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Yethi Consulting: A Trusted Name for Quality Assurance amongst BFSI Players

R Narasimhan,CEO

Founded with the concept to augment greater quality in the technology systems that support the BFSI industry, Bengaluru based Yethi Consulting leverages unique methodologies, advanced solutions, and close industry partnerships to breathe life into innovative ideas. Particularly, Yethi’s flagship product, Tenjin, is a highly resilient test automation platform built for complex enterprise applications. CIO Insider got the opportunity to converse with the firm’s CEO, R Narasimhan, who walks us through Yethi Consulting’s exceptional positioning in BFSI sector. We observe the essentials of the BFSI segments’ support infrastructure and how Yethi’s offerings are the best fit for the same.

In conversation with R Narasimhan, CEO, Yethi Consulting

The fintech industry is on a huge transformation curve. How is Yethi contributing to this change in terms of setting the right benchmarks of quality? What’s your mantra while doing so?
Yes, BFSI industry is transforming at a fascinating speed. CXO’s are driving a strong agenda of constant, rapid change / evolution in an industry where Technology is a critical enabler. CIO’s are maintaining a balance between demands of rapid innovation and no tolerance for errors. This is not a simple task, and the mission is to help CIO’s reliably deploy change at pace that fits their needs. So, the effort is to innovate, be smarter and keep an eye on the aim. Therefore, when we partner with clients, we aim delivering quantum change in test efficiency metrics by leveraging a mix of Domain Expertise and Technology Expertise, Robotics and AI.

How is Yethi Consulting ensuring that the clients’ efforts are fruitful? What is the USP?
Our strategy is to combine deep domain expertise with innovation to ensure that banks can adopt the change in

technology without risking negative outcomes.

We are encouraging CIO’s to look at testing as an investment, not an expense. By investing in test automation, banks can improve testing outcomes and reduce long term costs simultaneously.

I would like to exemplify this via our flagship platform - Tenjin Enterprise. This platform enables script-less test-automation for Large Enterprise Applications. The platform has proven to reduce costs by up to 30% and test-duration by up to 75%. This is delivered at scale and at multiple clients.

Our strategy is to combine deep domain expertise with innovation to ensure that banks can adopt the change in technology without risking negative outcomes

Brief us about your deliverables. What is the kind of experience Yethi promises and what are the latest technologies being leveraged at Yethi Consulting?
We support CIO’s in the BFSI sector in ensuring the quality of the various software that support business operations. We are proud to share that within 6 years of formation, we have worked with 80+ financial institutions across 18 countries to support various QA mandates. We worked with 4 of the 8 Small Finance Banks in 2017 to validate all their platforms during their technology transformation exercise. Our services span functional, performance and security testing across all Lines of Businesses within a bank.

All our engagements are defined by the outcomes in terms of defects detected and losses prevented. Clients rely on our deep domain experience and love the innovations that we are pushing forward. Today, we are among the top three providers serving Indian Banks.

Yethi is known for its innovative test-automation solution that is demonstrating real ROI and ease-ofuse. Recognizing the strong push for digital/mobile apps necessitated due to social distancing norms, we recently launched, a SaaS-based mobile app automation platform. With this platform, we are emphasizing

more on the Digital- first, Mobilefirst. Also, to address the need for ensuring quality as we build, our SaaS- based platform can quickly adapt to testing with every change incorporated in your application. Our next innovation will be in automated testing capabilities for payments - a fast-evolving area within Banking. So, leveraging technology to improve efficiencies for us and for the clients, is a strong part of our DNA.

Please narrate one of your client ventures that proved to be a great success, both for Yethi as well as the client.
We supported one of India’s largest banks in the upgrade of their core platform for international operations. They were rolling out a new version across 3 countries. We offered to undertake the exercise leveraging our proprietary test-automation platform. After investing in building the automation assets for the first country, we were able to reduce time and effort for the remaining by approx. 75%. These results are astounding.

One of our oldest and largest clients is a small finance bank. We have supported, as the banks QA team, every technology initiative for the past 4 years, keeping pace with their aggressive growth plans. We started with the mammoth task of commissioning 30 platforms within 8 months when the bank was formed. Since then, we have supported over 100 different initiatives across digital platforms, cards, GRC initiatives and off-course the top 5 systems in any bank – Core, CRM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Credit Originations.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the market? What is Yethi’s future roadmap?
We believe there would be 3 major drivers in the banking tech space moving forward digital adoption necessitated by the pandemic, changes in the payment infrastructure, and further consolidation of banks.

If we see it from the quality assurance perspective, we foresee opportunities that technology would rise to differing demands. There will be, greater adoption of cloud technologies, mobile centric development, and recognition of the need for rapid and continuous testing. That brings me to address your curiosity that Yethi is investing in building a state-of-the-art codeless mobile app testing platform, Test Automation focused on Payments Platforms, and in leveraging AI / ML to become smarter and more efficient in testing.

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