim to focus on the launch vehicles and deployers to deliver a seamless end-to end customer experience to our clientele. Considering TSC’s present growth trajectory, we wish to further scale our resources in order to better equip ourselves to meet the growing needs of our clients in the space technology segment. Eventually, we plan to bring all the sectors under one umbrella to be able to execute massive space and interplanetary missions.

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