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Wordpro: Serving the IT Needs of the Educational sector

Ajay S. Vaidya,Founder & Managing Director

Ajay S. Vaidya

Founder & Managing Director

Nagpur based Wordpro Computer Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. has set standards in ERP solutions for Educational Institutions across India. The firm’s product, ‘CAS’, has given remarkable capabilities to educational institutions. The founder, Ajay S. Vaidya shares a detailed account of Wordpro’s endeavors.

In conversation with Ajay S. Vaidya, Founder & Managing Director, Wordpro Computer Consultancy Services Private Limited

Educational ERP has gone one full circle with the digital transformation and it looks like technologies have just started to enter the domain. As an Educational ERP technology domain player, how has Wordpro grown and adapted to the changes?
Wordpro was incepted in the IT market in the year 1998 and entered the Education domain with an ERP product in the year 2004. At the time, when IT automation or revolution was just making an entrance in Education Sector, it was a challenge to show and bring forward the administrative management difficulties or shortfalls which could have been only met with a software automation solution. Wordpro keeping a distant vision and view of the complexities of probable future administrative challenges that an Education Institute may encounter had started the development of its product College Administration System (CAS). As for the technology to be leveraged, Wordpro has always gone for the best and robust in the market by adopting Oracle as its ERP Product’s Database Technology. We have maintained 60-70 percent coding of the product in the Database and only 30-40 percent towards the front end. At the initial stage i.e.,in 2004, when Wordpro got introduced into the market with its ERP Solution, the Database technology was Oracle 8i and the Front end was on VB 6.0, thus rendering the system to a desktop based version of the ERP.

In the year 2010, upon seeing a growth in the demand of ERP in the Education

sector especially organizations having a cluster of Institutions under one umbrella, Wordpro sensed the market need to have an upgraded & Integrated version of ERP to attend the requirements for Multi Institutional Organizations. We then launched its Beta version of ERP CAS which could now be implemented in Education societies,Trusts having Multi disciplinary Institutions under one Head Office, and Corporate Office. Soon, the alpha version of Multi Institutional ERP CAS was launched in 2011 gaining traction from more prominent clients from the Education Sector.

At present for education sector, Wordpro has its full grown Multi Institutional ERP solution CAS, which is a complete Parameter Based product

Now a days the education sector around the globe is developing and expanding quite rapidly. Education software solution is there to streamline and manage student information efficiently along with automating processes for the stakeholders. What kind of solutions does Wordpro provide to customer in this domain?
At present for education sector, Wordpro has its full grown ERP solution CAS, which is a complete Parameter Based product. It is an integrated solution having 40Modules to cater the administrative needs of all sectors of an Education body or organization. Being a complete Web enabled product, this solution renders its end users to have browser based access to the system to work and view information based upon accessing privileges assigned by their admins. The solution at present produces more than 4000 reports through its various modules thus sufficing the requirements of statutory Bodies, DTE, AICTE, PCI, MCI, Universities and accreditation boards. Apart from this the product also provides a General Purpose Report Designer Tool which allows its end users to design and define reports of their choice without having dependencies on Wordpro. Having been designed as a unique solution in today’s market in regards to Multi Institution ERP, the product can cater to the requirements of Cluster of Institutions, Boards, and Universities. The product’s user interface has also been made available through mobile Applications, so that the stake holders of the system the Employees, Governing Body, Students of an institution can avail the

ERP utility through Mobile APPs.

Years of delivering transformation would have admitted a number of triumphant success stories. Please tell us about one of your successful implementations.
Since the year 2004, until 2014, we had already finished up its ERP’s implementation across 80 prominent Institutions in central India. A remarkable feat came at Wordpro’s endeavor when Wordpro was approached by the esteemed K.K. Wagh Education Society of Nashik with a requirement of having a centralized ERP solution for its Head Office in integration with its 44 Multi disciplinary Institutions. As it was a huge project for both the entities, it was planned to initiate the ERP implementation with 6 Multi disciplinary Institutions at the beginning which would act as pilot Installation for the rest of their 38 respective genre Institutions. As every Organization has its way of running their day to day activities, certain customizations were also required at the society’s end, which we addressed timely and without disturbing the daily transactional process have incorporated their suggestions consecutively. The plan went well giving a boost to the implementation of the ERP for other 38 Institutions. At present, all the Institutions of the esteemed K.K. Wagh Education Society which includes, Engineering College, Polytechnic Colleges, Arts Commerce Science Colleges, Agriculture Colleges, Nursing Institutions, Pharmacy Colleges, Schools & Jr. colleges, all are integrated with our ERP product CAS and are successfully utilizing our software since the last 4 years.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your Educational ERP technology offerings?
In the run ahead, we are planning and have rather started to incept Business Intelligence into the system. The UI is undergoing a major change to be more interactive and the aim is to make a complete system driven digitization product. More functionality shall be on Mobile APP based. We intend to leave no stones unturned that can serve for the betterment of our nations’ educator society.

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