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  • Rahul Hirve, CEO

    Rahul Hirve, CEO

  • In India, we have approximately three crore merchants, but only 10-12 percent of them possess card acceptance solutions. The major hurdle is the cost associated with PoS/mPoS terminals and their maintenance, making them not so feasible to use and penetrate. With the government and regulators supporting latest technologies to digitize payments and the pandemic led sense of precautions, we believe NFC based contactless payments is the future of accepting safe and secure payments. By enabling contactless payments acceptance on smartphones, Uvik is helping India in its fight against COVID-19. As it does not require any external device, a merchant can download UPoS app and do a simple digital onboarding process to start accepting contactless payment. Uvik's cheapest card reader solution provides access to contactless and chip card payments to merchants at 40-50 percent less cost compared to the currently available solutions.

  • Uvik: Democratizing Contactless Payment For All

Fintech Industry is Shifting Gears

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

What an eventful year 2020 was. The lockdowns and social distancing norms were a blessing in disguise for the fintech industry, as the Covid-19 outbreak led to a 30 percent strong explosion in digital payment

Three Ways Fintech Can Become More Resilient in Post-Pandemic Economy

By: Ramki Gaddipati, Co-founder & CTO, Zeta

The ongoing pandemic, despite its adverse effect on the economy, played a key role in accelerating the growth of the Indian fintech industry.

10 Most Recommended Fintech Solutions Providers - 2021

Pandemic Presents Technology Ecosystem Opportunities for Banks

By: Sean Hunter, CIO, OakNorth

Historically, banks have relied on a small number of monolithic suppliers and systems to provide them with broad capabilities, augmenting their own internal development, to provide all their infrastructure. These systems are patched to add


How is Digitally Connected Rural India Posing New Opportunities for FinTech?

By: Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital (Bahwan CyberTek group)

Rural India's Rise as a Connectivity-Major and its Impact on the Evolution of FinTech. With the emergence of digitization and affordable internet connectivity, the rural India which is previously


Network Convergence: What’s Next for SDN?

By: Jacqueline Teo, Chief Digital Officer, HGC Global Communications

The evolving digital business landscape involves an increasing number of integrated components across disparate edges and end points. Combinations of cloud native, IOT devices, 5G,


From AI-Powered Solutions to Voice Recognition Technologies - Three Trends that will Continue to Impact the Future of Digital Payments

By: Radhakrishna Venketeshwaran, VP - Head of Strategic Development Centre, Product & Engineering, Blackhawk Network India

The financial services industry has witnessed a massive shift driven by digital transformation.


Security at the Initial Level

By: Ashok Tiwari, Head-IT Operations, Varroc Lighting Systems India

The way security breaches are happening, we must think of a solution which could support a robust IT Security solution. In the Covid19 situations, the number of remote and roaming employees working has increased tremendously and the threat of IT Security has gone high.


How Cloud will Accelerate Economic Recovery from COVID-19 & Growth for India’s Banking Sector

By: Ciaran Chu, Practice Leader - Public Cloud, ACI Worldwide

2020 has been a whirlwind year. Among the profound changes the pandemic has ushered in, the mass adoption of digital payments and banking platforms is likely to be long lasting


Multiplying Opportunities in Big Data Analytics

By: Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat

The advent of modern computer networks and the democratization of information has exponentially multiplied the amount of digital data being generated. According to a Cisco estimate, global IP Traffic will reach two zettabytes by 2019.

  • 10 Most Recommended Fintech Solutions Providers - 2021

    Propelled by the unusual turnarounds during the pandemic, the fintech industry across the globe hosted a turning point in the year 2020. The exponentially increasing digital transactions is driving the growth of the industry. The global fintech industry is poised to reach approximately $305.7 billion by 2023, expanding at a CAGR of whopping 22.17 percent during the 2018-2023 period. The strong tailwind caused by the pandemic is expected to push these numbers even further. The growth trend is prevalent in India, which is one of the fastest-growing fintech markets in the world. As of March last year, India and China hosted the highest fintech adoption rate (87 percent), out of all the emerging markets in the world, while the global average adoption rate stood at 64 percent. According to, the fintech market in India was valued at approximately Rs.1,920.16 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach Rs.6,207.41 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of nearly 22.7 percent, which in fact is more than the global average. Recognizing the key progressions and developments in the Indian fintech realm, CIO Insider has come up with an index of ‘10 Most Recommended Fintech Solutions Providers - 2021’. The list comprises fintech solutions providers who have shown immense proficiency in their operations, improving financial literacy & inclusion, and building an ecosystem around them, and in turn have been significantly driving the fintech industry’s more-than-global-average growth in India. The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans & subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

10 Most Recommended Fintech Solutions Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Groww Groww Lalit Keshre, Co-Founder & CEO A web & mobile platform powered AI & ML, acting as the modern-day investor’s personal wealth management assistant by offering them information, ease of usage and transparency
Kalp Fintech Kalp Fintech Rahul Joshi, CTO Offers data driven Risk Assessment through a platform that unifies and centralizes the overall process
Panamax: Taking Fintech Industry to the Zenith Panamax Inc Bankim Brahmbhatt, President & CEO A global leader in developing fintech and telecommunication technologies for telecom operators, carriers, MNOs, and MVNOs
Processware Systems: Transform Traditional Financial Institutions into Fully Digital Bank Processware Systems R Guru Murthy, CEO The company helps traditional financial institutions adopt digital channels through digital banking products with an experience of over 25 years
Progcap Progcap Pallavi Shrivastava, Co-Founder Offers Last Mile Financing Solutions to aid micro enterprises take their businesses to its optimum
PurplePath Wealth Management Solutions PurplePath Wealth Management Solutions Arun Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO A technology-powered new generation wealth management platform, acting as a personal wealth management assistant of individuals
Uvik: Democratizing Contactless Payment For All Uvik Technologies Rahul Hirve, CEO Transforming digital payments in India through a contactless mobile payment interface - UPoS app
ValueFin India: Bridging the Digital Gap for Rural India ValueFin India Manoj Rawat, Founder & CEO A next-gen digital solutions company that is focused on empowering Rural India through cost-effective services and solutions in SaaS Model
Yethi Consulting: A Trusted Name for Quality Assurance amongst BFSI Players Yethi Consulting R Narasimhan, CEO Leverages unique methodologies, advanced solutions, and close industry partnerships to breathe life into innovative ideas and offer cutting-edge QA solutions
Zerone Microsystems: Converting Smartphones into Even Smarter Virtual POS Machines Zerone Microsystems Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, Founder & CEO Inventor of ZUP (Zerone Unified Payment) technology, a platform that makes your smartphone a POS Machine