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Vrindavan Telecoms: Integrating Flexible Growth of Communication and Collaboration

C.K.P Nair ,CEO

Today’s technology offers multiple options to keep users connected – irrespective of their location across the globe. Managing multiple solutions from different vendors can be complex and costly for IT. Numerous interfaces and experiences can impact user adoption of technology and productivity. Unified communication-based solutions integrate real-time communications services – such as voice, email messaging, presence, telephony, video conferencing, and call control – onto a single platform, streamlining IT management and administration, improving user experience, and enabling to incorporate new technologies and trends easily.

C.K.P Nair, CEO, Vrindavan Telecoms says, “Customers have more influence and control over needs fulfillment than ever before. How well you know them, support them and value them is critically important to an organization’s success”. Vrindavan Telecoms known popularly as VRINTEL combines voice, data and video to engage customers and provide them benefit from a unique collaboration experience. Vrindavan also create competitive advantages for clients from Unified Communications, and ensure voice & data which is delivered safely and securely to the right parties. As business technologists, The company is in partnership with Unify, ALCATEL LUCENT, POLYCOM and AVAYA for Enterprise Communication Networks, catering to Small, Medium and Large Enterprises in India.

VRINTEL, a major player in the Indian Enterprise Communications industry for more than two decades, the company has encountered changes and demands from enterprise customers. Basic phone calls, videos or faxes have now been replaced by multi-media communication, social media, and internet-based services like Skype or Google Hangout etc. A major challenge today is that enterprises seek to integrate these communication channels to make their business processes simple, affordable and productive. Accordingly, Vrindavan Telecoms offers a complete suite of Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions to achieve this. The company is working with leading vendors in the field of Unified Communications.

Vrindavan Telecoms has clearly defined strategy and product line which helps customers in their Digital Transformation. For Small & Medium Business customers, Vrindavan

Telecoms offers all in one UC platform called OpenScape Business from Unify and OXO CONNECT and Rainbow from ALCATEL-LUCENT to improve their business communications.

And for large enterprise customers who are looking for mix of IP & TDM technologies, Vrindavan offers flagship platform Unify OpenScape 4000. Moreover, to companies on the look-out for pure software based telephony systems, Vrindavan facilitates OpenScape Voice platform. This platform is enhanced with plethora of applications like Unified Messaging, mobility, web collaboration, video & presence capabilities.

Customer First
Vrindavan’s commitment to customers are evident by their solution designing , presales and after sales support. The company is accounting more than 50 percent of business through existing customer and this speaks about the benchmark set by the management for business process.

Accelerate Progress by Uniting People, Business and Technology
Organizations and individuals are more connected than they have ever been. Vrindavan’s solutions unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one easy-touse platform that allows teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations. The all-in-one UNIFY OpenScape Business of Vrindavan offers a cost effective way to accelerate business growth with full UC functionality in a single, affordable and manageable solution. Vrindavan deploy OpenScape Applications to empower clients’ teams with the right set of communications capabilities to stay connected, responsive, and collaborate seamlessly.
Besides this, the company avails value addition based on UCC portfolio of Unify. For example, drag & drop conferencing for end users, scheduling video meeting & outlook calendar integration, swiping calls from desk phone to mobile and vice-versa using Unify’s OpenScape Mobile technology. All these solutions are targeted towards reducing travel, and simplicity for users etc. Vrindavan also offers ALCATEL-LUCENT OXO Connect , a new generation of robust, connected and converged communication platforms, entirely dedicated to small and medium business. The OXO Connect plat form is ready for the cloud which include scalable collaboration with Rainbow cloud service , complete range of wired and wireless phones, powerful WIFI access points, a range of desktop applications to increase productivity, Integrated UC voice, presence, conferencing, contact center, messaging and mobility. Vrindavan Telecom acts as system integrator and provides complete solution to customer, while integrating solution portfolio from Unify, ALCATEL LUCENT, AVAYA, Polycom & other vendors.

Making Everything connect by Delivering Technology that Works for You
Vrindavan offers an outstanding customer experience by improving first call resolution and decision making. Extend your business communications as you grow, with additional users and new cloud based, collaboration services. Vrindavan also benefit the customers from rapid return on investment by leveraging, analog, digital and IP connectivity.

Transforming Traditional Workplace to Digital Workplace
At the same time, Vrindavan is also concerned about the security and privacy of communication. With the help of technology those threats are also evolving. The new terminology being used in industry is ‘Digital Transformation’ or ‘Digital Workplace’. It helps people to connect, communicate, and collaborate with others and perform meaningful work in more intuitive, engaging and effective ways.

Vrindavan Telecoms has clearly defined strategy and product line which helps customers in their Digital Transformation

Idea here is to completely re-think about every business process and improve the personal productivity as well as process productivity. Vridavan Telecom is helping customer to digitally transform their businesses and change the traditional workplaces to digital workplace.

However, Vrindavan Telecom understands that enterprises are not looking for products only, but need technologies and expertise to improve their customer relationship, get geographically separated, and have diverse teams working together. The company stands by customer’s side and helps them continuously in solving their business problems. This accounts for a primary reason as to why many old customers reach out to the company for their business expansion or improvement of their end customer response time. With rich experience of more than two decades in the enterprise telecom sector, Vrindavan Telecom helps customers to transform their business digitally. More so in the years to come, the company intends to become a digital transformation expert helping customers in their journey. Vridavan Telecom also seeks to be more relevant for their customers by changing customer - vendor relationship to a business supporting partner.

In order to augment the rapidly growing demands of ELV, C K P Nair has promoted Portings Technologies LLP based at Kochi , a joint venture with Manoj Thayyil and Jayashanar, who are veterans with several years of experience in Enterprise Communications.

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