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TechEagle Innovations: Taking Logistics Industry to The Next Level with Its Robust Drone Delivery Solutions

Anshu Abhishek, Co-Founder & COO, Vikram Singh, CEO & Founder

Anshu Abhishek, Co-Founder & COO

Vikram Singh, CEO & Founder

Like many other countries, India too is gearing up for the new normal. Today customers expect instant food, groceries, medicines, vaccines and other essential items delivered at their doorsteps at the click of a button. This is adding a boost to the e-Commerce industry thereby impacting the logistics industry too. To meet the current logistics expectations of the country, leveraging advanced technology is paramount and that’s what TechEagle Innovations is doing. It is looking at drones as the future of last mile delivery and an integral part of the supply chain for delivering cargo and is working as a leading drone delivery solution provider. It is manufacturing high end in house drones that can meet the current logistic requirements of the country and endeavouring to transform the entire ecosystem of the logistics industry.

In conversation with Vikram Singh Meena, Founder & CEO of TechEagle, we will learn more about the company and its success story.

Tell us about the journey of TechEagle Innovations and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
I belong to a village called Kishanganj, in Tonk district of Rajasthan, which is still not connected to national roads. There are thousands of other rural locations in the country that face similar issues. I wanted to solve this issue and enhance connectivity to such areas with TechEagle.

I started working on our first drone in 2012 and participated in several national & international competitions and won many of them. It was during

one such event that I met my co-Founder Anshu and together we started working on a few projects to get a better insight into the industry and the technical procedures involved in the

manufacturing of drones. In 2017, we officially incorporated TechEagle and started collaborating with food delivery brands like OnlineKaka. In 2018, we did World’s first Tea delivery in lucknow. Post which we collaborated with Zomato for large scale development of Drone based delivery systems.

Our aim is to build aircrafts that can carry 200 kilograms of goods and travel more than 300 kilometers in three hours

Speaking about the benchmarks, in 2020, we started working for the government of Telangana to float medicines from the sky project and in 2021, we conducted Asia’s first vaccine delivery in a cold chain environment in Telangana. There after in November 2021, we collaborated with the government of Meghalaya to deliver medicines and vaccines through our unique drone delivery solution.

Tell us about the safety aspects of the company’s solutions and why should customers choose its solutions over others in the industry?
Our drones are not assembled or imported rather it is absolutely designed, built and manufactured in our facility in Gurgaon. All our drones are completely made up of lightweight composites (carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar inhouse.

The modern technologies we deployed in our company include Detect and Avoid Technology, obstacle avoidance, Dual propulsion and automatically switching technology which makes our Drone safest option available out there. We offer long range, highspeed and robust features like obstacle avoidance, centralized command and control, high altitude and 24*7 operational capabilities differentiate our drones from others in the industry.

What are the opportunities that you foresee?
TechEagle Innovations is a drone logistics airline where drones are built and deployed. Currently, we work for the healthcare, e-commerce, hyperlocal, parcels, maritime and defence sectors. Our aim is to build aircrafts that can carry 200 kilograms of goods and travel more than 300 kilometers in three hours. With that note, our current operational drone can carry three kilograms of cargo and travel hundred kilometers. This particular aircraft is built in such a way that it can operate in diverse climates and geographical areas too. We see a lot of potential in this and it will help revolutionize the logistics industry.

How does the future roadmap look like?
As a part of the future roadmap for the healthcare & hyperlocal sector, TechEagle is workingwith multiple state governments to create a network of delivery drones to transport essentials, different farm products, medicines, vaccines, blood collecting samples and so on. It is also expanding its operations for food, grocery, & e-commerce parcels as well. From the B2B perspective, we are planning to expand our partnerships with big e-commerce brands like Amazon, Flipkart as well.

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TechEagle Innovations: Taking Logistics Industry To The NextLevel With Its Robust Drone Delivery Solutions