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Pinnacle Teleservices: Enabling Businesses to Reach Out to Consumers in True Sense

Rajesh Banerjee ,Director

As consumers, seldom we find a marketing approach so appealing that we skip our ongoing tasks and get involved in the experience. Mobile engagement has become an essential part of every growing business' marketing repertoire. The giant brands are already creating individualized experiences for customers via their mobile apps as apps are where users spend most of their time. Yet, over 80 percent of apps are deleted after the first usage. This calls for creating a longlasting relationship; the secret to which lies with mobile engagement. Incorporated in 2008, Nagpur based Pinnacle Teleservices is an agile team of 140 enthusiasts, driven by the zeal to deliver exemplary hybrid solutions in mobile marketing. Years of best practices has led the company to earn the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certifications.

Pinnacle offers value additions in messaging, voice solutions, emails, and telecom solutions like - SMSC & USSD, Chatbots, cellular events, OTT and Data analytics, social media platforms like Facebook, and Tweeter, etc. that eventually helps a brand to connect with its customers. Pinnacle has the power to deliver the message worldwide.

The company offers creative engagements, brand activations, end to end integrations, real time analytics and database profiling, when it comes to business communications and marketing initiatives.

The biggest challenge in setting up an enterprise communication system is to ensure a seamless network structure that is required to handle the communication effectively. Pinnacle has been successful in creating powerful interactions that empower its clients to connect with their customers in the best way possible. And as far as the seamless network is concerned, Pinnacle provides integrated end-to-end solutions on different platforms for the B2B and B2C segment. Besides being user-friendly online applications, the entire service architecture is fully distributed that enables fast and effective operations. Moreover, the company has redundant load-sharing systems enabling transactions to distribute among participant nodes to guarantee continuous service availability.

Pinnacle has declared their domain strength at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. At the event, Pinnacle launched their chatbot platform named ‘PinBot’. Based on an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, PinBot interprets customers input or behaviour and produces feedbacks in the form of text messages, images, GIFs, audios or videos during the chats conversation. PinBot helps building Chatbot channels to make brands talk and sell to customers through real-time messaging. With this platform, a brand is empowered to create bots that enable automated sales, customer service, scheduling or any other type of relationship channel.

An Exceptional Customer Engagement
Story Time & again, over the period of 10 years, Pinnacle has testified expertise in mobility solutions. When an international laundry detergent brand sought to introduce easy and

effective user interaction, Pinnacle provided gratification based IVR Solution wherein the users were enabled to interact with the Brand by recording their experiences of using the detergent.

At the same time, consumers were also given the opportunity to opt-in for different stories from the brand, every alternate day, according to their preferred time slot with a contest to make it more interactive. Result: a whopping 1.2 million missed calls were received and 130,000 consumers shared their experiences.

PinBot helps building Chatbot channels to make brands talk and sell to customers through realtime messaging

“We as a team, work tirelessly to ensure that we exceed our customer expectations and that our solutions bridge the gap between them and their consumers”, says Rajesh Banerjee, Director, Pinnacle Teleservices. While at it, Pinnacle strives to ensure that the clients get value for their money and services; it also helps customers to create new ways of engagement with their existing and prospective stakeholders to drive business growth. In their strife to deliver excellence, Pinnacle has successfully on-boarded with Google’s RCS Business messaging platform which is new revolutionary media about to launch. All these together are powered with the best in-grade backbone infrastructure. With digital marketing coming closer to the consumer, Pinnacle is inclined and focused to create its own ‘market place’ with some futuristic concepts & products to help brands engage with the audiences they intend to reach.

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