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ValueFin India: Bridging the Digital Gap for Rural India

Manoj Rawat,Founder & CEO

Manoj Rawat

Founder & CEO

Financial technology solution providers help financial service companies build new relationships and increase the value of current clients through sales and marketing tools, data-driven contact management, and automation of workflows. Solutions built for the industry provide unique customizations for a given vertical and generally provide closer integration with financial accounts, such as investment funds, lines of credit, and deposit accounts.

ValueFin India Technologies and Services Private Limited is the next-gen digital solutions company that is focused on empowering Rural India through cost-effective services and solutions in SaaS Model. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with Manoj Rawat, an experienced banker and development finance professional with demonstrated experience in the BFSI sector has successfully set up, growing and building Rural & Priority Sector financial services businesses at various institutions and has handled project advisory services and investment-specific assignments for National and International Level.

In conversation with Manoj Rawat, Founder & CEO, ValueFin India Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd

The fintech industry is on a huge transformation curve. Where is ValueFin positioned in the populous fintech industry?
We are working on a very unique thing which is “bridging the digital gap for rural India” and most of our products are making technology accessible for rural areas, especially Rural financial Institutions and Rural customers. At ValueFin India Technologies, our objective is to help bridge the gap between urban and rural India. We provide a whole range of solutions and services under the Software as a Service “SaaS” model for the financial services sector depending on market demand and opportunities. This includes software building, Digitization

of lending ( LOS and LMS solutions) & other financial services platform, Machine Learning, Creating Market Place, and linkage of Agro, Rural, and Small enterprises with Financial Institutions. Our solutions help in bringing Digital Financial Inclusion, Providing access to credit through NBFCs, MFIs, and Banks by enabling them to make rapid, informed lending decisions through our solutions and loan assessment process. We help customers create their Loan Application and Credit Information Report to help them reach Financial Institutions.

What is the challenge that you solve for customers? What’s ValueFin’s USP?
We focus on Solutions that propel digitalization in rural India and reduce the IT cost significantly with highly reasonable subscription costs with digital solutions that are safe, secure, scalable, robust, and ready for the next level of growth. Loan Seva Kendra is a digital services platform developed by ValueFin India Technologies and Services. This platform has been developed to facilitate Loan services to customers, especially Rural Customers, by helping them create Loan Application and Credit Information Report.

We focus on Solutions that propel digitalization in rural India and reduce the IT cost significantly with highly reasonable subscription costs with digital solutions that are safe, secure, scalable, robust, and ready for the next level of growth

The customer can generate his/her loan application, required details, credit information report along with verification of identity and address documents. This enables the customer to generate a ready to refer loan report. Loan Seva Kendra is a Mobile and web application platform where customers, especially in rural areas, can generate Loan application and Credit Reports at ease. This helps to create a marketplace where the customers can find the right lender and the lender gets access to credit worthy customers especially in rural areas which will mostly fall under Priority Sector Lending.

KISAN SEVA is a mobile app to help farmers and producers, create the KCC

loan application for availing Agriculture Credit from banks. The loan application can be filled in the mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Google play store. The duly filled application can be downloaded and emailed or printed for submission to the respective bank. This Zero Contact Mobile App is made available for free by Loan Seva Kendra, which has been developed by ValueFin India Technologies and Services Private Limited, India.

Brief us about your portfolio of solutions and the underlying technology frameworks of your solutions.
It is now being recognized that technology can improve operations, reduce costs of customer acquisition, customer service, and increase customer satisfaction. This is now opening up new avenues for banking, NBFCs, and insurance companies. AI and ML can make it possible to provide consumers with financial services that automatically let them decide on a suitable style of managing money, spending, saving, and investing. AI and ML play an important role in fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and compliance management. We provide services and solutions that enable access to financial services especially to rural enterprises, Agri-enterprises, Small businesses, Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), Producers, and individuals, at an affordable rate.

We are working on Robotic Process automation (RPA), an emerging form of business process automation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). RPA systems can help create an action list by watching the user perform a task and could help in evolving "software robots" to handle repetitive tasks traditionally handled by humans. Also, we are working on Blockchain technology that allows financial institutions to create direct links and interface with each other, avoiding correspondent banking.

What is ValueFin India Technologies future roadmap?
We are looking forward to providing our Mobile and web application platform to the NBFCs, MFIs, RRBs, DCCBs and banks and helping them financial with digital financial inclusion. Hopefully, in the next financial year, we will integrate at least 50 to 100 financial intuition in rural and our objective is to reach out to at least 200 thousand customers in the very first year. Over a period of next 5 years we wish to be leading digital solution provider for focussed on Rural India and reach 5 million customers.

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