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OPTRA: Offering An Integrated Management For Future Education

Savitha B,Vice President ­ Support and Operations

Savitha B

Vice President ­ Support and Operations

INZ Axis, a SaaS based application service provider headquartered in Bangalore, offers scalable solutions that address the needs and demands of schools and colleges in India. The company started its full fledged operations with its flagship product OPTRA. Over a decade of successful journey, INZ Axis has catered exceptional products and services to revolutionise the education segment by enabling the usage of ‘Innovative Technology & Communication Solution’ for institutions regardless of size and location.

In conversation with Savitha B, Vice President ­ Support and Operations, INZ Axis Tech Services

It's time for a new approach to enterprise resource planning in Higher Ed — one that involves transparency, cooperative contracts, a cloud-native strategy and more. Tech and IT costs started falling, and more schools and colleges are investing in cutting-edge technologies to help their students succeed. In what ways does INZ Axis provide scalable solutions to address simple needs of schools and colleges in India?
We have deployed tailor made solutions in place considering all key people in an educational organization such as students, parents, admin staff, faculty,

and management etc. The three main products that we deliver namely, OPTRA, iLearn and OPTRA SMARTY are receiving much attention and record. Considering the high risk for colleges and schools in managing routine activities, OPTRA enables an end-to-end campus automation solution by planning, designing, and deploying of technology in order to track a record and avail accountability. We also provide OPTRA SMARTY (Smart Attendance on RFID Technology), which is a high-performance RFID integrated GPRS/ Wi-Fi Walk-in Reader. The students must walk-in the gate and the card is automatically read, which helps in keeping a systematic record of attendance. Other than the aforementioned services, we have provided the opportunity for students to learn and excel in exams using the iLearn platform. It is an integrated online test platform that helps candidates to prepare for the PU Board, CET and COMEDK exams for both Engineering and Medical streams. The platform is guided by an eminent advisory panel that has written text books and has set question paper for these exams.

OPTRA enables an end-to-end campus automation solution by planning, designing, and deploying of technology in order to track a record and avail accountability

Dealings related to a mix of educational functions like admission, teaching, timetable, fee management and examination have grown multiple folds and now keep on updating frequently. At the same time, leaving the comfort zone and adopting technology in schools may be one of the biggest

challenges. How does INZ Axis overcome this challenge?
To understand the need of the customer is a vital factor in delivering quality service. Our dedicated web and mobile app team plays a major role to update the cloud application everyday based on inputs that are received from the industry/market. Here, OPTRA stands tall with regards to the service and support which has been our core strength. Our team handhold with institutions and make them comfortable and adaptable to the technology. It is inescapable from adapting to newer technologies in a society that witness development at every blink of an eye. We believe that in the successive years, it becomes a cake walk for the institution people.

A decade long journey would have marked a number of successful implementations. Share one with us where it has made a difference.
There are a lot of implementations that has earned us reputation and trust among many. To pick one; the implementation at Government colleges, and minority institutions yielded a great challenge both in terms of making them agree and also in successfully making them adapt. We are proud to win their hearts and minds by installing our service and receiving delightful feedback from parents and staff alike.

Various ERP software up-gradations are meeting the business ecosystem that provides manure for further technological adaptations. Tell us about the plans for the company in the years to come.
We look into the emerging needs and demands of our target customers who may require additional modules for more control and better management system for engineering complex processes. We are geared up to expand our reach over 1000 institutions by 2022 and, to become an MNC by expanding services to the overseas market.

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